You have to be brave to bid farewell to the past in order to have a chance to encounter a better scenery on the road to the future.
"chat records must not take screenshots."
When you and I become better ourselves, all the good things in the world will come to you.
The best way to start going to work after the holiday: be kind to your unit
Try to be down to earth.
Think about something before you go to bed
While it is convenient to live, it also seems to make us worse.
Why do I suggest you uninstall these APP?
Fix your heart and take every step of your life.
People who are really good: soft words, hard things, and stable people.
Getting close to the person who nourishes you is the best standard for making friends!
Walk with good people, get acquainted with comfortable people, get along with optimistic people
If you can, please remember each of their names!
The finale of "Storm", Anxin has more than one identity.