All the good qualities we have are the embodiment of upbringing.
The greatest upbringing of a person is not politeness, not politeness, but...
Life has a long way to go, be grateful for all, be grateful for what you have encountered, and be grateful for you!
If you have grace in your heart, you will be blessed in your life.
The real heart of ​ does not spend much time with each other, nor does it look at the boast of the mouth.
Anger can see character, details can see self-cultivation, trough can see pattern, interests can see people's hearts.
Through the details of the meal, you can see the true appearance of a person.
People who like to do these three things at dinner should never make a deep acquaintance.
What makes our lives better is that through reason, we see clearly the nature of things and make changes.
15 words break through the wall of your heart, read you and you will be fully understood.
Dare to dance with life and live as a beam of light.
The really wise people are looking "inward".
If you leave a place for others today, one day, others will do the same for you.
Leave a step for others, keep some limelight for others to occupy, and leave some benefits for others to earn.