The fatherly love you give will one day take root and sprout and blossom all the way to your child!
Deng Chao was stabbed 14 stitches and announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry. Sun Li replied only 9 words, but cried countless people.
When you get through the day of heavy mountains and rivers, it is the time when the willow is dark and the flowers are bright.
When people are at a low ebb, they practice themselves.
The importance of getting along with each other lies in sincerity, comfort and relaxation in order to last a long time.
The person who replies to your Wechat like this is the most worthy of deep acquaintance.
There is no high or low right or wrong in the three values, only similarities and differences.
What is more frightening than the disagreement between the three values is the difference in cognition.
May someone ask you if the porridge is warm, and someone will accompany you to stand at dusk.
The 4-minute natural birth video was popular in moments, and the words of a husband silenced everyone.
Take control of yourself
Think about something before you go to bed
Dads, do not miss the growth of their daughters, but also remember to be kind to their wives.
What kind of girl will be happy when she grows up? If you have a daughter, you must see it!
A person's greatest self-discipline is to have a moderate choice and not to overdraw himself.
Do not overdraw yourself (good in depth)