When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.
When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.
What leaves is the scenery, but what is left is life.

there is a hot question on Zhihu:

Why is it that once such a good relationship is now so estranged?

there is a high-praise answer: the aging years and the fading values.

admittedly, as you get older, the course of life bifurcates little by little, and over time, you can't find a common topic, leaving only awkward pleasantries and hard conversations.

although there are attempts to recover, but it is also difficult to maintain, mental haggard, slowly estranged.

most feelings fade in this way.

Little Tigers, once popular in the north and south of the river, a song "Love" was sung in the streets.

good Tiger Alec Su, Thunderbolt Tiger Wu Qilong, and handsome Tiger Chen Zhipeng are the youth memories of a generation.

at that time, they were tacit partners on the stage and intimate brothers under the stage. From trough to peak, we have experienced hardships and blessings together.

but with the passage of time, the three have changed from good brothers in the past to the most familiar strangers today.

in a program, Chen Zhipeng was asked if the three were still in touch. He said frankly: the three people seldom get together in private, not even group chat.

"have more contact with Alec Su or Wu Qilongduo?"

"they are all equally rare."

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A lot of relationships end up like this: no Wechat deletion, but no more contact; no blocking, but no relationship anymore.

it is normal for people to gather and disperse, but to move farther and farther away.

distance does not produce beauty, but estrangement and estrangement.

on that day, although there was no contradiction and no one betrayed, they slowly separated and grew into a familiar and unfamiliar face.

many feelings can only be youthful together, but not grow up together.

there is an episode in the bankrupt Sisters:

when Crolin decided to move out of Max's apartment, she assured Max that she would still be Max's best friend forever, but Max said:

in the first week after separation, we may also find time to have a cup of coffee every weekend.

after a few weeks, you have something else to do, and I have something else to do.

then we won't see each other again for the next sixty years.

it's cruel but true.

very often, people come together because of their common environment, common hobbies, and common ideals. When they change different life scenes and cannot find a common topic, it becomes impossible to talk about everything.

see a passage on the Internet:


Life is actually like a road from a broad plain to a forest.

companions can walk in groups on the plain, joyfully pushing back and forth, helping each other; once in the forest, grass and thorns stand in the way, each concentrate on his own way, looking for his own direction.


No grudges, no quarrels, when everyone's experience is different, the years are changing, they are growing, and they are drifting away.

Life is an isolated island, people come and go on the surface, but most people only stay for a short time and disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

I particularly admire the marital status of my uncle and aunt. They have been married for almost 15 years and their relationship is still very good.

my aunt shared a few small details with me:

after going out in the morning, my uncle will tell my aunt in advance about any important itinerary.

sometimes my uncle needs to work overtime, even if my aunt already knows, but my uncle will say it several times to avoid waiting for him for dinner.

Auntie will keep in mind what my uncle said, maybe it's just a casual dish, and auntie will learn to cook it.

it is said that ordinary couples see true feelings in trifles.

the two of them are not too much time, nor are they rich and rich, but they miss each other, so their relationship has never been left out.

how deep a person's love is, how long he is concerned about and reluctant to give up.

every sincere relationship is hard to come by. The reason why love is stronger than gold is the accumulated treasure and care.

the heart is the most expensive thing in the world.

Don't wait for a long time to come, keep the temperature of your feelings and keep in touch with each other from time to time; at the same time, don't let the other person's thoughts go unanswered.

there is an apt analogy: a relationship is like a balance, which requires two people to defend and maintain each other so as not to be out of balance.

A bowl of hot soup will cool after it has been kept for a long time. No matter how good the relationship is, if you don't pay attention to it, you will come to the end in name only.

whether it's friendship, family or love, no matter how busy your work is, no matter how far away you are, don't snub the person who cares about you.

but when we are separated by circumstances, there is no need to be sad or forced to stay. Not all friendships can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

Zhuangzi said: it is better to forget each other than to help each other.

, what leaves is the scenery, but what is left is life.