May you have a green dress and plenty of energy in the new year.
Zhang Yuqi changed her face into Song Hye-kyo? The whole network is nostalgic for her 10 years ago.
Every time he makes an appearance, he tells young actors what a good actor should look like.
He was nearly killed by cancer and won 33 movie stars in 40 years. He was scolded, which is the biggest joke of the year.
Only by managing your sleep well can you control your life well.
18 tips for having a good state
It is good for people to give their own light when they are alive, and there is no need to force them to light a lamp for others.
When you reach middle age, put away your ruler.
To do what you like, meet the person you like, and live your life freely.
If a person treats you like this, he is actually disgusted with you, so stop seeing each other.
May we all be mothers who love their children and themselves.
Three years after Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang separated, Tian Xin's first video was brushed on the screen.
No variety shows, no gossip, do a good job in every play, this is all about Deng Jiajia.
Suddenly Guan Xuan divorced, congratulations!
Live in the present
Think about something before you go to bed
In the second half of life, I hope you and I can adjust our mindset.
One quiet, two flat, three patient, four concessions, five light
Strive to determine the lower limit, cognition determines the upper limit.
"there is a fixed amount of money in life."