The family of Deng Chao and Sun Li fit together, and his son is handsome in hot search, with two painting styles of his own father.
The family of Deng Chao and Sun Li fit together, and his son is handsome in hot search, with two painting styles of his own father.
That is to say, the name is with you for the rest of your life, so take it easy.

see a hot search,

# Deng Chao's son and so on are so handsome #


Click in and have a look, and so on the height has jumped to his father's shoulder, the white shirt is covered with a bear sweater, and the little kid has grown into a teenager.

at the press conference of the parents' movie, he methodically published his impression, which was completely unlike the child raised by the funny parents.

Sister Xiaohua, the braided hair is black and straight. Because he is younger and easy to be shy, he hides behind his brother all the time.

A family of four stands together, and the elder brother and so on are more like their mother, with a rounded face and a stronger line at the angle of the lower jaw, while the younger sister Xiaohua is more like her father, with softer facial lines and a longer face.

this new movie, and so on, also took part in it.

I don't know if I want to follow in the footsteps of my parents and follow the path of an actor.

with regard to the names of etc., Sun Li said half-jokingly before, "when the child can speak at the age of one or two, let him think of his own name." So I first chose "wait" as a nickname.

sounds casual, but it doesn't mean anything.

Sun Li explained before that "et cetera" actually comes from a sentence "no wait mantra", which can eliminate all suffering and be true. " The sustenance is the expectation of the child, hoping that he can have the wisdom to help others.

in addition, my father's surname is Deng, homophonic Terrier. "Deng et al. Deng et cetera" read together, it is generally the BGM that big people appear on the stage ceremoniously, and so on are important "big shots" for parents.

as the saying goes, it is better to give a son a good name than to give him a daughter.

the names of children are often the result of careful consideration by their parents to get rid of a large number of brain cells.

during this period, Lu Yi and Bao Lei took part in "wife's Romantic Journey" together, showing off their love in the program.

they have been sweet for 26 years, from school uniforms to wedding dresses to a family of four, and Lu Yi has called Bao Lei "Bao Lei" for 26 years.

Get prepared to buy a fabulous hunter green bridesmaid dresses and be the center of attention? The collection is in different beautiful materials.

as for why the eldest daughter Belle is called Belle, she is a "baby" with her mother, who is her father's favorite. Sweet but sweet.

Belle's real name is Lu Yuxuan, which means to forget worries, and Xuan Tang refers to her mother. Go around, still did not go around my mother, the crystallization of true parents' love.

before Lu Yi took Belle to "where is Dad going?" at that time, the little Belle was holding a mushroom head and talking milky. Also often is the child's words Wuji, the words are not frightening people die endlessly.

now she has grown into a big girl, losing baby fat on her face and perfectly inheriting her parents' long legs.

an out-of-circle video shows the casual guitar playing and singing, fluent English and soft voice, which already looks like a literary goddess.

the younger sister Little Leaf is the same as her sister when she was a child, and she can't tell who is who. With the same mushroom head, fleshy, soft bleating.

A family of four together can almost be said to "share the same face".

A lot of people participated in "where is Dad going" with Belle that year, and they have grown up into a big girl.

some time ago, I posted a video of making my own pastry on the social platform, skillful and generous.

Huang Lei wanted his daughter to have more happiness and longevity, so he named it Duoduo. But Grandpa thought the name was too casual and chose "memory of mercy" as the name, which means "kind and grateful."

the second daughter is named "Shao Ai", which means that she is a young and beautiful woman.

it is said that the daughter is like the father and the son is like the mother. The two daughters of Huang Lei's family, the eldest daughter is like her mother and the second daughter is like her father.

compared with my sister's ladylike temperament, my sister is more naughty than teacher Huang Lei can say at home.

do you remember Puff?

A little girl who is as sweet as a puff as her name. She is so cute that Ying Caier and Huo Siyan want to fight for their son.

and his father Liu Xihong took part in the program with a glutinous Taiwanese accent.

Xiao Puff's big name Liu Yufu, elder brother Liu Yuen, younger sister Liu Yushan. The word "Fu" takes the meaning of purity and dignity.

in a twinkling of an eye, the little puff has grown up and changed from a "slow princess" to an "elegant princess".

the facial features are almost the same as when I was a child, but they are more three-dimensional when I grow up.

in Liu Xihong's studio, he often works out with his father, and his movements are also very smooth. It is estimated that there is no shortage of training at home, the kind that dad teaches hand-in-hand.

Jasper, who grew up with Puff, gets together from time to time, albeit at a distance.

the little sweet pepper with a loudspeaker pointing at his father "Can you stop angry" has long been an elder brother.

Ying Zai's son, Chen Xiaochun, was happy to have her second child and was looking forward to her daughter, but she didn't expect another boy.

it is common for a younger brother to be mistaken for a younger sister because of his daughter's style.

with long hair and a master skirt, how big the inner shadow will be if the child grows up to be a straight man.

how much Naoki Jiang hated the pictures of princesses when he was a child.

the Chinese name of Jasper is domineering and leaking.

Chen Yinjie, Yin, the meaning of descendants, was valued by many royal families in ancient times, and many emperors and princes had this word in their names. For example, the Song Emperor Zhao Kuangyin and Kangxi Ye's princes also brought "Yin".

"Jie" means swiftness and success. Two words are combined in one.From this, we can see Chen Xiaochun's expectations for his son.

whether it is the nickname or the real name, parents are well-intentioned. By contrast, some parents are also quite fooled.

the reason why ahem is called ahem, because when I was a child, I used to cry "uh-huh" and "hum", so I simply took "uh-huh" as the name.

Wu Jing Xie Nan's eldest son has a domineering and unique nickname: Wu so-called. I don't know whether my parents are open-minded or casual.

Yuan Quan and Xia Yu's daughter is nicknamed "", and Zhu Yawen and Shen Jiani named their daughter "hee hee", another pair of "hip-hop".

of course, the most outrageous is the name of Chen Kexin and Wu Junru's daughter, "Little Fat Chicken". Because the film starring Wu Junru was called "Golden Rooster".

when I was a child, I still thought it was cute to call it that. When I mentioned this name when I grew up, I already imagined the rejection in my child's heart.

that is to say, the name is with you all your life, can you take it easy?

what's your baby's nickname? share it in the comment area.


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