What can open the gap in life more than EQ is closed-loop thinking.
What can open the gap in life more than EQ is closed-loop thinking.
Those who have closed-loop thinking are more trustworthy and can walk more steadily and go further in the pursuit of dreams.



Economic adviser Tetsuji Oishi said in his book reliable:

"whether a person is reliable or not, it depends on three points: there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything."

in the face of other people's requests, we should respond in a timely manner, make steady progress, and implement them.

keep your promise, never be perfunctory, and fulfill your promise.

it took half a lifetime to realize that those who have closed-loop thinking are more trustworthy and can walk more steadily and go further in the pursuit of dreams.

how many people fail because they are "unreliable"

not long ago, I was impressed by Zhou Ying in the workplace observation category Reality Show "leaping to the Advanced Workplace".

she is 27 years old and beautiful. She has worked in many organizations, holding the highest position of vice president of business with an annual salary of $1 million.

many viewers are looking forward to her, thinking that she will be able to get through and win the job.

who knows, Zhou Ying's performance is far from satisfactory.

she worked with two other teammates on the task, refused to communicate at the beginning, and started to act on her own.

her teammates took the initiative to ask her about the progress of her work, hoping to make concerted efforts to do a good job, but she did not answer directly.

as the deadline approached, the two teammates were busy discussing concepts and design plans, but she was in no hurry and lay down on the sofa to rest.

when her teammates found her again, hoping to discuss strategies, she said that she lacked rest and just wanted to sleep, leaving her teammates speechless with anger.

after the two periods, the mentor eliminated the contestants according to the comprehensive evaluation, and she was the first to be eliminated, and many viewers in front of the screen said "the will of the people".

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looking at the whole program, Zhou Ying's biggest problem is that she doesn't have closed-loop thinking.

refuse to communicate before the start of the work, do not communicate the progress after the start of the work, and there is no feedback when it is over, which makes teammates and mentors crazy.

Unfortunately, such people are not uncommon in life.

you tell me one thing, and the other party agrees to it, but it doesn't inform you of the progress in the process, which makes you worry.

by the deadline, you think you can get the ideal result, only to find that the other person is not doing very well, and you don't think so.

when you make a request and hope to strengthen communication next time, you can raise anything you don't understand in time, but the other party's attitude is careless.

as long as you work with him, you can't help but worry that he will drop the chain at some point and that he will make a mistake in something.

such behavior may not show that a person's ability is poor, but more times, it will give people the impression that it is "unreliable".

in the short term, unreliable people have nothing to lose except that they don't get the job done.

but in the long run, they have lost not only excellent partners, but also their own growth opportunities and development prospects.

those who have "closed-loop thinking" will have a bright future

in the hit drama "County Party Committee Courtyard", Lin Zhiwei is a person with closed-loop thinking.

for the work assigned by the leader, he will accept it at the first time and will never be dissatisfied with the tedious work.

for example, if the leader has a full meeting every day, he will record in detail and remind the leader that if there is a time conflict, he will coordinate and report it.

the leader told him to follow up other work in a timely manner. He would call repeatedly to confirm and report the progress before the leader asked.

once, the leader asked him to write a very important speech, and he was criticized for writing it several times, either too mildly or not directly enough.

for the last time, the leader handed over directly to another person to write the speech, which was tantamount to negating all Lin Zhiwei's previous efforts.

Lin Zhi was a little depressed, but he quickly cleaned up his mood, combined with the leader's opinions and his own thinking, and persisted in finishing his speech.

when the time was ripe, he handed over his speech to the leader. as a result, he was praised by the leader as "well written" and read his manuscript at the conference, and he was impressed from then on.

Kazuo Inamori said:

"working for many years, there are many excellent people around me in the workplace.

when you look back on what they have in common, you can often see one thing in common, that is, they are good at closed-loop operation, that is, from zero to one, from the beginning to the end. "

the so-called closed-loop thinking means that the tasks and work received can be completed seriously and fed back to each other within a specified period of time to form a complete closed loop.

people with closed-loop thinking are not only down-to-earth and reliable, but also have the ability of overall planning and can be on their own. As long as you leave things to them, you don't have to worry about it.

and their development can often take advantage of the wind and turn against the wind.

achieve these three points and create closed-loop thinking

whether it is workplace development or interpersonal communication, closed-loop thinking is like a key, which can help us develop good habits, open up room for growth, and succeed step by step.

the following three practices can help us develop closed-loop thinking, which we can put into practice in our daily life.

receive reply, feedback in time

Luo Zhenyu said: positionThe most hopeless person in the field is called the feedback black hole.

it is very difficult to give people a sense of trust for a person who does things without a beginning or an end and never returns.

if you hand over a job, if he does not reply in time and does not communicate when he encounters problems, it is easy to bury hidden dangers and bring trouble to both sides.

this will not only let the other person know what you are doing, but also give you some help and advice at the right time to avoid risks and accelerate your growth.

Don't make excuses, just find ways

sometimes, things can't go smoothly, it's not that it's too difficult, but that we are used to making excuses and delay feedback.

you can calm down and think, have you ever done the same thing:

"it's too late today. I'm too tired. I'll report the progress tomorrow. It's only a few hours late anyway."

"I am not familiar with this job. I still need to grope and study. If I hand in two days late, the leader should not care about it."

keep making excuses, it will make your action slow, and the end result is that the leader has to look at the results of his work at a specified time, but you can't take it out, so you can only leave the impression that he is unreliable.

the correct way is not to run away from difficulties, but to take the initiative to find solutions and seek advice from experienced people, so as to improve efficiency and avoid procrastination.

think of others and compare your heart to heart

only when you have others in your heart and responsibility on your shoulders, can you have a beginning and finish when doing things, don't let them worry about follow-up, and like to cooperate and work with you.

so, when you encounter something, you can think more about what the other person wants and how you should push it forward in order to achieve the desired goal.

slowly, you can understand the other person's needs more quickly, adjust your practices better, and make everyone you get along with feel at ease, at ease, and at ease.

I quite agree with one sentence:

in life, if you want to go further and develop more smoothly, you need to have closed-loop thinking.

timely feedback and steady progress in everything can make people feel at ease.

Don't make excuses and solve every problem in time in order to be convincing.

be considerate of others and make every relationship easier to be recognized.

, we encourage each other.