Wake yourself up, control yourself and fulfill yourself.
Wake yourself up, control yourself and fulfill yourself.
Life tells us that the greatest person in the world is himself.


on the road of life, there are both ups and downs; everything in the world has its difficulties.

Life is never always plain sailing.

No matter what kind of bitterness you are going through, the only thing that can save you is to grit your teeth and carry it through.

as said in the movie Farewell my Concubine:

"people have to fend for themselves."

when the sky does not cross people, people need to cross by themselves.

Wake yourself up, control yourself, and fulfill yourself is the best way for a person to keep making progress.

wake yourself up

there is a saying in Daojing: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

the most terrible thing in one's life is not being able to recognize oneself.

those who underestimate themselves cannot achieve great things; those who overestimate themselves destroy their own future.

there is a thought-provoking story in the TV series Joe's Courtyard.

Sun Maocai, a poor scholar, gradually became greedy for profit and ignored his position after helping the Qiao family expand his business by means of management.

not only sent his beneficent employer to prison, but also wanted to annex the property of the Qiao family.

after leaving Qiao's house, he went to Qiao's competitor, Qian Jia, and threatened to help the family make a lot of money.

unexpectedly, the Qian family only replied contemptuously:

"it's not you who made the Qiao family business, but the Qiao family business that made you."

if a person can't pick it up clearly, he will only lose money in the end.

people know what to do and what not to do.

only when you wake yourself up from going astray can life take a U-turn.

Mark Twain, a famous writer, is talented and intelligent and can handle it well on the literary stage.

Our collection of junior party dresses is designed to make you look ravishing. Our collections are made of the best quality superb fabrics.

after making some achievements in writing, he began to be eager to invest and do business.

he tried to run the timber industry and mining industry successively, and issued KuaiBao.

Mark Twain thinks he has both liberal arts and science, and his business will go well.

but contrary to his wishes, he lost all his fortune instead of getting rich in business.

later, he began to focus on the field of writing that he was good at, creating and producing a lot.

as he himself said:

"what gets you into trouble is not what you don't know, but what you think you know but are actually wrong."

A fool thinks he is wise, but a wise man knows himself.

it is the most difficult thing to recognize yourself; to wake yourself up is a lifelong practice.

on the way of life, never indulge in your own fantasies.

only by finding the right position can we move forward through the waves; only by identifying the right road can we go steadily and far away.

control yourself

French philosopher Jacques Kemp once said:

"the only sin a man has is to give in to his desires."

many tragedies in life begin without paying attention to self-cultivation.

there is a limit in life, but an error is a disaster.

if you can't control yourself, desire will eat you back.

self-media author

@ Effie

told a story.

A friend of hers began to exercise crazily, control her diet and force herself to lose weight every time she gained 150 jin.

however, every time he succeeds in slimming down to 130 jin, when he first sees the effect, his friend will release himself: the movement is stagnant and he eats more and more.

in this cycle, a friend's weight has been hovering in this range.

I have never lost weight once in more than ten years.

I have heard a saying:

"the strong are strong because they can control themselves."

in the face of desire, self-defense, continuous practice, in order to become their own.

Wang Xizhi, a calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, had a long time without a breakthrough in practicing calligraphy, and he was very impatient.

so Wang Xizhi changed his arrogance and irritability, restrained himself, practiced diligently, and even studied how to write when he walked and ate.

because he didn't carry pen and paper with him, he used his fingers to draw on his clothes.

later, I spent so much time practicing on my clothes that my fingers cut my clothes.

he also goes to the pool early every day to practice calligraphy, and the "inkwash pool" has also been dyed into an "ink pool" by him.

playwright Bernard Shaw said:

"self-control is the strongest instinct."

A person's biggest opponent is himself.

if you let your desires spread wantonly, the best life will become worse and worse.

but if you can be your own master, the lower situation will gradually improve.

self-restraint and self-improvement, continuous practice, everything in the world is impossible.

perfect yourself

there is an old saying:

"in ancient times, people who made great achievements not only had extraordinary talents, but also had perseverance."

in the practice field of life, everyone has the right to write his own destiny.

even if you have hit rock bottom, life can be seen in the clouds as long as you are willing to fulfill yourself.

before, a post about "Tree Cave" at Tsinghua University moved countless people.

A poor student in Anhui was born in poverty from an early age.

he, who could not even afford to pay his tuition, relied on his own efforts to improve his life little by little by taking a part-time job and working as a tutor.

even from the beginning of graduate school, he was able to provide more than 3,000 yuan to support four children on the premise of ensuring his own livelihood.

as long as you don't give up on yourself, the world will secretly reward you.

more than two hundred years ago, a boy learned piano and violin from his father from an early age.

with his love and understanding of music, coupled with the guidance of his teacher, he made rapid progress and became what everyone called a "musical prodigy".

however, being fooled by fate, he suddenly suffered from an ear disease at the age of 26.

at first, he thought he could cure it, but it became more and more serious.

before long, he lost his hearing completely and his heart was broken.

for a musician, binaural deafness is a bolt from the blue.

"I live a miserable life. It might be OK to do another career, but in my industry, this is the most terrible thing!"

it occurred to him that it would be too incompetent to bow his head so easily, so he decided to fight his fate.

he swore:

"I will challenge my fate! I will take fate by the throat, and I will let it be destroyed! "

from then on, I devoted myself to music creation.

later, he successively wrote the third Symphony and the Ninth Symphony, leaving precious musical wealth for the world.

he is Beethoven, the king of symphonies.

the impermanence of life is the norm, and no one can be comfortable all his life.

they may be able to help you for a while, but they can't help you forever.

as Napoleon said:

"there are not enough people to rely on, but you have to rely on yourself to survive."

it's up to you to do what you want.

if you have the courage to fulfill yourself, you can work hard to create your own world, live a natural and wonderful life, and be free.

writer Claire McFall asked this question in Ferry Man:

"if life is a lonely river, who will be the ferry of your soul?"

Life tells us that the greatest person in the world is himself.

No matter confused or sleepy, no one will cross you all the time.

what we need to do is:

wake yourself up, with my strength, chase what I want, and find the right direction of life;

control yourself, don't be confused, move forward, and constantly enrich your ability.

fulfill yourself, burn your bridges, be afraid of wind and rain, and live a comfortable life.

, may all book friends be their own ferrymen and make their own lives from now on.