Zhao Benshan's daughter officially announced her marriage, and the whole network was disgusting?
Zhao Benshan's daughter officially announced her marriage, and the whole network was disgusting?
May you and I be tolerant of others and be tolerated by others.

there is another good thing about internal entertainment recently, that is, Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiqiu.

on Valentine's Day, the ball

the official announced the news of getting a marriage license.

the caption "it will be you for the rest of my life".

some time ago, she revealed in the live broadcast that although she had taken wedding photos, she did not plan to hold a wedding. At that time, she would find a place to travel, even if she got married.

the family is so well-off but so low-key, ball can be regarded as an anomaly among the children of stars, but it is a good thing to be blessed after all.

it's just that some people really don't agree?

this person is not Zhao Benshan, but all the netizens who are galloping on the Internet.

according to reason, you don't like it and you don't want to bless it, but many people have to take a shit in the comment area.

bear the brunt of the attack is the appearance of the ball.

"made into a plastic doll."

"looks like a transgender."

then comes the bad temperament.

"money is money, but it smells like a non-mainstream sister."

then choose the object to look at, criticize the man from the eyes to the eyes to the ears, all the angles he can find.

"eyes are like being held up by matchsticks."

"the eyes are scary."

"my ears are so bad."

"it looks like domestic violence."

finally come to the conclusion:

"leave sooner or later."


on other people's wedding days, they don't know anything, but they rush to identify faces, domestic violence, and the future. That's all for monkeys.

with regard to plastic surgery, some people have questioned before that the ball responded generously just to be happy, "I really pay attention to my face, this is the thing of my life."... "

in the final analysis, it's just a little girl's love of beauty.

the brain circuit that attacks the man's appearance is also very bizarre, obviously appearance is the least important one when looking for a partner.

the more important questions are whether the three values are the same, whether the character is upright, and whether the ability is outstanding.

as mentioned before, my boyfriend, who graduated with a master's degree, is not a rich second generation. He bought a house and became a neighbor in Beijing by starting his own business. And the other side didn't know at first that the ball was Zhao Benshan's daughter.

ability is no problem, and it is not aimed at the family background and property of the ball, the emotional stability of more than two years together shows that the three values are the same, and the parents of the two sides have met and have no problem with it, so what is there to criticize?

if a person drinks water, he knows whether it is cold or warm.

the official announcement of the ball this time, the comment on the whole direction of the wind is ridiculous.

people now seem to have a misconception of the unreasonable imagination of the rich: they are supposed to be well-behaved, well-bred, elegant and dignified, and Ta's partners should also be worthy of each other.

therefore, when the behavior of the rich is in line with cognition, people flock to show goodwill to the young masters and ladies, yelling eagerly every "old slave", such as the outrageous "recognition" craze of Wanliu Academy a year ago.

however, when the facts are not in line with imagination, netizens are easy to have an inexplicable sense of superiority and criticize the appearance and life of Ta.

in fact, whether it is "high-grade" or approachable, it is just a way of life. As an adult, ball has the freedom to choose, that's all.

and all we have to do is respect other people's choices.

of course, some of the remarks are not entirely malicious, and they are genuinely worried about the foolish daughter of the defeated uncle of Honshan.

it's just that this is a misunderstanding.

the daughter of the Benshan family is neither defeated nor stupid.

Ball didn't plan to be a star second generation in the first place, she had her own career plan and what she wanted to do.

she knows how to make rational use of resources

(the biggest resource is dad, of course)

, pull Uncle Benshan to publicize and campaign for yourself.

Let Dad "mess in" occasionally during the live broadcast, and the effect is on the rise.

from time to time, popular artists such as Song Xiaobao, Wen Song, and Yang Lin were invited to help them, and they soon became famous.

in 18 years, she made it into the top ten Internet celebrities of Kuaishou.

in 1919, there was another grand live broadcast of the popular show, and at the same time, the establishment of MCN organization "Coconut Media" was announced. Comedy celebrities such as Wen Song, Ya'e, Tian WA and other comedy celebrities showed up one after another to support them, and finally sold 3.56 million yuan, which was quite a good result.

now she has accumulated more than 5 million followers on Douyin.

but these achievements are not all brought about by the identity of "Zhao Benshan's daughter". She works very hard.

the ball was also hit during the virus pandemic last year, but her first thought was what to do with live broadcasting.

Live streaming often brings goods late into the night.

one of the reasons for not holding a wedding this time is that it is too complicated and too late to prepare for the wedding.

Ball is also a very peaceful and kind girl in life.

in the face of other people's bad comments, he has never been a bad face and is emotionally stable; he has a sincere attitude and absolutely no bad performance in the live broadcast.

also donated all the live broadcast revenue.

once complained hilariously about his father, saying that his plane could not even be sold at half price, which became a burden.

in order to better accompany and take care of Uncle Benshan, the next step is to shift the focus of work back to Shenyang.

generally speaking, although she did take advantage of Uncle Benshan's fame at the beginning of her career, she did not squander or do bad things to discredit her family, but set up her career map one step at a time.

now, even if she doesn't rely on her father, she is a little rich woman, which is much better than some rich second generation.

isn't such a strong, energetic and easygoing girl an example for us to learn from? What is there to ridicule?

the children of stars are naturally easy to get attention, which is an advantage in some times, but it is also bad luck in some times.

Lin Qingxia's two daughters are often attacked for failing to inherit their mother's beauty. The immoral media used "0% like Qingxia" to describe the 16-year-old daughter at that time.

after Xiao Shenyang became famous overnight with "not short of money", he was once invited to take his daughter to a parent-child show, but this once became his most regrettable decision, and even felt guilty and burst into tears.

he doesn't understand why a kind, lovely and sensible daughter should be reviled and attacked by thousands of netizens just because of her appearance.

7-year-old children, do not make a fuss, do not lose their temper, in turn, they will think about their parents.

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says he is proud to look like his father;

living in a dilapidated house is worried that my father is tall and uncomfortable;

appearance is given by natural parents, which is not changed by personal will, but character, self-cultivation, knowledge, ability. But it can be obtained through acquired efforts.

No matter the ball or the ball boyfriend, or the little Shenyang's little girl, they are trying to manage the part they can control, that is life.

this is actually a sad thing.

because words like blades will only become strong people armed with their own armor, but those who are injured may never be able to improve and improve.

so, before you speak next time, ask yourself, is it really necessary to say something hurtful? What kind of harm will it bring to each other? Are you being too mean?

May you and I both be tolerant of others and be tolerated by others.