Zhang Yuqi changed her face into Song Hye-kyo? The whole network is nostalgic for her 10 years ago.
Zhang Yuqi changed her face into Song Hye-kyo? The whole network is nostalgic for her 10 years ago.
May you have a green dress and plenty of energy in the new year.


some time ago, I made a scene on Weibo and recognized Zhang Yuqi as Song Hye-kyo.

at first glance, I was stunned, and then I looked at the watermark to confirm that it was really Zhang Yuqi.

this picture doesn't look like her. Her hair and facial features have changed greatly.

and her current style seems to be getting closer to girls

(I wonder if it is more suitable for my boyfriend)

, I'll never see that domineering actress again.

netizens miss her 10 years ago. At that time, when talking about the feeling of "the arrival of a female star", many people would think of Zhang Yuqi's picture of her being secretly photographed.

all the tall stripes are in full bloom, wearing sunglasses elegantly with valiant spirit, which is not Song Hye-kyo, which is clearly the real version of "Qian Songyi".

but her most famous scene is the green trailing dress at the Cannes Film Festival.

she is a relaxed actress in the fame and fortune field, as well as a vibrant green in a black suit. This touch of green is infinitely floating, highlighting the charm that only belongs to women.

this green palace-style cereal bra evening dress is from the Ulyana Sergeenko Spring /Summer 2013 show.

she has a classic oriental hairstyle, 5-inch career line, Cartier ruby earrings worth nearly 8 million, retro and modern, gorgeous.

people can't help sighing that green is really beautiful.

the word "green" originates from the ancient Indo-European word "ghre", meaning "growth".

in my heart, it is an indestructible vitality, which will bring infinite strength to beauty.

▲ is green from the show

there are too many Meiren Kao's green dresses in movies and TV dramas.

speaking of God's green dress can never go around "Atonement", the long green dress worn by Keira Keira Knightley in the movie represents the ultimate BE aesthetics.

this satin green dress glows in the dark night. When she lights a cigarette and sits alone on the steps, the skirt floats with her, and my heart is broken with her.

the Guardian rated the green dress in Atonement as worthy of all praise.

designer Jacqueline Durran's design does not have any superfluous decoration, the large green just hangs down so simply, like a flowing river.

A big bare back turned around, which left the skirt white and was perfectly controlled by Keira Knightley's bony figure.

this green dress is a touch of green that the hero Robbie misses in the dead of night or the flames of war, full of love. Just like us outside the movie, as soon as we saw this green dress, we were heartbroken for the tragedy.

in the Portrait of the Burning Girl, the heroine Eloise wears that green skirt like a classical oil painting. when she stands by the sea, she has a vast artistic conception of mountains and rivers.

▲ she smiled at her future lover Marianne for the first time

is wearing this dress

this is a feminist film, and some people interpret that this green dress represents the most "feminine" details of the whole film.

A portrait blind date was popular in Europe in 1760. after the man proposed marriage, the woman would send the portrait if she consented, and women often had no right to choose or refuse.

Portrait of two generations of women in ▲ Eloise's family

Eloise, the heroine, is the one who was forced to get married. before that, her sister had already committed suicide by jumping off a cliff because she resisted blind marriage and dumb marriage. this green dress belongs to the dead sister and extends to Eloise and becomes an inextricable yoke.

she experienced the sweetest and most painful life in a green skirt. When the skirt was burning in the fire, it had a suffocating beauty.

this greenish color is sometimes the most direct indication of a character's character.

in Xu Laodai's Green Snake, Maggie Cheung's elegant chiffon dress, which looks like green and green, has a wet and ghostly atmosphere, beautiful and frightening.

reminds me of Xu Zhimo's poem, "the green grass on the soft mud, the oil swaying at the bottom of the water, in the soft waves of the Kang River, I am willing to be a water plant."

she is like a water plant, winding and ostentatious, representing the ignorance of birth and the desire of natural hair.

Maggie Cheung in the mood for Love, green is an expression of emotional progress, is bright and sentimental.

she wore an emerald green diamond cheongsam more than once.

for the first time, Su Lizhen borrowed Zhou Muyun's martial arts novel and wore this cheongsam to return the book. The emerald green is bright, just like the vibrant spring, the profile shows that the good feeling between the two people has quietly sprouted.

another appearance was when Su Lizhen learned that Zhou Muyun was about to travel far away and did not know when to return. She suddenly burst into emotion, resulting in a critical crying scene.

Dreaming to be the Cinderella on the high quality yet low price homecoming dresses for chubby girls? Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

this full of green, represents the vigorous growth of love can no longer be hidden.

Green cheongsam always gives people a delicate and elegant style, such as the one in Tang Wei's Lust, caution.

the dark flowers on the green background are tightly tied to the body, leaning gently against the bedside, and the eyebrows around the corners of the eyes are full of desire and deliberate seduction.

poster to make the green darker and more prosperous through subtle light changes.

Zhang ailing herself is a true fan of cheongsam, but there is only one description of Wang Jiazhi's clothes in Lust and caution, on the mahjong table at the beginning.

▲ Zhang ailing wrote: electric blue water-stained satinKnee-length cheongsam,

the collar of the small fillet is only half an inch high, like a foreign dress.

the green cheongsam in Lust and caution is more like Zhang ailing's description of Jiao Rui in Red Rose and White Rose:

"she wears a dragging robe, which is the hottest damp green, and it turns green if it touches anything. She moved a little, as if there was a green mark in the air she had just occupied. "

the green is so strong.

and in the Legend of Zhen Huan, she first saw the green dress of the King of Fruit County, which made her smart and delicate, and it was also the happiest and sweetest time for her and Dapang Orange.

masked palm civet did a lot of harm. Ye Lanyi wore green clothes all his life because of his praise.

it is not too hot to wear green to look good, beautiful and moving, which is different from the arrogance of other concubines.

and in the dance drama "only this Green", the actors are green, gentle, subtle and full of vitality.

the whole dance is elegant and natural, allowing people to directly place themselves in the rivers and mountains of the Northern Song Dynasty in Wang Ximeng's paintings.

the actor's figure is as soft as water, and when the formation changes, it looks like a towering mountain, beautiful and strange.

unlike Chinese aesthetics, Belle's velvet green dress in the French version of Beauty and the Beast is full of French elegance, and this is the first time I have felt so intuitively romantic.

it is true that there are many blondes in fairy tales. Belle's blond hair is matched with plump breasts, and a green dress shines like a jewel, making her exude a pure and seductive atmosphere, making her a forest elf.

in the classic vampire movie 400 years of shock, the heroine Winona Rhett's fresh green dresses are confusingly beautiful.

this is the 65th Academy Award for Best Fashion Design Film, the whole film presents a distinct dark Gothic style.

A large number of red, white, black and gold run through the film, only the heroine's green skirt represents vitality, just like the lush duckweed born in the quagmire.

and Gwyneth Paltrow in Great expectations, a lazy green dress with unique dexterity.

this green dress comes from the brand Donna Karan. When she was young, "Little Pepper" had blond hair, blue eyes, thin figure and a button on her chest, revealing part of her skin, with a touch of effortless amorous feelings in her sex appeal.

in such a relaxed state, this suit really sets her most beautiful appearance.

I have seen this sense of relaxation in Miss Asia Lizhi, who attended as a judge in 1989, wearing a long green dress that almost stole the glory of all the new sisters.

Eye circulation, the bright beauty of Yingsheng soft language.

she wears a dark green dress made of satin, which makes her glowing white and looks like a beautiful woman on the calendar of old Shanghai.

"Green" has different beauty in different characters and different circumstances.

these green beauties, some are like the clear water of a lake, the breeze blows through the folds leaving clear waves, and some are like the blue lotus of the pavilion, standing on the mud but still graceful.

when they are swaying in green skirts and are framed into beautiful classics, passionate life energy has been passed on.

Green skirt in ▲ world famous paintings

, may you have a green dress and plenty of energy in the new year.