Zhang Yimou's daughter married a foreigner twice despite opposition, and the abandoned mother is an everlasting pain in her heart.
Zhang Yimou's daughter married a foreigner twice despite opposition, and the abandoned mother is an everlasting pain in her heart.
There is no permanent marriage, only couples who grow up together and achieve each other.

late one night in 2008, Zhang Mo cried and dialed his father Zhang Yimou.

she told her father that she had been abused by her husband.

when Zhang Yimou heard this, he flew into a rage and scolded:

"this is going against the sky. What is he?"

Zhang Mo burst into sobs. she thought she had met her true love and wanted to marry another country in spite of her parents' opposition. Unexpectedly, the marriage could not last for only two years.

after scolding and quarreling, Zhang Yimou calmed down and said to his daughter:

"divorce him, don't be afraid, I'll support you when I return home."

Zhang Mo is the daughter of Zhang Yimou and his wife Xiao Huasheng, and he is also the most sorry person in Zhang Yimou's life.

what has Zhang Mo experienced over the years when his family broke up and his marriage didn't go well when he grew up? How are she and her mother doing now?

the year Zhang Mo was born, Zhang Yimou, as a photographer, was staying up late filming "one and eight" in Guangxi.

when he received a call from his parents that his wife Xiao Hua had given birth to a daughter, he jumped up excitedly.

the baby was born at the end of the month, and Zhang Yimou immediately named his daughter Zhang Mo.

in addition, "end" has another meaning. He hopes to say goodbye to the past and start a new life.

at that time, Zhang Yimou, not yet famous, had ambitions for the future.

in the second year of Zhang Mo's birth, Zhang Yimou's luck came.

first won the Chinese Film Outstanding photographer Award for one and eight, and then directed his first film, Red Sorghum.

this film won him the Golden Bear Award at the International Film Festival. It is also the first time that a Chinese film has touched the top prize of the three major European film festivals. It is a milestone in the history of Chinese film.

on the day of receiving the award, 4-year-old Zhang Mo was taken by his mother to meet his father at the airport.

she held a large bouquet of flowers in her hand and gave them to her father under her mother's smiling eyes.

Zhang Yimou took the flowers from his daughter, then held Xiao Hua's hand, and on the way back, he kept repeating a sentence:

"Thank you, thank you."

at that time, Zhang Mo was too young to understand the meaning of "thank you", but Xiao Hua did.

it may be coming to an end between them.

she and Zhang Yimou are not without feelings.

when the two were in love, Zhang Yimou often wrote to her.

Xiao Hua, who was beautiful and talented when she was young, was courted by three boys besides Zhang Yimou.

when Zhang Yimou found out, he was very jealous.

he wrote more than 40 pages of letter to Xiao Hua in one breath. When he walked to the post office to post the letter, he couldn't send it by surface mail because he was overweight, so he finally sent the parcel instead.

Xiao Hua, who received the letter, was filled with joy.

after marriage, Xiao Hua gave up the opportunity to go to college and fully supported Zhang Yimou to go to college.

when Zhang Yimou was in college, Xiao Hua took care of the elderly in his family for each other.

who would have thought that when you were young and affectionate, you could get tired of each other.

the winter of 1988 was particularly cold.

Zhang Yimou came home wearily, and when he saw his wife under the lamp, he opened his mouth:

"We have nothing in common. Let's get a divorce."

Zhang Mo was 5 years old when they divorced.

she didn't realize what divorce meant at that time.

at that time, Zhang Mo's biggest worry was being bullied by his peers.

she is thin and small, and she is not talkative. She is bullied and never tells. She just cries.

the worst time, I pulled her tire.

Zhang Mo was crying and pushing the cart home.

she has a father, but she is no different from nothing.

Zhang Yimou is so busy at work that he may not be able to go home twice a year. Later, after he divorced Xiao Hua, he paid even less attention to this daughter.

there is only one scene in Zhang Mo's childhood memory of his father:

I was playing underground, and then I looked up. He happened to be backlit, and a sun was shining beside him. I felt a green, towering figure looking at me like this, looking down at me like this, waiting for me to go home with him. I can't forget this picture until now.

later, Zhang Mo went to primary school.

she saw that all her classmates had a father to pick her up, but she didn 't. when she got home, she would ask her mother, "where's my father?"

when asked here, Xiao Hua looked embarrassed and his mouth frowned for a long time, and he didn't know how to answer.

she is a sensible child.

Xiao Hua is a competent mother. Even if she is abandoned by Zhang Yimou, she has never said no to her daughter, even though she often maintains it.

after the divorce, Zhang Yimou felt sorry for his daughter the most.

in order to get closer to his daughter, he often buys some school suppliesSend it back, and call her once a day.

Zhang was so impatient at first that even her father showed strong resistance when he wanted to take her home to see her grandparents.

at this time, Xiao Hua said softly:

Adult affairs have nothing to do with you. You must put aside your complaints about your father in order to feel your father's love for you. "

Xiao Hua often said such things to Zhang Mo, so although Zhang Mo complained about his father, he never hated him.

in 1999, Zhang Mo said goodbye to his junior high school life.

she wanted to study in the United States, so she was admitted to Columbia University, majoring in architecture.

in the year he went abroad, 16-year-old Zhang Mo had a dull pain in his heart. That dull pain was his mother.

after the divorce, Xiao Hua's feelings for Zhang Yimou have not changed. She often sits alone all day, losing her mind.

in Zhang Mo's opinion, his father will remarry his mother sooner or later.

on that day, the family will never be separated.

unfortunately, it is a delusion after all.

Zhang Mo, who is abroad, did not wait for his father and mother to remarry, but for the news of his father's remarriage.

Zhang Yimou met 18-year-old Chen Ting while filming the movie Happy time.

the two quickly fell in love and gave birth to three children.

when Zhang Mo heard the news, he was so sad that he had a big fight with his father.

in her anger, she wrote a book called "my parents".

book, Zhang Yimou is accused of betraying and abandoning his mother.

Zhang Yimou is not angry about this, but is silently concerned about his daughter's life abroad.

when she learned that her daughter's construction could not keep up with the progress, she asked for help to find a way to transfer her to the choreographer department of New York University.

Zhang Mo accepted his father's help, but his mood was still light.

when he was in love, Tovey regarded her as his whole life.

this made Zhang Mo, who was broken from a small family, feel what it means to be loved, and greatly smoothed her scars.

therefore, when Tuowei proposed, Zhang Mo agreed without thinking.

it is difficult to maintain a long-distance marriage, let alone a foreign marriage.

somehow, she made the same choice as her mother, to be the woman behind the man.

she's going to give up her life for Tovey.

when the news that she planned to marry Tuowei spread to China, Zhang Yimou vehemently opposed it.

"in the end, I don't approve of you marrying abroad."

in his opinion, men may have love, but to put it bluntly, that's what it's all about.

if a daughter marries abroad, in case she is bullied, it is really heaven and earth.

but Zhang Mo is so stubborn that he is determined to marry Tuowei.

when Zhang Mo published a book denouncing Zhang Yimou, instead of getting angry, he called his daughter every day to greet him.

but this time, Zhang Yimou is really angry.

it's just that after quarreling for a month, I failed to awaken my daughter's heart that was duty-bound to rush to love.

Zhang Mo got a license with Tuowei and held a wedding abroad.

Zhang Yimou is a great director with a thorough understanding of human nature.

Zhang Mo's married life is not harmonious.

it wasn't long before the husband revealed his nature.

he drank too much and cheated on his family.

in a foreign country, Zhang Mo has no one to tell.

moreover, she swore to her parents that she would be happy, which made her even more miserable.

in the second year of marriage, Tovey played the end again.

Zhang Mo finally couldn't stand it and called his father in tears, which is the scene at the beginning of the article.

Zhang Yimou was so angry and distressed that he scolded Towei without mentioning his daughter's stupidity at that time.

on the day of divorce, he called his daughter again to reassure her not to be afraid.

"in the end, I'll raise you when I get home."

at that moment, all the complaints and knots turned into a string of tears.

when Zhang Mo returned home, Zhang Yimou passed on all his years of experience as a director to her.

Zhang Mo is not only an associate director, but also an editor and subtitle artist.

under the influence of his father, Zhang Mo gradually understood a truth:

"everyone has a different pursuit, when the pursuit is different, two people can not go together, he will be separated."

when she stopped fantasizing about beauty, beauty came quietly.

Meng Danqing, a Swiss graduate from the University of Florida in the United States, met Zhang Mo by chance when he was studying at Tsinghua University.

over the next few years, like-minded two people have been in touch more and more frequently.

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in 2013, in the presence of their parents, the two held in the courtyard of the Pangu Qixing Hotel in Beijing.For the wedding.

the wedding ceremony was very simple, and only some relatives and friends were invited.

after marriage, the two chose to settle in Beijing.

after a broken family and a rough marriage, Zhang finally met the right person, had a clear goal and plan for the future, and became a director.

be a director who may not be able to achieve his father's achievements no matter how he is filmed, but can follow his own path, one step at a time, resolutely and fearlessly.

and Xiao Hua's love for Zhang Yimou reminds me of a sentence that Mr. Lu Xun once said in his short story sad death:

"people must live, and love has something to say."

this sentence is put on Xiao Hua, it can be understood like this:

to give wholeheartedly for each other, the love of giving to the family is great, but in many cases it only brings a kind of emotion, but consumes the love.

when you give a lot but don't get a corresponding return, you should stop the loss in time and put your eyes on yourself.

if you want to love others, love yourself first.

true love needs to be renewed, grown and created all the time.

only in this way can we bear beautiful fruit.

there is no permanent marriage, only couples who grow up together and achieve each other.

, may you have the courage to love someone and the courage to leave at any time.