"Zhang Songwen's wife" became an overnight hit! Figure hanging Liu Yan, beauty crushing entertainment: sure enough, there is no man she can't take!
"Zhang Songwen's wife" became an overnight hit! Figure hanging Liu Yan, beauty crushing entertainment: sure enough, there is no man she can't take!
Gold will always shine, and as long as it is found, it will surely realize its value.

if you want to say the hottest show in 2023, it must be "the Storm"!

all the members are strong actors, with outstanding acting skills to let the audience see that domestic dramas still have hope, but also with a good score of 8.8 points to become a dark horse at the beginning of the year.

in this play, which is dominated by male portraits, the female characters do not show much, but it does not affect Chen Shuting, the "sister-in-law", to become a bright color at all.

when Chen Shuting made her debut, Chen Shuting leaned against the stairs with her hands wrapped around her chest, and the camera filled the screen with a sense of vision overlooking sentient beings in the backlight.

then, her husband disappeared, and in the face of interrogation by the police, she answered calmly and calmly, subconsciously bowing her head and grinning, which made people feel that this woman was not easy to mess with.

know that Gao Qiqiang

(acted the role of Zhang Songwen)

did not act in accordance with the agreement, personally led people to surround, pulled out the belt to tighten each other's neck, facial features with hand strength together.

at this point, I have to mention that the design of the original script here is a slap, but Gao Ye used a belt to make the hormones of both sides collide in order to play a more reasonable part in the subsequent marriage.

and Gao Ye also managed to do it, and what he thought when he took the script made the role irreplaceable.

during the broadcast, many netizens said: Gao Ye made the sister-in-law in the novel have a face from now on.

before the broadcast of "Storm", when Gao Ye was mentioned, most of the viewers were black question marks and did not know who she was.

but in recent years, there has been a lot of her in the popular dramas. The description of a person with a thousand faces is more appropriate for her.

"the Twelve hours of Chang'an", she is conceited and gentle, elegant and independent, and never attached to men.

the appearance time is less than ten minutes, but it is called "fairy casting" by netizens.

in the online drama "I am Yu Huanshui", she gains financial benefits by sacrificing her sex appeal, showing the sexy Annie Liang.

seduce Yu Huanshui

(acted the role of Guo Jingfei)

eat up this scene, who saw it without saying a word? Guo Jingfei, you are really uninteresting!

"our Marriage", she is Li Xiaotian, a cold, beautiful and career-oriented woman.

the elder age is unmarried but refuses any moral kidnapping and does not compromise on marriage. When you meet unconvinced people in the workplace, "dragging the elder sister" is so open that you can be speechless.

sure enough, I am the elder sister, which is very exciting.

she managed to squeeze into the "Snake and Scorpion Beauty" series in the unit drama "Hunt Book".

Chu Yingzi, who bites his fingers for beauty and uses blood as lipstick, Chu Yingzi, who is cunning and does not lose his amorous feelings, amazed the audience.

do you think Gao Ye can only play sexy women? Wrong! This is a thousand noodles tall leaves, who to look down upon.

she challenges the light comedy I Love male Nanny for the first time as Wang Liang, a married madman who looks selfish and stingy, but is actually a little girl who is desperately short of sense of security.

my heart longed for love, had a good image for a blind date, and specially learned to make up, but I was almost deceived because I was in such a hurry.

"ideal City" she plays Wu Hongmei, whose image is closer to that of ordinary workers, with heavy bangs and casual ponytails.

she often worries about her career, feels anxious because of her feelings, feels sad if she is not understood, and cries when she is aggrieved.

many netizens shouted: do you want to play me like this?

looking back on these plays performed by Gao Ye, most of them act as green leaves.

but she has never complained or slackened her work. She treats the script with her heart without exception, giving every small role a soul, so that the audience can't get into the play.

Gao Ye once said this sentence on the stage of "getting off to a good start":

there are no small roles, only small actors. The difficulty of actors is to stick to their inner innocence in the years of waiting to resist the indifference of the world. "

over the years, Gaoye has achieved her persistence, but also in waiting again and again, ushered in the dawn that belongs to her.

the love of acting is the cognition of Gao Ye, as an actor, engraved in DNA.

recently, after "Sister-in-law" came out of the circle, Gao Ye was asked in an interview: which would you choose, a high salary or a good script?

as soon as the host's voice ended, she blurted out: good script, spiritual prosperity is more important, she has to be happy.

in order to create a good character, Gao Ye makes a lot of efforts behind his back.

in the 49 Day Festival, Gao Ye specially found a former vocal music teacher and asked for advice on how to sing traditional songs before shooting.

there was a scene of being caught in the rain, and the winter in Nanjing was so cold that the tall leaves in cheongsam could not take any measures to keep warm, so they had to shoot in the cold wind. When the director shouted "Card," she was already frozen stiff.

but Gao Ye did not cry bitterness, let alone shed a teardrop, and she adhered to the belief that she would dedicate the best performance to the audience.

Gao Ye's dedication and dedication let the director see that she is a potential stock and once again invited her to play Zhang Shoufang, sister of "Young Marshal" Zhang Xueliang.

when you get a ticket to a good script, Gao Ye naturally wants to seize the opportunity.

but Zhang Shoufang is from the north, and Gao Ye is a typical woman in southern Anhui.With a slim figure.

in order to be more appropriate in appearance, she deliberately gained 20 jin to make herself look stronger; in character, she also changed the tenderness of a southern girl and transformed herself into an authentic northeast girl.

soon after "Shaoshuai" was killed, Gao Ye took part in the filming of "the Story of Muyun on the Sea of Kyushu".

this time she was the female leader of the tribe, but at that time, women were mainly thin.

Gao Ye once again lost 20 jin in a short time in order to fit the character's image.

when she is a leader, there is no need to play, and she also finds a place early to learn to ride and shoot, insists on going to battle in person, and refuses a stand-in.

even for a few seconds of the lens, willing to be covered by cold water in the cold winter season.

in one of the most impressive snow scenes, Gao Ye was tied to a tree for a whole day, too cold to distort his knees, and was finally carried down by the director on a stretcher.

when filming Border Wind and Cloud in 2012, Gao Ye was almost suffocated by cling film in order to better play his role.

at that time, in order to give the director more material, she decided to challenge her limits and wanted to hold on a little longer, but she almost lost her life.

it is agreed to do tentative movements with hands before shooting, but people are easy to get nervous in the limit, and Gao Ye gestures crazily with his feet.

fortunately, it was finally discovered in time, and Gao Ye was safe and sound after rescue.

but it is Gao Ye who has this kind of professionalism and takes every character seriously, so that many green leaves have become classic characters with a touch of gorgeous colors.

what Gao Ye wants to be consistent is to get a good screenplay and a good role, and then present it perfectly through the acting skills honed over the years.

in the face of internal entertainment vying for places, she prefers to act in a down-to-earth manner.

what actors should tear most is their place in the hearts of the audience, not on the poster.

only by handing in an excellent report card for the audience and yourself, this is the most successful place as an actor.

ever since he was a small character, he has never been well-known until now, and Gao Ye has finally come to an end.

in the play, she is a sexy beauty and glamorous queen, playing a crazy group of women, but in real life, she takes off her rich makeup and looks very friendly.

so directors, no matter what type of role, please feel free to hit Gao Ye! There's nothing wrong with choosing her!

of course, Gao Ye never conceals her ambition. In the interview, Gao Ye volunteered that she hoped the director could see herself, and that she would not let the audience down.

Our cute homecoming dresses are made to unsettle even the casual looker. Available now are silhouette and variety of styles.

when asked whether she wanted to be red or to win a prize, she thought it was complementary. Only when she is red can she have a chance to win a prize.

being popular means that she has more rights and opportunities to choose, which is a step further from her goal of being a "movie queen" when she was still a student at Nortel a few years ago.

on Gao Ye's birthday last year, there were three big words written on the cake sent by her agent: take the film queen.

this year, I successfully finished the circle with "Sister-in-law", and all the little luck that I have lacked for many years has finally been injected into this show.

just as Gao Ye was picked up in the valley, and the discerning eye thought that she was the agent of gold, Gao Ye was only briefly buried.

and gold will always shine, and as long as it is found, its value will be realized.

Today's Gao Ye Shou makes the clouds open to see the moon, and it's time for a good hit.

, I hope Gao Ye will get the female script early and stand on the podium behind the film!