Zhang Songwen lived alone for 14 years, "farmyard" was exposed, full of waste, fallen leaves: originally, this is your true face …...
Zhang Songwen lived alone for 14 years, "farmyard" was exposed, full of waste, fallen leaves: originally, this is your true face …...
The world is so noisy, there is another place to let the body and mind rest, very good.

read Zhang Songwen's "Farm House"

to understand why countless people envy his life

after the broadcast of "Storm", Zhang Songwen became a complete hit.

when filming, he was rigorous, serious and professional.

people can't help but wonder: what does he look like in life?

recently, photos of Zhang Songwen's rented farmyard in Beijing have been released.

my feeling after seeing it is:

away from the hustle and bustle of the city, warm and cozy, there is a feeling of "picking wild flowers by the fence and inadvertently seeing Nanshan".

No wonder his friends once described him as "as light as a chrysanthemum".

it really fits perfectly.

this farmhouse is in Shunyi, Beijing.

Shunyi belongs to the sixth Ring Road of Beijing, which can be said to be rather remote.

but it was only when Zhang Songwen saw this that he rented it.

and the rent is more than ten years.

first, because house prices are too high in other places, and second, because it allows Zhang Songwen to "be himself".

it is said that life is like a play and a play is like life.

especially actors, once they are involved in a role, it is sometimes difficult to pull out of it.

with bright lights and sophisticated human feelings, it is easy to lose yourself.

and this allows him to bid farewell to the troubles of the outside world and concentrate on being "Zhang Songwen".

although the house is rented, Zhang Songwen takes great pains.

in his spare time, he will find ways to take care of his own yard.

plant a fruit tree today, repair the fence tomorrow, and plant some flowers the day after tomorrow.

A lot of decorations and furnishings in the yard are made by him out of waste, which is not interesting.

in order to make the yard more alive, he also raised several birds.

there is really some implication of "the sound of cicadas in the courtyard during the day, people are tired and lazy to shake the fan".

he himself is very satisfied with the courtyard:

"although this bungalow is simple, it is very comfortable for me to clean up. The garden is full of flowers and plants planted by me, and my friends also like to come to our house."

the most grounded actor

is a famous actor, Zhang Songwen has never put on airs.

the neighbors don't even know that he is a "celebrity".

people often give each other melons and fruits, chat and so on.

as Lao she said:

"how economical it is to find butterflies by relying on mangosteen and grass jasmine at the root of the wall!"

the variety is not important, it is the fragrance of flowers in the yard that matters.

because he is too grounded, Zhang Songwen and the vendors around him have also become "friends".

when the owner of the flower stall has something to do, he will watch the stall and sell flowers for others.

sometimes, I go to the kitchen of the fried chicken restaurant to learn fried chicken steak with the boss.

one day, the wife of the fried chicken shop owner saw him on TV and looked shocked.

then the next day the boss asked him in a skeptical tone: can you be an actor like this?

this sentence made Zhang Songwen laugh and cry.

think about it. I usually don't shave and walk all over the street wearing slippers.

No one would have thought that the "scruffy uncle" turned out to be a famous actor.

however, Zhang Songwen enjoys this sense of free life.

when people become popular, looking back on these ordinary days, they will feel more precious.

so this small courtyard has become Zhang Songwen's spiritual sustenance in a sense.

every time he finishes his work, he "hides" in the yard and steals his life for half a day.

in spring, the flowers in the yard bloom with each other, eating tea cakes in a fragrance, watching the pre-court flowers blossom all over the sky.

in summer, the flowers in the yard are at their most delicate and beautiful, with all colors, just like an oil painting with thick ink and heavy color.

in autumn, the courtyard is deep, and some flowers are "crushed into mud and dust", but the red leaves are lush outside the window, and autumn chrysanthemums are edible.

the weather gets cooler, watching the fallen leaves falling sparsely, then leaning lazily against a corner of the courtyard and sleeping soundly.

in winter, the withered vines in the garden put up feebly on the eaves, but they also add some elegance and serenity to life.

sit in the yard and make tea around the stove with friends, chatting at home, leisurely and warm.

although this small farmhouse is not big, it can accommodate spring, summer, autumn and winter, and is full of worldly experience.

every friend who came to his house said it was a "yearning life".

in the busy gap, in the breathing room, some people can drink tea and chat together, some people can talk to each other, there are emotions to vent, there is joy to share …...

isn't this the greatest joy in life!

act seriously and keep a low profile

many people like teacher Zhang Songwen to act, the main reason is "what he acts like".

especially the control of details, sometimes makes the director applaud.

in the Hidden Corner, he plays a father who has just lost his daughter.

once, he went to a wonton restaurant where he often went to eat alone, and the boss made a family of three at once as usual.

ZhangIn the face of these three wontons, the eulogy buried his head and ate the bowl in front of him.

at this time, the table suddenly shook unevenly, which suddenly broke his last peace of mind.

A scene does not have a single line, but it can read the sadness of "a white-haired man gives a black-haired man" from the camera language.

in fact, the detail of table shaking was added by teacher Zhang Songwen himself.

he also considered how a father who lost his daughter could eat and sleep well, so he fasted for three days before filming the scene.

in 1921, he plays he Shuheng, a hero who died for the revolution.

in order to show that the character is exhausted, he rolls in the dirt, puts dirt under his fingernails and throws fallen leaves on him, just to make his character more real.

and the recent hot "raging".

in the Electric Fish case alone, Zhang Songwen put forward five details.

details 1:

"it is unrealistic to use such a big truck."

"use buns."

details 2:

"it's subjective to pat the cow for me."

"No one. The buffalo is quacking at me. "

"I only had an old cow who saw the scene."

details 3:

deliberately crumpled and soiled the picture.

details 4:

find and design reasonable electric fish equipment for Xu Lei's people.

"the front (electric fish equipment) is too small."

"in that case, since everyone has no doubt, why use such a big motor?"

"because people who really use electric fish don't use it this way. It's something with a small backpack. It's like a battery. "

details 5:

instruct the actor's posture after turning on the phone.

"people are in the water and begin to float."

"you can struggle. You can struggle to tremble. I won't be able to move soon. "

it is true that details determine success or failure.

it is because of this delicacy that Zhang Songwen has created one classic character after another.

seeing this, some people can't help but wonder:

how does he know so many things?

Art comes from life.

this is because he takes root in fireworks almost every day.

remember the fried chicken restaurant owner who questioned him that "you can be an actor"?

Dynamite in their sophistication, sexy mother of the bride dresses makes your ensemble royally glamorous. Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

Zhang Songwen once "played" him!

what does the play play?

doesn't it mean meeting, getting to know each other, falling in love, parting.

so he observes life and everyone around him every day.

like Gao Qiqiang in Storm, he was a fish seller at first.

one detail is that he used to wash his hands with water from the fish pond and dry them on his apron.

Huang Bo also said:

"the goal of a real actor's performance is to match the characters observed in life with the performance, and to approach reality through experience and observation."

observing the lives of characters is not only a part of acting learning, but also a basic skill that actors have to devote themselves to all their lives.

for example, Ni Dahong went to the countryside when he was young, drove a carriage, and could grow vegetables. He knew how to distinguish between weeds and leeks. He remembered the pain of soybean saplings in his hands, and thought that the farmers' posture of cutting wheat was very beautiful.

memories of rich life experiences are engraved in his mind and become performance material.

Why do many young actors act like nothing nowadays?

because their lives are more full of lights and wine, praise from fans, fine clothes and delicious food.

how can an actor who has no way to sink, keep a low profile and integrate into life create a plump role?

this is also the reason why Zhang Songwen is still guarding this "farmhouse" when he is obviously popular.

he should always remind himself that he will never forget his original ideals and aspirations.

now he still "picks up" the crew's clothes, still fiddles with flowers and plants, and still chats with neighbors without shaving.

of course, some people advised him that he should be nice to himself!

but what is good?

a big house? A fancy car? Or good wine and good food.

now too many people mistake simplicity for simplicity and splendor for richness.

if you take these as the standard of living, you will never be satisfied in your life.

on the contrary, if a person is no longer bound by desire and always sticks to a simple heart, then he can have a truly rich life.

just like for Zhang Songwen, a farmhouse is enough.

flowers make fences, poetic walls, smell the fragrance of a yard.

the world is so noisy, there is another place for body and mind to rest, very good.