Your level of thinking is the upper limit of your life.
Your level of thinking is the upper limit of your life.
Only when ​ upgrades its mode of thinking, can it be upgraded to fight monsters and break through layers.



Don't get rid of the thinking of beating workers, no matter how hard you try

recently, a

# two faces of migrant workers commuting to work #

are posted on popular search.

many people live a lively life, but they wilt as soon as they clock in to go to work.

just for a little salary, one day the monk rings the bell.

at this time, he always tells his own story.

in that year, Inamori's relationship with Mr. Foto entered a small factory that produced electric porcelain bottles.

who ever thought that as soon as he reported it, he knew that the enterprise was on the verge of bankruptcy. Colleagues complained a lot and left their jobs one after another.

but Kazuo Inamori did the opposite and vowed to be a partner with the enterprise.

he moved pots and pans into the laboratory without going home without eating or sleeping, and devoted himself to product innovation.

A year later, he developed a new material, magnesium olivine, which not only saved the enterprise, but also broadened the career path for himself.

psychologist Wu Zhihong told the story of an apple tree.

there was an apple tree, which bore 10 apples and 9 were picked. It felt very unfair, so it cut off its meridians and stopped growing.

the following year, it only bore five apples, but as a result, it was picked four, and it still had only one.

but the apple tree said happily: "Last year I only got 10%, this year I got 20%!"

in fact, the apple tree ignores an important fact:

if you continue to grow into a towering tree, the power that hinders its harvest will be so small that it will be ignored.

at the end of the story, Wu Zhihong asked everyone: are you a migrant worker who cut off his own meridians?

decide not to work hard when you feel unfair, but after a few years, you will find that you have already lost your passion and talent.

look at ourselves, commuting to and from work on time every day, just to win the full attendance award, and immersing ourselves in work just to show the leader.

if you do a little more work, you will feel that you have lost money, and if you get less money, you will be full of grievances.

the boss will contribute as much as he gives; if the boss doesn't pay more, he will lie down and fish.

this may seem shrewd, but it is as stupid as an apple tree cutting off its own meridians.

it is never work that restricts us, but our own blindness and short-sightedness.

exquisite selfish thinking is the root cause of failure

on a cold morning, the Zen master went door to door.

when he was walking through a park, an old woman cleaning garbage stopped him and forced some money on him.

the old man does not look rich, but he is kind-looking and healthy.

Kazuo Inamori said with emotion:

"if everyone has such altruism, fate will certainly change for the better.


at that time, Cao Dewang owed a lot of debt for doing business.

in order to pay his debts, he went to the construction site to build a reservoir, but after only a few days of work, the site caught fire and the whole line was shut down.

the workers competed to ask the person in charge for wages, while Cao Dewang just wanted to help the construction site tide over the difficulties.

he volunteered to repair the scooter, and he didn't look like a man at the end of the day.

it has been a few months since the leader remembered him, and other workers have long gone home with compensation for the Spring Festival.

however, Cao Dewang, who seems to have suffered a loss, picked up a "big bargain".

unit not only gave him three times as much compensation as others, but also helped him solve his business problems.

in fact, what we often call interpersonal communication is essentially a kind of value exchange.

if you are willing to hold an umbrella for others to cover the rain, others will be willing to pave roads and bridges for you.

if you only sweep the snow in front of the door, others will not care about the frost on your tiles.

have seen such a cartoon:

two horses tied to a rope, each with no grass to eat, can enjoy the delicacy if they choose to cooperate.

someone on Zhihu asked: what are the hidden rules in the adult world?

there is an answer that hits the nail on the head:

"what you do to others, others will do to you. This is the golden rule!"


you treat others as they do to you. This is the platinum rule!

when walking around the world, all altruism is essentially selfish.

the division means two defeats, and the combination means two sides. Rather than embarrass each other, it is better to make things happen to each other.

after all, if the narrow road meets, the co-survivor wins.

Prisoner's mind is the largest cage in the world

Inamori and her husband were born at a bad time, suffered a lot in childhood, and suffered frequent setbacks in adulthood.

Destiny chased and intercepted again and again, but he refused to accept fate and conceded defeat, firmly believing that he could make a way out.

at work, he pays attention to innovation and forces himself to keep thinking about developing new products.

in his study, he dabbled in a wide range of subjects and was never confined to one field.

in life, he dares to try, even if he takes a detour.

imagine how Kazuo Inamori would change his fate against heaven without this kind of open thinking.

in life, we are often trappedThe cocoon room in my heart.

in the face of injustice, accept it; when hit, bow to fate; when faced with challenges, rest on your laurels.

when the red light is on in thinking, there is no progress in action; when a siege is built in consciousness, it is difficult for a man to fly.

as the Black Swan says, "you are the only one standing in front of you."


you are your biggest obstacle if you don't get rid of the shackles of your mind.

Internal friction of thinking is breaking you

in the famous work Live method, Kazuo Inamori told an interesting story.

that year, his uncle suffered from tuberculosis and was isolated in a partial room, where he was taken care of by his father and brother.

but it turned out that both father and brother were fine. They had never come into contact with Uncle Kazuo Inamori and were infected with tuberculosis.

Kazuo Inamori was very unconvinced. After several months of illness, he went to consult the teacher.

the teacher asked him: what were you thinking before you got sick?

after thinking a little, Inamori said, "since my uncle fell ill, I worry every day about whether I will be infected."

I think, if you are infected, your studies will be suspended. How can you find a job in the future?

how can you get married if you can't find a job? If you accomplish nothing, will you become the laughingstock of everyone?

slowly, he could not eat well or sleep well, his physique declined, and he fell ill with tuberculosis.

when I grew up, remembering this past, Kazuo Inamori smiled and said, "it wasn't my uncle who gave me tuberculosis. It was my wishful thinking that brought patients."

in life, many people are tortured by internal friction thinking.

in the short film "do it first":

"the unemployed young man magnified the difficulty of finding a job; the restaurant owner worried about whether the business could continue, but to no avail.

later, when they realized that it was useless to think about it, the young man immediately picked up his cell phone and signed up as a ride-hailing driver, and the restaurant owner began to sell cheap vegetables.


it turned out that the same difficulty as the collapse of the sky disintegrated in the second of the beginning of action.

Don't we always think too much and do too little?

is it dissatisfied with my work that the leaders did not comment on their own achievements during the meeting?

during the lunch break, some of my colleagues whispered, were they talking about me?

if you don't get a bonus, what about the mortgage and car loan? What does my family think of me?

questions, like spider silk spit out by spiders, make people out of breath.

and when you cut off the spider silk with action, you realize that the worry hasn't happened at all.

as Carnegie said: "99% of the things you worry about won't happen."

what makes people tired is not the high mountain in the distance, but a grain of sand in the shoe.

the wisest way to be a man is to try to change what can be changed and think less about what you can't do.

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Kazuo Inamori put forward a famous formula: success = way of thinking X enthusiasm X ability.

if you want to succeed, enthusiasm and ability are indispensable, but the most important factor is thinking.

if you think right, you will get twice the result with half the effort; if you make the wrong choice, you will only work harder and fail.

I quite agree with this sentence:

"fate is the way a person looks at problems and does things, that's all, but they determine a person's life.


mind, is the commander of life, thinking, is the battle line of life.

upgrade the mode of thinking in order to get rid of monsters and break through layers.

then let's work together, with the help of Kazuo Inamori's life wisdom, to reorganize the cognitive system, and then meet the transformation of life.

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