Your "five values" determine your life pattern.
Your "five values" determine your life pattern.
The rest of my life is long, maybe, it's just the beginning.


A classical writer once said such a thing:

he has a high school classmate who is a doctor from Harvard Medical School.

one day his classmate told him very seriously: "either exercise more or save more money, you can live to be 100 years old."

this is not a joke between classmates.

in Life at 100, two professors from London Business School in the UK tell us the impact of longevity on all aspects from the perspective of economics and psychology, respectively.

Life is lengthened, and age is given a new definition and consideration.

in the future, in the BGM of centenarian life, everyone is faced with a redefinition of himself.

how to put aside anxiety and panic and live a new life pattern?

the answer is hidden in your five values.

Age concept:

each stage is a unique golden age

in Japan, such a habit has been spread:

all people who have reached the age of 100 are eligible for a silver sake bowl issued by the government as a sign of respect.

when the policy was implemented, there were only 153 centenarians in Japan, but nearly 30,000 sake bowls were issued in 2014, after which the Japanese government quietly banned the policy.

this situation does not happen only in Japan.

there is a 50% chance that our generation will live to be over 90.

not long ago, my 63-year-old mother saw the new age standard of online biography and excitedly told me that she was still a young man!

this standard says: 18 to 65 years old is young, 66 to 79 years old is middle age, and after 80 years old is old age.

this has aroused a heated discussion among people, and it has also become a joke for many people after dinner.

but with the advent of the era of longevity, maybe this is no longer a joke, but a true portrayal of centenarian life.

as the book says, the first thing to break in the era of longevity is the inherent view of age, to refresh cognition and reshape the concept of age.

in the past, we regarded "standing at thirty without perplexity" as the golden rule, but in the future, "standing at sixty" can be accepted by people, and "seventy without perplexity" will become possible.

in Okinawa, Japan, centenarians form the pop band KBG84, which only accepts audiences over the age of 80 on tour, and tickets are sold out every time.

A person's age view reflects his enthusiasm for the world and his attitude towards life.

Outlook on life:

how cool is a life that dares to reset?

the South Morning Post once reported such a news:

A 49-year-old freshman from Graduate School of Arts of Guangxi University.

her name is Yuan Mengyuan. Before that, she was a hostess at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

in order to accompany her son to study, she retired early. After working for many years, she chose to go back to college and receive an education.

such a reversal of life has been regarded as an example by us, but it will become common in centenarian life.

in the past, according to the life expectancy of 70-80 years old, our life model was divided into three stages: education, work, and retirement.

and if we are faced with a centenarian life, this three-stage model will no longer apply.

the stages of life will be disrupted and reorganized, and there is no longer a clear age boundary.

you can choose to start a business at the age of 50, or you can go back to school at the age of 60.

you can travel at the age of 70, or even at the age of 80, you can still choose to re-enter the workplace.

in the movie Intern, the 70-year-old Ben Wycott worked in a printed telephone company for more than 40 years and traveled around after retiring.

later, tired of retirement, he entered the workplace again and became an elderly intern.

the multi-stage life model makes N possibilities for the future.

embracing change and reinventing ourselves is the best posture we can make in the face of this era.

has the ability to clear zero at any time, but also has the courage to reset life, is the best way to live.

career outlook:

embrace change and start "slash Life"

my friend's father, who has been an accountant for half his life, has long lost his enthusiasm for work, and it seems no fun to finish the report every day mechanically.

the most tiring thing is that you have to cheer yourself up before going to work every day: if you stick to it for a few more years, when you get old, you will retire soon!

Harvard psychologist Alan Langer believes: "Aging is a concept that has been instilled."

in our inherent mode of thinking, to retire is to be old, and 80 years old is the countdown to life, but is this really the case?

this is not the case.

in the long career, we will face the transformation of various professions and the upgrading of professional skills.

the book predicts that every 5-10 years, our work will encounter a challenge.

once upon a time, a person could make a living as long as he knew how to get a haircut.

but now, he must also be required to be able to beautify and create an image in order to adapt to the development of the times.

French writer Zola said:

"the whole meaning of life lies in the endless exploration of what is not yet known, and in the constant addition of more knowledge.


in the future, "slash Life" will be standard in the era of longevity.

Financial View:

maintain the desire to make money, top the ability to make money

do you still remember the classic line in the sketch of the Spring Festival Gala?

the most painful thing in life is that people are alive and the money is gone.

in the era of centenarian life, whether the accumulation of wealth can support us to spend our twilight years gracefully will become a serious question.

Centennial Life predicts that aging will become more and more serious in 2050.

in Japan, for example, the ratio of the working population to the elderly is 10:7.

it is obvious that longer life expectancy requires us to have a better financial concept and plan to accumulate wealth and maintain dignity and dignity in our old age.

book, the author provides us with a solution:

on the one hand, we should understand our financial goals, on the other hand, we should improve our financial knowledge.

the desire to make money can be our internal driving force, making us always full of motivation and enthusiasm.

of course, with the internal drive, how to improve the ability to make money is particularly important.

in action, arm yourself with knowledge and exercise yourself with practice; in mentality, change negativity and quit Buddhism.

the decency of your old age is hidden in your efforts now.

Marriage concept:

the rest of my life is long, so not making do with it is the best attitude

in the ordinary World, Sun Lanhua, despite her father's opposition, married Wang Manyin, who did not do his proper job.

after marriage, Wang Manyin never changed his bad habits, wandered around, betrayed the orchid and brought a woman home.

Sun Orchid's love is a victim of deep-rooted traditional ideas.

the era of "marry a person for the rest of your life" is long gone. Divorce is not the failure of a marriage, but the end of a relationship.

because the rest of life becomes very long, and we are all unwilling to make do with it.

this life, we will meet a lot of people, perhaps half of life, we have to face the end of a relationship, 100 years old is approaching, we can also pursue new happiness.

there is no such thing as getting married when you are old, and not being too old to get divorced.

Marriage is like a fish drinking water, cold and warm, knowing that you will take it, and it will take care of you.

in the movie "the leftover is King", the father's marriage to his daughter, there is such a monologue:

I'd rather you don't marry than have a make-do marriage. Life is too long for you to scribble with someone for the rest of your life.

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in the centenarian era, the rest of life is very long, do not make do with it, is the best attitude.

Age is only the time scale of life, and your "five values" can help you live out your own life pattern.

Don't panic about age, every stage can be your golden age, and don't worry about the future, because the rest of your life is so long that it's not too late.

as long as you are full of heart and work hard, no matter what age you are, you have the courage and courage to create infinite possibilities in life.

, the rest of my life is long, maybe it's just the beginning.