Young people prefer dopamine, but middle-aged people don't understand endorphins.
Young people prefer dopamine, but middle-aged people don't understand endorphins.
From now on, choose endorphins and live a more meaningful life.




Shepherds in the northwest usually carry a piece of salt in their hands.

Salt is a necessity for herbivores.

the shepherd knew that as long as he had this piece of salt in his hand, he could tempt the sheep so that they would never run.

Salt is the magic weapon of shepherds.

in our lives, there are too many things, like this piece of salt, let people sink and bind them.

playing a game, browsing a short video and watching a TV show can make you feel good in an instant.

but after a long time, you will fall into a state of confusion and emptiness.

in fact, behind these addictive behaviors is a human hormone, dopamine.

it can make us feel happy effortlessly, and it can also pull us to sink.

the real long-term happiness comes from endorphins.

it requires us to overcome our will and experience pain in order to enjoy practical pleasure.

there is a saying: "teenagers prefer dopamine and middle-aged people do not understand endorphins."

the more you experience, the more you understand:

Real happiness is not the lower pastime controlled by dopamine, but the higher pleasure brought by endorphins.

some scientists have done such an experiment:

attach electrodes to the brain of mice and let the mice pedal discharge.

with each step, the electrode stimulates the pleasure center in the mouse's brain.

results the mice trampled hundreds of times per minute and finally died of exhaustion.

if a person's desires can be infinitely satisfied, he will, like a mouse, endlessly pursue more exciting pleasures.

just like in reality, many people smoke, starting with one pack a day, then two packs a day, and finally even smoking two cigarettes together.

some people eat dessert once in a while at first, then once a day, and finally once a meal.

if you want to be happy all the time, you have to constantly increase the level of stimulation.

under the stimulation of this repetition, the body becomes numb to the pleasure of dopamine.

so you need more pleasure to meet your needs.

this cycle will lead to loose thinking, neurasthenia, uncontrollable symptoms, and so on.

normal brain (left) and addictive brain (right)


@ Chen Chunlin

told the story of my cousin.

my cousin has been a learning genius in the eyes of the people around him since he was a child.

he has a quick mind and a good memory. My cousin always solves problems that others can't handle easily.

in the year of the college entrance examination, my cousin scored 703 and was successfully admitted to Peking University.

it turns out that after entering the university, my cousin was infatuated with games occasionally.

at first I was just playing on my mobile phone, but then I became more and more fascinated, so I went out for a night package.

he spends all his living expenses on games, and even eats and drinks in Internet cafes. He is almost crazy.

the beloved son of heaven, who was once the envy of everyone, was eventually dropped out of school and had to muddle through at home.

Let your ideals and aspirations disappear in comfort again and again;

Let the self-discipline and freedom you yearn for wear away in the pleasure over and over again.

A sign of a person's failure is to choose to paralyze himself with lower comfort and short-term pleasure.


@ Li Xiaoyi

once went on a business trip to Yibin.

that night, a colleague took her out for midnight snacks.

she also wanted to eat at that time, but hesitated for a long time and finally refused:

if I were 20 years old, I would go together. But I'm 43 years old, and I have to be in good shape by self-discipline.

I understand that I must chase endorphins instead of dopamine.

dopamine is easy to obtain.

A cup of milk tea, a late night, a game. A little indulgence is enough.

but these will only destroy your figure, damage your health and wear away your willpower day by day, and finally you have to accept the fact that others hang you everywhere.

it seems difficult to obtain endorphins.

it requires you to get rid of junk and happiness and do a good job with a dedicated spirit. This process may be a little painful at first, but if you stick to it, you can become a very different person.

Zhihu respondent

@ Tang Baoer

used to work as a temp in a communications company.

there is no social security or bonus, but the work is simple and there is no stress on a daily basis.

on weekdays, most of my colleagues are shopping on Taobao, chatting about QQ, playing Wechat, watching movies and chatting without any special skills.

In search of an middle school homecoming dresses to showcase your elegance and charm? Just take these selections into consideration.

but she spent all her time studying, not only getting certificates such as intermediate engineer, internal auditor of ISO quality management system, but also accounting certificate.

later, when the original company went bankrupt, many colleagues who dawdled along and had no skills were fired.

she chose to resign directlyBy virtue of his skills, he joined an excellent enterprise with an annual income of hundreds of thousands.

the road to success is not crowded, because most people choose comfort early.

as Tang Baoer said:

play games and browse your cell phone? It's true that these things can give people short-term pleasure, but then what?

what can you learn after playing? What can be left behind? Will you regret it?

looking back on the days when I tried my best to do textual research, although it was hard, I lived a very full life.

the pleasure of achieving the goal after this effort is unmatched by anything else.

mediocre people run away from pain, while fierce people enjoy it.

it doesn't seem to make much difference every day whether we restrain or indulge, whether we work hard or lazily, whether we struggle or put it to pieces.

but time will always tell us.

when one year, five years, ten years go by, you will find that if you choose different happiness, you will gain a completely different life.

dopamine makes you happy for a while, but endorphins make you happy for a lifetime.

everyone aspires to be an endorphin pursuer.

but there is still a big gap between "speaking" and "doing".

in fact, if you can remember these three sentences, you will be able to meet a better self in a gradual and orderly manner.

when you can't let go, remind yourself more

in such an era of instant gratification, we are surrounded by all kinds of pleasures.

if you want to browse video, just turn on your phone.

if you want to eat takeout, just click on the takeout platform.

if you want to play a game, just click on the game icon.

too much software is inducing you to indulge in nipple music, and human inertia will also lead you to indulge in low-level entertainment.

so we have to understand:

the most terrible thing is not the "junk happiness" brought by dopamine, but the only "junk happiness" in your life.

that is, instead of rejecting dopamine across the board, you try to involve endorphins in your life.

you can browse videos, eat takeout, or even play games.

but you should also remind yourself at the right time, put down your phone and set aside time to read, study and exercise.

learn to choose and control, increase the probability of the emergence of endorphins, life is bound to take on a new look.

when you don't want to move, take another step forward

when you really don't want to go to the gym, when you feel drowsy reading, when you're ready to procrastinate again.

because as long as you take one more step forward, you can really taste the pain.

and this pain will lead you to another level of life.

Yamamoto Yoji said: "to be a free and self-disciplined person, you must live seriously by determination."

do not procrastinate, do not wait, do not escape, can embark on the road of pursuing endorphins.

when you can't handle it, hold on

whenever I was about to stop, the PE teacher would yell, "sprint for another 10 seconds!"

so I will really grit my teeth and hold on for another 10 seconds.

if you don't stick to everything, you won't get any real benefits.

the acquisition of endorphins sometimes only requires you to hold on for a while and then hold on for a while.

as long as you get through the most difficult times, you will meet a more confident self.

some people say that there are two glasses of water that must be drunk in life, one is bitter water and the other is sweet water, which no one can avoid.

the difference is that the order of drinking sweet water and bitter water is different.

some people drink sweet water first, then bitter water, while others drink bitter water first and then sweet water.

choosing dopamine is like choosing a sweet and bitter life.

when you are young, you will be happy, but when you are old, you will fall into a state of poverty and loneliness.

choosing endorphins is like choosing a life that is bitter before sweet.

even though you are suffering right now, you can finally taste the sweetness of life as long as you go through the trials for a while.

, from now on, choose endorphins and live a more meaningful life.

Night Leyla, source


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