You are not doing well because you are too idle.
You are not doing well because you are too idle.
Busy time orderly, leisure time fun, is the best state of life.

A zoologist once did an experiment:

put wild turtles and tigers in the zoo from childhood and feed them three meals a day.

there is no predator invasion, no worry about survival, animals eat and sleep every day, and live lazily.

however, their lifespan is greatly shortened.

sometimes, living too idle is not necessarily a blessing, perhaps brewing a kind of misfortune.

Gibran has a saying: "the desire for comfort kills the passion of the soul."

occasional relaxation is a reward for your efforts, while continuous relaxation is a disappointment to your life.

Life is short, don't let yourself be too idle.

too idle, easy to emotional internal friction

someone once did an experiment called "the Law of tickling":

obviously do not feel itchy, but because idle boring, nothing to scratch, the result will be more and more itchy.

this is the case. If you are idle too much, you will ask for trouble.

some time ago, netizens

@ afra

complain about his troubles on Weibo.

it is common for her environmental design department to stay up late to draw pictures and work overtime to make models.

she thought, take a rest. After all, the work is hard.

at first, she enjoyed this day very much, with people cooking and making money, and she was happy and at ease.

but a few months later, more and more trivialities upset her.

once upon a time, my mother-in-law had nothing to chat at home, often boasting that her sister-in-law was diligent and sensible and didn't worry about anything.

but now the more I listen to it, the more uncomfortable I feel, as if it is aimed at myself.

remembering the time when I went to work, I was in a hurry to cook, and I was content to feed my stomach. Now the food is a little less delicious, the heart will be unhappy, feeling that my mother-in-law snubbed herself and felt aggrieved.

sometimes when her husband doesn't reply to the message in time, she makes wild guesses, and if she comes home later, she can't help getting angry.

two days ago, the doctor advised her to have a reexamination, which made her even more nervous. She wondered what went wrong and couldn't sleep all night.

people who are too idle, even the slightest touch, will be entangled and uneasy and ferment wantonly in their minds.

if you go on like this, you will get caught up in emotional internal friction, not only against others, but also with yourself.

as Cai Gentan said, "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it."

if you are idle for too long, you will be delusional; if you are idle, you will take trifles seriously.

in many cases, the root of the pain is not the event itself, but the emotional internal friction caused by the event.

once people are busy, they don't have much time to deal with complex emotions.

have something to do, have something to look forward to, have something to rely on, live a fresh life, who cares about those stupid things.

too idle, it is easy to neglect oneself

there is a topic on Zhihu: how on earth does a person get rid of it step by step?

highly praised answer is:

"the quickest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle, idle all the time."

being too idle is like a chronic poison that makes people lose their enthusiasm for life unconsciously.

Maishan once told his story:

he brought his mother, who had worked hard all her life, to the city, and specially hired a babysitter to serve her well.

Mother ate and slept and had nothing to do all day, so she stood on the balcony and looked around every day.

looking forward to watching my son go to work, and then watching him return from work.

before long, the mother talked less and the person was weak.

went to the hospital for examination, but there was nothing wrong with it.

one day, the babysitter asked for a week's leave, and Maishan became worried.

Mother says it's all right, so don't worry about going to work.

when he got off work in the evening, he hurried home, only to see that his mother had laid out the meal and waited for him to come back.

the mother felt that she was able to take care of her son again, she was still useful, she was in a better and better mood, and the whole person became refreshed.

A machine will rust if it does not operate for a long time, and so will people. If they have nothing to do all day, their physical functions will gradually deteriorate.

as the saying goes, "if water stops for a hundred days, people will get sick for a hundred days."

too idle, it is easy to make people doubt and deny themselves, and then lose the ability to perceive the value of life.

at the age of 93, Mr. Fang Cheng, a cartoonist, still has a quick mind and insists on typing biographies on a computer every day.

many people asked him how to maintain his health, and he wrote a limerick: "Life has always been very common. I paint and write articles by bike, and my health depends on one word 'busy'."

both the brain and the body follow the principle of using it. The more active the body is, the more energetic the mind is.

Don't be too idle in the second half of life

Heiko Takamoto was once called the "goddess of immortality".

Why not die? Her answer shocked the world even more: "because I don't have time!"

Hengzi's initial dream was to become a painter or writer. Later, she came into contact with photography and gradually sank.Obsessed with it.

as a result, she became the first female photographer of the Japan Photography Association.

when she reached middle age, she suffered an unemployment crisis, but she didn't think so.

from studying fashion design to flower design and jewelry design, she has been trying to make herself better.

at the age of 71, she returned to photography and started a photography exhibition.

the first thing Hengzi did in the morning in his later years was to do gymnastics while watching TV.

then she began to browse the news and cut out the parts she was interested in.

she will write down the material, as well as the English conversations and phrases she has just learned.

she never allows herself to be lazy. Hengzi has been obsessed with what she loves all her life.

Hengzi said proudly, "the best way to cherish life is to burn it incisively and vividly and keep messing about what you like."

being busy is not only a kind of efficiency, but also a state of life, which makes people feel full and happy.

there was a Zen master who devoted all his life to lecturing, reciting and translating sutras, and also devoted himself to writing and painting, day after day.

in his later years, the Zen master was in high spirits and looked as good as he did in that year.

someone asked the Zen master, "Why don't you grow old?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "I have something to do every day, so how can I have time to grow old?"

people who do nothing all day long will only waste their energy and life without a set goal and direction in mind.

if you live a busy and fulfilling life and don't have time to experience negative emotions, you won't get older, you'll just get better.

Don't slack off at any time, but follow your heart and live according to the rhythm you like.

the second half of life, cherish the present, do not float impatiently, not in a hurry, live every day seriously, and take every step in a down-to-earth manner.

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Liang Shiqiu once said, "be free, be busy, and be busy. Only in this way can you be like a person."

I think so.

busy is a release of life, leisure is a kind of repair of life.

not only enrich yourself in busyness, but also nourish yourself in leisure.

No matter whether you are rich or not, don't let yourself be too idle.

Life should have a sense of rhythm, relax, do something, and cultivate your mind with nothing to do.

Reading, making money, working, keeping one's body and mind, the world is vast, and there are many different ways and choices in life.

the best state of life is that it is orderly when you are busy and interesting when you are free.

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