Yang Jiang's six most classic sentences have reached countless people.
Yang Jiang's six most classic sentences have reached countless people.
Don't be rash, don't be disappointed, because time will give you the answer.

there is a woman who is now known and known by everyone.

she holds several positions and is a famous literary critic, dramatist and translator.

people in cultural circles say that Qian Zhongshu has a "wife fetish" because Qian Zhongshu highly praised her as "the best wife and the most talented woman."

she is Yang Jiang.

some people say:

"when I read Mr. Yang Jiang's words, I can always be deeply impressed by her wisdom.

enjoy listening to philosophers tell stories of the past, not deliberately sensational, but always moving people. "

her words are sometimes like a cup of good tea, which make people taste it over and over again and have endless aftertaste.

sometimes it is like a sharp blade, making people cut through difficulties and not be afraid of the distance.

these six sentences of Mr. Yang Jiang contain the wisdom of life, which is worth savoring carefully.

Love is not blind, it is understanding. The deeper the understanding, the better the feeling.

Yang Jiang's original family is very enlightened, while the Qian family is a traditional family.

different growth backgrounds make it hard for Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu to get used to it.

on the day of the wedding, the Yang family did not have so many elaborate etiquette, but the money family had to kowtow countless times and kneel and worship.

Yang Jiang took an understanding attitude towards this difference, believing that it was only a ritual and that there was no need to worry about it.

Qian Zhongshu is good at learning, but he knows nothing about life.

he can't tie a bow, his left and right feet are often confused, and he grabs chopsticks like a child.

when Yang Jiang was in hospital to give birth, Qian Zhongshu broke the landlord's lamp, knocked over the ink and soiled the tablecloth.

in the face of these troubles, Yang Jiang said, "it doesn't matter", and Qian Zhongshu also tried her best to take good care of Yang Jiang.

having never cooked, he learned to make rice cakes and stews to nourish Yang Jiangzi in the hospital and visit the hospital four times a day.

Yang Jiang likes to get up late, so Qian Zhongshu gets up early for decades and prepares breakfast for her.

what is the best love?

someone gave the answer: the best love, there is no hunting and possession, only appreciation and acceptance.

accept the real each other, can see each other's strengths, but also can accept each other's weaknesses.

accept those shortcomings and differences calmly, understand each other and support each other.

you spilled the tea. I'll wipe it off with a dishcloth.

I have a very busy task recently, so help me take care of my family.

Mutual appreciation is the preservative of love, and mutual acceptance is the preservative of love.

at first I pretended to be strong, then I became really strong.

when Yang Jiang was in primary school, she started out at Dawangmiao Primary School near her home in Suzhou.

Dawangmiao Primary School is converted from a temple hall, with more than 80 children crowded together, the learning effect can be imagined.

but the advantage is that Yang Jiang does not have to leave her parents.

later, Yang Jiang had the opportunity to go to Shanghai's famous Qiming Girls' School, but her parents were reluctant to give up, but they still gave her the right to choose.

eight-and-a-half-year-old Yang Jiang knows that to choose to go to Shanghai is to leave her parents' arms.

she sat on the bed in the dark night, holding herself and crying.

Yang Jiang is not willing to leave her parents who love her deeply, and she is reluctant to lose the opportunity to attend a good school because she loves reading.

after crying bitterly, there will be a choice.

when she was young and young, she made a decision to go to Qiming to study!

Mom repeatedly confirmed with her:

"have you made up your mind?"

she nodded firmly in tears: "it's done."

very often, when we are faced with an unknown thing, or an unfamiliar environment, we always hesitate and don't know what to do.

you can be tough and push yourself, and you will find that there is a hole in your life.

until one day you find yourself indestructible, you will understand:

everything is always difficult at the beginning.

but pretend you can, and you can!

A person's provenance is a major event in a lifetime, and it is up to him to choose.

Yang Jiang was 16 years old in Suzhou Zhenhua Girls' Middle School, and the school chose her to take to the streets to do publicity.

when Yang Jiang thought of her low-key character, she wanted to ask her father to decline politely on the grounds that "the family disagreed."

who knows, my father sternly refused and told Yang Jiang to take care of her own affairs and not to use him as a shield.

he also told Yang Jiang about his actions against his will caused by the flattery of his subordinates at work, and he immediately published a newspaper to clarify.

her father's words made Yang Jiang learn to face difficulties. She went to the school alone and plucked up the courage to express her refusal to the school leader.

it is normal for people to encounter difficulties all their lives.

it is an instinct to ask for help from others when you encounter problems, but it is an ability to face them bravely and solve difficulties and troubles skillfully.

otherwise, when difficulties come, they want to avoid them with the help of others, and they can only become giant babies who can't cope with the wind and rain.

rely on the mountains to fall, rely on everyone to run.

whether one's life is good or not depends on the ability to think independently and the ability to solve problems independently.

you need to be responsible for your own life.

when you are no longer dependent on others and can solve problems on your own, you are the strong one in life.

people can be condensed into a stone, lurking to the bottom, so that time runs through the body like water. I only know that I am in the water, not aware of the current.

Yang Jiang decided to learn Spanish again in order to translate Don Quixote well.

although she was 48 years old at that time, it was very difficult to learn a new language.

but she insists on it every day, non-stop, and has been able to read more difficult articles for three years.

she chose the most authoritative version of Don Quixote edited by Ma Lin, academician of the Royal Academy of Spain, to begin translation.

she encountered great changes in her life during her translation, and the road to translation was tortuous and winding.

but she did not stop writing, but overcame many difficulties and translated the excellent works recognized by the readers.

Don't rush, don't be disappointed, because time will give you the answer.

there is no limit to life, but there is no limit to what is wonderful.

if a man can see that he is deceiving himself, he will be honest and will not protect himself.

in 1938, Yang Jiang returned from studying in Britain.

the former alma mater Zhenhua Middle School was to be rebuilt, and the old headmaster admired Yang Jiang, so he offered her a generous offer to serve as headmaster.

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because of the kindness of the old headmaster, Yang Jiang reluctantly accepted and promised to serve only half a year.

half a year later, the old headmaster asked to stay again and again, but she firmly resigned as headmaster.

others are confused:

"how come you don't want this job if other people can't get the job after all their efforts?"

Yang Jiang explains:

"I know that I am not the material for management. Although the position of headmaster is good, I can only mistake others and myself if I continue to do it for a long time."

she knows that what she likes best is literature, and what she is not good at is management.

the most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

the human feelings of the world are unpredictable, and only if we know enough about ourselves, we will not be fettered by foreign affairs.

the biggest task in a man's life is to know himself.

if you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will become your own dignitaries.

only by knowing yourself can we kick off the stumbling block of life and walk the world calmly.

everyone has a particularly difficult time, so don't be afraid. When the sun rises and the moon sets, there is always dawn.

in 1966, Yang Jiang suffered a great gap in her life

was sent to clean the toilet.

others scoff, but she thinks she can finally serve others.

the toilet was filthy, so she made her own tools and brought cleaning agent to clean up the mottled porcelain pits, hand-washing pots, and doors and windows.

after cleaning up the toilet so that it doesn't smell bad, she sits inside to read copied poems and take a break.

Yang Jiang said there are too many benefits of cleaning toilets.

Life is impermanent, we can't choose what happens in the next moment, but we can choose what kind of mentality to face it with.

negatives see crises in opportunities, and positives see opportunities in crises.

people with a good state of mind will have sunshine everywhere; those with a poor state of mind will have shadows everywhere.

some people sigh:

"Mr. Yang Jiang is at peace with the world all his life, indifferent to fame and wealth, and his heart is quiet, noble and rich."

she has lived to the highest level in her life that most people can't reach.

she devoted herself to learning all her life, leaving a large number of classical quotations to enlighten millions of people.

she explores inward all her life, strictly demands herself and moves forward firmly according to her inner thoughts.

she does a good job of being herself all her life, illuminating herself and others with her own light.

tens of thousands of people heal themselves from Mr. Yang Jiang's wisdom in life, penetrate confusion and live a sober life.

as Yang Jiang said:

"there is no simple happiness in the world. Happiness is always mixed with troubles and worries, and there is no eternity in the world."

impermanence is the norm of life. May you and I, like Mr. Yang Jiang, become a bright, elegant, calm and calm person!