Wu Jing collapsed in the middle of the night, shocked the whole net: alas, he is gone, what a pity …...
Wu Jing collapsed in the middle of the night, shocked the whole net: alas, he is gone, what a pity …...
Do not want the hero to grow old, do not want to give up the once brilliant Chinese kung fu movies!


how many heroes come to admire you


how many magical stories spread you everywhere


when the war song sounded, the Shaolin Temple, which was once popular in the north and south of the river, came to mind again.

Chueh-yuan, the Bodhisattva-hearted Master Tan Zong, and the villain Wang Renze and Condor, who are hated by people.

40 years later, the Shaolin Temple is still a classic painted by countless people, but those who shape the classics have quietly left.

some time ago, Wu Jing wrote a sad article in memory of teacher Yu Hai in the middle of the night, which surprised many people at the bad news of teacher Hai's sudden death.

the former master of Tanzong, a generation of martial arts masters, did not survive this cold winter after all.

I was surprised to find that the kung fu actors who amazed countless people in "Shaolin Temple" had already gone away one after another.

A generation of grandmasters

many people know Yu Hai because of his wonderful performance in movies and TV dramas.

but in fact, Yu Hai was a martial arts instructor before he became an actor.

at the age of 12, Lin Jingshan, the famous descendant of seven-star mantis boxing, became a teacher and devoted himself to the study of authentic mantis boxing and Chinese martial arts.

once led a Chinese martial arts delegation to travel around the world to promote Chinese martial arts and was respected by people.

such a master-level martial arts expert, who did not care about Vanity Fair, accidentally entered the entertainment industry because Chinese kung fu movies needed such talents at that time.

Zhang Xinyan, the director of Shaolin Temple at that time, knew full well that if he wanted to make this film well, he must find someone with real kung fu, so he found Yu Hai.

Yu Hai's wonderful play in the film is obvious to all.

with this martial arts, Yu Hai beat people all over the play at that time.

and Wu Jing filmed "Kung Fu Kid in Love". There was a scene in which Yu Hai fought with world-class boxing champion Zhou Billy.

as fast as the wind and as heavy as a hammer, Zhou Billy's feet are so strong that they can kick people away.

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the fight between the two must be needle-to-point, and some of them are interesting.

at that time, Wu Jing was still wearing protective gear, but neither Yu Hai nor Zhou Billy took it to heart.

only played a round, when the director asked to shoot again, the two silently put on protective gear.

but think about how wonderful the fight is.

Yu Rongguang also lamented in the interview, "you must be a trainer before you can stand beside teacher Hai, otherwise you will suddenly lie there and have a rest."

in addition to his excellent kung fu, Yu Hai's deepest impression in the audience is that he performed all over the master.

Master Tan Zong in Shaolin Temple, Gouquan Master in Japanese Ranger, Taijiquan Master in Kung Fu Kid, Master of Taijiquan in Tongtian Elder.

A sentence: "meat and wine pass through the intestines, but the Buddha keeps it in his heart."

now it is mentioned, it is still talked about with great interest.

being a teacher in the play, Yu Hai, who is outside the play, is a generation of master in everyone's mind.

when filming "Shaolin Temple", Yu Hai not only contributed a wonderful play, but also was a martial arts director of "Shaolin Temple".

"Shaolin Temple" fire, young Jet Li became a kung fu star.

the moves are clean and sharp, and the punches are swift and powerful.

his attainments in the play are deeply taught by Master Tan Zong, and outside the play, he benefits from the guidance of teacher Hai.

Analysis of mantis boxing in Yu Hai:

to move like lightning, every move is naturally powerful, bounce back naturally with a bang.

this powerful trick, which is like running water, is not only Yu Hai's understanding of Mantis, but also a requirement for people to learn this martial arts.

later, Yu Hai gradually faded out of the entertainment industry.

he devoted himself to his own mantis boxing training base, taught the authentic mantis boxing, carried forward Chinese martial arts and handed down the classics from generation to generation.

now, his figure has stopped in the film world, but his love and spirit of martial arts has remained in the hearts of countless people and has never disappeared.

villains are also heroes

remember the Master Tan Zong in Shaolin Temple, and few people can forget the ferocious "Condor" in it.

in the Shaolin Temple, the "eagle's claws" used by vultures are fierce and shady, and when they fight, they always press and kill them step by step.

once became the shadow of a generation's childhood, but also let people remember this shameless Ji Chunhua.

maybe you don't know Ji Chunhua's name, but almost everyone has seen this villain's face.

because of this villain face, who is destined not to be the protagonist, he plays one villain after another.

in Fang Shiyu, he is the villain of a shameless traitor, Yu Zhenhai, and finally he fights with Fang Shiyu for nearly 10 minutes, and he is thrilling to see it every time.

in The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, he is Duan Yanqing, who is full of evil. after losing both hands and feet and beyond recognition, he is paranoid and ruthless in his heart. he wants to take revenge on all those who hurt him and take back everything.

but when he learned that Duan Yu was his own son, tears appeared on his cold face, and the heart of the viewer was very sour.

in the Formula of Liancheng, he is an old man with a blood knife who does everything evil. In the five ancestors of New Shaolin, he betrays his fellow Ma Ninger, and in Red Sorghum, he is a bald gun who burns and grabs.

all of these on-screen villains are hated and replaced by others.In the middle, even can not be pulled away.

because it is not the appearance of "bad", every character brings a soul.

but shaping these roles comes at a price.

the first thing to bear the brunt is injury.

there are always people who say, why is everyone missing the martial arts drama now? Respect for former martial arts actors?

that's because at that time, no matter how dangerous they were, they played in person and shot them with real weapons.

even if you know that you will get hurt and it will hurt if you are beaten, you can only carry it on your head.

especially the villains who are destined to be beaten.

Ji Chunhua's seemingly ferocious face received 20 or 30 stitches;

being kicked into a pit during shooting, I was injured accidentally, and I lost consciousness all over my body. I hurt my spine and almost became paralyzed.

until later, the elbows and hand joints still hurt every day.

the injuries all over his body are not only the price of Ji Chunhua in order to show a good role, but also his determination to play each role with his heart.

returning from the role to reality, Ji Chunhua is seldom given preferential treatment because of this face.

is often mistaken for a bad person and even taken away by the police.

Ji Chunhua said:

"many people who do not communicate with me always think that I am the one in the play, but in fact life is life and acting is acting."

external skin cannot determine the hearts of the people after all.

Ji Chunhua, who has a "bad face", is not a villain, but is extremely gentle and kind in private.

once Ji Chunhua said:

"strive to fight until you are 60 or 70 years old, and when you can't fight, cut the movie into a documentary to reflect on your life."

it's a pity that things didn't work out. Ji Chunhua died of illness on July 11, 2018 at the age of 57.

the "villain" who was once hated by everyone left with regret before he had a good aftertaste of this colorful life.

the knight-errant dream in my heart

We watch kung fu movies to see the moves and strength, to see the strength of these kung fu wives in hand-to-hand combat, and to feel the outpouring of blood in them.

often ignores the spirit of exploring martial arts.

in Shaolin Temple, in addition to the ferocious vulture, the vivid villain is naturally indispensable to Yu Chenghui's great villain Wang Renze.

although Wang Ren, portrayed by Yu Chenghui, is cruel, ruthless and abhorrent.

but the good sword dancing in the film is particularly eye-catching and not enjoyable to watch.

Yu Chenghui's love of swordsmanship stems from his childhood when he liked to listen to critical books.

and the chivalrous way in Pingshu ignited his love of martial arts.

so at the age of 12, I entered Qingdao Amateur Sports School to study martial arts and had a special preference for swordsmanship.

once participated in the martial arts competition with "drunken Sword" and won the championship.

also conceived the sword technique of praying mantis through the forest, and wrote a poem "Wu Jian" for this purpose.

in fact, this swordsmanship was created in the middle of the night.

at that time, lightning and thunder, wind and rain, and bad weather made everything tremble.

at this time, Yu Chenghui saw a mantis undaunted by the wind and rain, waving its clawed wings against the sky, shaking Yu Chenghui with powerful strength and action.

so Yu Chenghui was deeply inspired and inspired to create the long-lost two-handed sword.

at that time, Director Zhang Xinyan invited Yu Chenghui to participate in Shaolin Temple, but Yu Chenghui did not agree.

because Yu Chenghui is full of love for martial arts, he has no intention to dabble in other fields at all.

however, later, Zhang Xinyan followed the example of San Gu Maolu and invited many times, which led to the classic play between Li Jueyuan and Wang Renze in the Shaolin Temple.

let people see the real fight, elegant and powerful two-handed sword.

later, Yu Chenghui also starred in some kung fu films, including "Yellow River Hero" Ma Yi, "The Smiling、Proud Wanderer" Huashan ancestral style, "traces of Japanese pirates" first master Qiu Dongyue, "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre" Zhang Sanfeng.

Yu Chenghui entered the film and television circle, the biggest reason is still the love of martial arts.

he enjoys the process of becoming an actor and participating in martial arts design, not the fame of the film and television circle.

Yu Chenghui said: "Wushu is my way of life, self-cultivation, family unity, governing the country and pacifying the world."

Wushu to him is not a profession, not a hobby, but an integral part of life.

and achieve the attainments of the unity of man and sword in swordsmanship.

because for Chenghui, "martial arts is a lyric means."

he endowed martial arts with soul and emotion, holding swords with both hands, one move, one style, and being in harmony with the body.

the courage and peace of chivalry in martial arts novels is not only his most important martial arts morality, but also his adherence to martial arts feelings.

maybe it is the inner self-cultivation. Yu Chenghui always has the temperament of immortal chivalry, just like the virtuous man in the novel.

it is a pity that Yu Chenghui, who was 76 in 2015, has passed away.

Liu Xiao Ling Tong lamented, "the departure of martial arts masters is not only a loss to the film and television industry, but also a loss to the martial arts world."

these old artists left one by one.

the golden age of Chinese kung fu movies will not come again.

the fighting and inspiring chivalry in martial arts novels are no longer concrete.

suddenly I miss being in the sea so fast.Ear mantis boxing, Ji Chunhua ferocious eagle claw boxing, Yu Chenghui elegant and powerful two-handed sword.

I just thought that I would never see them call us again. I really didn't want to give up.

is just as reluctant to give up heroes to grow old and the once brilliant Chinese kung fu movies to die.

only say to these heroes, have a good trip!