Why do I suggest you uninstall these APP?
Why do I suggest you uninstall these APP?
While it is convenient to live, it also seems to make us worse.




someone on the Internet once asked, "who knows you best in the world?"

one highly liked answer was: "Mobile phone."

if you think about it, it is true.

every day, from opening our eyes to falling asleep, mobile phones spend more than half of our time with us.

from access to information, to entertainment, from sharing everyday to dealing with work, we seem to rely more and more on mobile phones.

however, while it is convenient to live, it also seems to make us worse.

We fall into the information cocoon room unconsciously, become data workers quietly, and are even more out of touch with real life in silence.

to change our lives, we seem to need to start by uninstalling the APP that drags us down in silence.

low-level happiness will drag you down

what is the source of your daily happiness?

to most people, it seems to be watching a show or watching a funny video with a mobile phone after work.

in , the day goes by like this.

but as the years go by.

you will find that you have nothing but some jokes and conversation materials.

you used to aim high and disappear in the mediocre day after day;

the self-discipline you want is gradually dissipated by the procrastination of low happiness;

even your friends and relatives are getting farther and farther away because of your self-idleness.

Xu Zhiyuan once said sadly in his conversation with Ma Dong:

"We are living in a vulgar era of entertainment, and ubiquitous variety shows are killing our thinking."

at that time, many people criticized Xu Zhiyuan for having a kind of scholar's homesickness, always giving out a kind of boring gossip in the ivory tower.

but when we jump out of the context of our own defense of love.

back to real life, we will find that everything is becoming traceable:

"this is an era of entertainment to death, and what really destroys us is exactly what we love very much."

when we indulge in the lower pleasures of sensory stimulation.

you will find that the time you can concentrate on thinking is getting shorter and shorter, and the things you can do your best are getting less and less.

when we are used to the vulgar pleasures of fragmented consumption.

will find that when we dream back in the middle of the night, what passes through the starry sky of our thoughts is not a meteor of human civilization, but a well-designed barrage.

Don't get caught up in the myth of technological progress again and again, because it's a prelude to getting you into a mobile phone whirlpool.

Don't let yourself fall into the whirlpool of your mobile phone

have you ever wondered why you can't put your phone down?

as long as you pick up your cell phone, you seem to have entered the black hole of time, and you can't jump out.

maybe this is because you have fallen into the "information cocoon room" of the algorithm.

our seemingly ordinary actions, such as staying, giving likes, collecting, commenting and retweeting, are all self-contained and become the basis for big data to push the next message for you.

therefore, we often roam in the bubble of our "love", unable to pierce it, and even think that the approval around us is the whole world.

however, this can cause your cognitive bias.

makes it impossible for you to have an objective understanding of the world.

what is even more frightening is that every move you make on the Internet will be exploited by the platform.

especially, chasing star girls.

these seemingly voluntary things will be harvested by the platform as data and traffic.

everyone is also unwittingly reduced to a "data worker".

while wasting his time and emotions, he is contributing his energy and data.

is exploited or not.

because we always think we can do better in this "alternative gratification" over and over again.

but when we return to real life, we always feel "lonely" that we are unable to achieve our goals.

Shirley Kotter calls this phenomenon "group loneliness".

that is, in the age of social media, although the way we build relationships with others becomes easier, in real life, we become more autistic.

so don't just hide behind the screen and make yourself a slave to your mobile phone.

but to learn to come out, to perceive the real world, to feel the real life.

change your life, start by developing small habits

Haizi said, "when you come to earth, you should see the sun and walk in the street with your sweetheart."

indeed, in this life, people should go to see flowers, grass, rivers and seas, and snow-capped mountains.

you should feel, think, approach, and experience.

if you want to make your life fuller, maybe you should start by developing small habits.

read deeply

the best way to keep your mind deep is to keep reading deeply.

because, when you read:

you can communicate your life with the world's best philosophers, you can discuss stories with the world's best writers, and you can communicate your experiences with the world's best historians.

in systematic reading,In thinking, we can learn to look at the world dialectically, and we can know others in an inclusive way.

keep moving

instead of dedicating your time to your mobile phone, spend your time on sports.

establishing the habit of exercise can not only keep you healthy, but also make you feel happy, and even make you think quickly.

Haruki Murakami improved his physique and even found a new creative direction through long-distance running.

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so, in the new year, you might as well set up a sports flag for yourself.

whether it is running or jumping exercises, make yourself as energetic and energetic as possible.

establish a hobby

Goethe once said, "where there is no interest, there is no memory."

indeed, the change of life begins with the establishment of hobbies.

wouldn't it be beautiful if you could find what your heart wants in this vast world? Isn't it wonderful?

whether it's musical instrument or dance, whether it's writing or painting.

as long as you can make yourself feel immersed, this is the way to build a deep link with the world.

so, no matter how boring it is, you must find fun in life for yourself.

make friends with heart

Einstein once said:

"the best thing in the world is to have a few friends who are honest in mind and heart."

indeed, friends are the best way for us to perceive the temperature of the world.

if possible, please make friends with the world with your heart.

to build your own circle of friends with sincerity, kindness and integrity, and to touch your own beautiful, pure and interesting circle of friends.

in this way, you can have something to rely on when you are down, and you can have something to deposit when you climb high.

Dickens said, "this is the best of times, this is the worst of times."

and everything good or bad depends on how we do it.

if you can use your mobile phone to explore the world, of course you should be grateful.

but if you are always kidnapped by your cell phone, you might as well try to get rid of the shackles and try to explore a more sincere life.

, may you not be held back by science and technology and be willing to live your life freely.

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