Whether the child is smart or not depends on what he says.
Whether the child is smart or not depends on what he says.
It is the happiest and most unrepentant thing for every parent to accompany their children to grow up.
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every parent wants his or her child to be smart and intelligent.

but children are not necessarily born smart, if children want to be smart, acquired cultivation is also very important. In fact, it depends on whether the child is smart or not, you can know from what he says.

Smart kids will have their own ideas, the following three performances of the children are very smart, oh, take a look at your children?


xa0 often says," I think "

Children have their own ideas. Whenever adults are discussing things, many children will listen carefully and actively want to speak out their inner thoughts after adults have finished talking.

sometimes it's funny and silly, making adults feel confused and make us laugh, but children are naive and say what they have.

even if it can't solve the problem very well, it shows that the child is really thinking and wants to participate in the parents' discussion.

when they grow up, they often have their own understanding of right and wrong, good and evil, and have a certain plan and vision for their own life goals.

these children are smart, think and express. Parents must listen carefully and listen to the inner voice of their children.


so often ask why the child is smart, he is eager to acquire new knowledge , if you don't understand what you want to know, you will find the answer yourself and ask, think and explore in the way of questions. This is a sign of wisdom.

children who often ask "why" not only love life and observe carefully, but also are more willing to learn , which helps to cultivate children's creativity and imagination and to be a person with ideas.


often say," is this all right? "

in life, there are often some children who go to other people's houses and see the snacks on the table, clamoring desperately to take them without the owner's consent. What's more, when they see things they like, they sneak them into their own pockets and bring them home.

the act of taking other people's things without permission is undesirable and makes people think that the child is really rude and unpopular.

and often ask adults for advice, like "Mom, can I do this?" Children with such words will be more likely to be liked by their parents if they have their own attitude and know how to ask.

in addition, asking parents' opinions also shows that children respect their parents and want recognition. If you do the right thing and want to be praised, on the contrary, you hope your parents will give you correct guidance. Parents must remember, oh

parents should imperceptibly educate their good children and promote their growth.

accompany their children to grow up attentively, which is the happiest and most regret-free thing for every parent. Let's cheer on!


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