When you reach middle age, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be sought after by people, but they are actually annoying.
When you reach middle age, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be sought after by people, but they are actually annoying.
Life will not be gorgeous because of high profile, but it will be full because of introversion.

as the saying goes, "Water is low for the sea, man is king; heaven is crazy with rain, man is crazy with disaster."

that's exactly what it is to be human and do things.

the more arrogant and rampant he is, the more likely he is to cause trouble; the more aggressive he is, the more easily he will break.

people have vanity, and when they are satisfied with their wishes, they are more high-profile than usual, which is understandable.

if you are afraid, you are afraid. In the flattery of others, you lose your eyes and lose your heart.

Heart blindness is worse than blindness.

the circle of friends goes deep into the social relationship between you and me, and it is difficult for everyone to give up.

record life, record good, do not show off these three things, light to make people laugh at, serious to attract disaster.

after all, some people are sincere, others are hypocritical.

through the coat of the Internet, no one can see through it.

Don't show off your happiness

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A story told

when Xiaoding was working part-time in college, he knew a girl. Four years passed in a flash in the girl's smile.

the girl married Xiaoding, and the girl Xiaobai has a good family and extraordinary temperament.

Xiaoding's family is poor and he has a good wife, which is enviable.

parents don't have much culture, so they show off to everyone. They boast that their daughter-in-law is smart and filial, and that they can marry their family. I don't know how many lifetimes they have been blessed.

the following year, a pair of twins were born.

the whole family is brimming with happiness. when the dragon and Phoenix are full of babies, Xiaoding's parents widely send out invitations and entertain guests for three days.

I don't know when to start, and rumors spread that the dragon and Phoenix twins were not born to Xiaoding, and the older they grew, the less alike they were.

at first, Xiaoding didn't take it seriously. Later, gradually became suspicious.

on one occasion, Xiaoding found Xiaobai sneaking out after returning to his hometown, hiding it from himself and didn't know what to do.

the more you think about it, the more wrong it is. Xiaoding quietly took his son to do the appraisal, and the result came out like a bolt from the blue, not his own.

the two were at loggerheads over this, and Xiaobai committed suicide many times in depression, and within a few years, he went crazy.

Xiaoding goes out to work and never comes back all the year round.

Xiaobai slipped out the door, was hit by a car, and finally died in a car accident.

when the family cleaned up the affairs of Xiaobai, they found another appraisal certificate that the children were all their own.

the truth finally came out that Xiaoding's childhood was a prank made up out of jealousy.

the ending is very sad.

it is difficult to judge how evil the human heart is.

Don't show off your happiness. There are many people around you who can't see you well.

showing off will give you short-term happiness and satisfaction, but showing off will also bury the trouble in silence.

because of jealousy, it can change people beyond recognition.

you can't know what kind of evil intentions will be hidden by the people who praise you or even praise you in your moments.

to show off happiness is to show others what you value most. Once someone wants to destroy it, it will bring you endless pain.

understand that happiness is an inner feeling, not external vanity.

Don't show off your wealth

Liu Yong said:

"everyone has the problem of showing off, and when you are showing off, it is also the moment when your weakness is revealed."

the more a person shows off, the more he cares.

how much money do online celebrity live broadcasts make?

the rainbow couple on Douyin gave the answer.

originally, Rainbow couples first posted on Douyin about the daily routine of parenting.

from pregnancy to the birth of the child, it is also mostly related videos and usually funny.

until once the two reviewed the transformation of the past decade and got the platform traffic dividend for the first time and got out of control.

in the video, Rainbow claims to be of rural origin, her father is a truck driver, her mother is a foot washer, she is low achiever, not beautiful but good at singing and dancing, and chased down high achiever's husband.

before the age of 30, he earned one million a year and gave birth to three children.

and the team began to broadcast live. After buying the big flat floor, they bought the villa without blinking an eye.

pick up the whole family to live together and support the family.

the family enjoyed themselves in the big villa.

counterattack in the early stage, no matter how you look at it, it is very inspirational.

in the later stage, it feels a little different.

apart from talking about daily life, it is more about showing off how rich you are and how good your house and career are now after you work hard.

then, Rainbow sent itself to Weibo hot search, but also to the tip of the storm.

this time, "out of the circle", the situation is a little out of control, the rainbow couple is obviously unexpected.

it is perfectly normal to show off one's wealth to attract envy and envy.

therefore, it is not uncommon to set yourself on fire and bring about disasters.

there is a saying in Daojing:

"if the house is full of gold and jade, you can keep it; if you are rich and proud, you will take the blame."

No matter how much money is, it is difficult to keep it; when you are rich, you will be conceited and complacent, which will naturally leave you with misfortune.

I am not afraid that the family will have tens of thousands of wealth, but that people will be proud of things.

Wealth is not exposed, it is wisdom to deal with the world; modesty and low-key, it is fundamental for human beings.

Wealth, a double-edged sword, is used properly to benefit others and self-interest; once there is a deviation, it will only harm others and harm themselves.

Don't show off your achievements

Li Xian said at the "complaint meeting":

"it's boring to compete with yourself, and it's even more boring to compete with the world. Let go of some of the more false things in your heart. Only if you get better and better can you be really happy."

the most difficult thing in life is to let go, especially those who have made certain achievements.

I have heard friends tell stories about experts who become rich in their hometown:

Lao Li went to work in the south in his early years, then sold clothes and made some money.

driving a luxury car back to my hometown, the house was renovated, new squares and roads were built for the villagers, street lamps were installed, and greening was done again.

for many years, I have been donating money and things for my hometown.

is very high-profile, showing off his abilities and achievements everywhere.

, the company ran into a crisis.

Lao Li is bankrupt, his wife is divorced, and his son refuses to go back to his hometown.

he went back to his hometown alone.

I thought he would be silent, but after years of traveling north and south, Lao Li still has experience. He often talks to his old brothers about his past achievements and how capable he is.

the old brothers encouraged him to contract the fish pond and make a fortune with them.

under the heat of his head, Lao Li agreed, feeling that with his own ability, there was no lack of opportunity.

Lao Li took the lead in getting a sum of money. he had a good face, claimed his private money and contracted 300 mu of fish ponds.

Long for proper old fashioned wedding dresses and shine with heavenly beauty ? Our collections are versatile enough to suit any figure.

apart from eating and drinking with Lao Li, the old brothers can do nothing at all.

on the wine table, someone suddenly had a stroke, his mouth was crooked and his eyes were tilted, and Lao Li was misappropriated a sum of money.

the house leaked and it rained all night. That year Greater Cold, the fish contracted another disease. Within a few days, almost all of them died.

Lao Li, who is heavily in debt, really wants to jump into the cold fish pond to end the rest of his life.

in life, there are always such people who boast that they have made some achievements and that they do not know the greatness of heaven and earth if they have some achievements.

blowing and blowing, I took it for granted.

show off, forget who you are.

people can't always live in their past achievements and be complacent.

No matter how brilliant it is, it will eventually be blown away by the rain and the wind.

as the old saying goes, "A hero does not mention his courage."

the most important thing in life is to recognize the present, not to indulge in the past and not to fear the future.

as the old saying goes, "if the wood is better than the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent; if you walk higher than man, the public will not do it."

not showing off happiness, happy but silent, is a kind of open-minded;

not showing off wealth, being rich without arrogance is a kind of wisdom;

does not show off its achievements and is wise without boasting.

Yi Shu once said: "if you are not confident enough, you will continue to prove to others how good you are."

people with poor spirits like to show off everywhere, while people with rich hearts care more about their own feelings.

there is a saying that life will not be gorgeous because of high profile, but it will be full because of introversion.

, may you hide your words in your mouth, hide your ingenuity in your clumsiness, abandon ostentatious and ostentatious, and truly live your life.

Live philosophy, pursue the freedom of the mind and enjoy the happiness of wisdom. The original title: "Don't show off this in your moments. It looks like it has a lot of face, but it's actually very cheap." One star

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