When the Shanghai aunt was reported to have four apartments, the neighbor was confused when she opened the door: you are really miserable.
When the Shanghai aunt was reported to have four apartments, the neighbor was confused when she opened the door: you are really miserable.
The real hardship is a kind of self-control, self-control and the ability to think deeply.


on Zhihu, I read the self-report of a girl and was surprised and speechless.

it's about her ex-boyfriend's parents.

I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend for several years, and at one point I got to the point of talking about marriage. As a result, I got along with each other's parents for a period of time, and I had a big head.

feel just a few things.

toilet event

the lid of the toilet tank is gone and the toilet seat is gone. It doesn't matter. Things have been used for a long time.

but the problem is that even if you don't let it be changed, you won't be willing to fix it.

I couldn't sit on the ceramic bottom, so the old couple stepped on it and squatted to make do with it.

as a result, once the old lady squatted and slipped, fell into the toilet, broke her tail vertebra, and was cut all over with blood by the smashed toilet.

Medical expenses cost more than 10,000, and I don't know how many new toilets I can buy.

later, the toilet had to be changed, but free public toilets were built in the neighborhood.

the old couple changed to free again-this time to save water.

as a result, in the middle of the winter, the Don ran out in a hurry, and another foot slipped on the frozen steps, breaking his wrists and calves.

more than 20,000 yuan was sent to the hospital, and I don't know how many years I can pay for water.

Water purifier event

this time, he not only suffered for himself, but also let the neighbors have bad luck.

Don didn't know where to get an eliminated water purifier and was reluctant to pay 200 yuan for the master's door-to-door installation fee, so he found a relative who didn't know how to install it.

as a result, the couple were not at home for a few days, the unconnected pipe fell off and the water leaked alive for two days, soaking the neighbors' house downstairs.

saved 200 yuan, but lost 20,000 yuan.

there are many similar things.

according to the author, the ex-boyfriend's parents are both retired teachers, which is not short of this money, but he is used to saving and even messing with himself.

he had a hard time himself. A big young man was as thin as a monkey.

this is the story of an anonymous author. Of course, there is no way to verify the authenticity of the story, but in reality, many people have committed such confusion.

because of past experience, many older people are reluctant to live a good life even if their living conditions are much better now.

so there are two characteristics:

in my life, I am always used to eating "rotten pears";

when it comes to children's education, they are always keen to "tear umbrellas".


an old lady bought a basket of pears. For fear of waste, she chose the rotten one to eat first.

but it was too hot, and the next day some pears were rotten again, and she continued to eat only rotten pears.

Day 3, Day 4. It's all like this, keep the good ones, eat the bad ones, and eat the bad ones.

in the end, I didn't eat a good basket of pears and had a bad stomach.

it is said that it is for frugality, but as a result, it saves the least money and suffers the most expensive punishment.

A friend once shared a "fear when I think about it".

I picked up my parents for a while. When I came home from work, my mother cooked all the meals.

as a result, the sliced meat soup smelled wrong and was a little sour.

Mother Daxiang said it was all right, but she made the vinegar meat on purpose.

A friend thinks, "No, why should vinegar be used for good meat?"

after questioning, my mother had to admit that the meat in the refrigerator was a little spoiled and smelly, so she was reluctant to throw it away, so she added some vinegar to cover up the taste and complained about how it was discovered.

my friend almost didn't hold down the fire, but there was no ambiguity, otherwise I'm afraid all five of us would have to go to the hospital.

look at what netizens say about the operations of their elders, many of them are wild and funny.

an old man of his age sweeps out a cigarette.

No one at home smokes. In order not to waste it, I ordered it and finished it.

I also saw an aunt in Shanghai on the news. Mudu owns four apartments and the couple have a monthly pension of 28,000 plus rent.

but if you are not willing to buy food, clothing and use, you have to pick up garbage.

picked up a nest of centipede mice in the house, the house and the body smelled, the daughter dared not bring her grandson, and the neighbors were so miserable that they had to call the police.

many of the older generation are so frugal that they seem to be abusing themselves in disguise.

although it is sad to see them endure the hardships that are not worth suffering and waste the blessings that should be enjoyed most, can children not be angry?

Let's talk about tearing up umbrellas.

began as a joke: "because you have been in the rain, you have to tear up other people's umbrellas."

but many parents are really like this: because they have suffered, they believe that only those children who are honed by hardship can become talents.

"if you suffer from hardship, you will be a superior man."

"you can't enjoy too much happiness at a young age, and the flowers in the greenhouse are useless."

"people used to eat bark, but your generation is in such a good condition."

just look at the comments on the post-90s and post-00s generation, and we can see that they have never escaped being called the "beat generation".

in an interview with Dong Mingzhu, he said that his son once came home half an hour late from school.

asked what was going on, the son said he only took an ordinary bus with 1 yuan, but all the people who came that day were air-conditioned cars with 2 yuan, so he kept waiting.I waited for half an hour.

Dong Mingzhu was gratified and felt that her son knew how to economize and bear hardships.

but. I always feel weird.

with this half hour, is it more valuable to read books and learn to do sports?

for 1 yuan, is it not necessary?

under the sea homecoming dresses are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. We have a huge range of styles and cuts to choose from.

but many parents are keen on this kind of unnecessary hardship, which is called experience.

A girl once told me a story.

at 03:00, her father would occasionally bring dinner to school to see her, and every time he would take her out of the cafeteria to eat.

in the summer, sitting outside is to feed mosquitoes. She has a leg bag and wants to go back to the room with fans.

I didn't expect Dad to be angry:

"I always want to stay in a comfortable place. I don't have a fan every time in the future. What should I do when I don't have it?"

"but there is now."

of course she didn't say the last word back.

many children are afraid to say so.

most of them are named

@ A Ying

are the same:

when I was a child, my father always stuffed frozen meat in the refrigerator. He didn't eat it and ate leftovers every time.

there is an air conditioner on dog days, so we should invite him to drink hot tea, saying that sweating can relieve summer heat.

until he himself reached middle age, one day he saw that he was using a toothbrush whose hair was about to fall off, and suddenly found that he had been forced into no way out by learning from his father for so many years.

not only lost the desire to live a better life, but also did not become what my father called "a successful career", but still worked hard in the hardest jobs.

this is not to create value in suffering, but to create suffering for nothing.

it's not education, it's messing with people.

there is an old saying, "bitter

be afraid ", so many people misunderstand hardship a little too deeply.

starvation, cold and heat, waste of energy, physical suffering, this is not called suffering, it is called poverty.

you are more able to bear strain, bones and hunger than others, but at best you are more likely to be poor than others.

for example, a man goes shopping.

take a look at the supermarket at the gate of the community. It's 3.51 yuan per jin, which is expensive.

take several stops by bus to another big supermarket, which is more expensive, four yuan.

I changed shops by car again. I finally found three yuan a jin and went home happily.

save 50 cents, it seems to make a living.

but is life better? It's the cost of the trip, the strength and the morning.

people's attention is limited, you are exhausted by meaningless hardship, where do you have the energy to do more meaningful things and create more value?

agree with Luo Zhenyu:

"in our affluent society today, the nature of suffering has become the ability to focus on one thing for a long time."

We have to bear hardships, but not necessarily on the flesh.

but for a goal, to give up ineffective social interaction, to give up mindless entertainment, and to be able to stay focused under any temptation.

is that no matter how far the road is, we can endure loneliness, survive time, and adhere to the bitterness of long-term doctrine day after day.

is to do the most ordinary work, but also can study attentively, not perfunctory errands, everything to achieve the extreme bitterness.

what's more, no matter how the environment changes, he can still be strict with himself and always suffer from self-discipline.

these are the sufferings that many people would rather be poor than suffer.

the suffering of life will be paralyzed by fatigue, diverted by entertainment, muddle along, and finally get used to it.

this is called passivation.

and the suffering of brainpower, concentration, loneliness and self-discipline will really make you strong.

this is sharpening.

the real hardship is not eating bran and pharynx vegetables, eating tea and sleeping thorns, starving and working hard, staying up late to catch the cold.

but to resist temptation, loneliness, doubt, concentration, study, self-discipline and move forward.

is a kind of self-control, self-control and the ability to think deeply.

Life is already very difficult, so stop messing about yourself for nothing.

it is better to haggle over meaningful things, rather than regard worthless hardships as noble.

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