When people are at a low ebb, they practice themselves.
When people are at a low ebb, they practice themselves.
When you get through the day of heavy mountains and rivers, it is the time when the willow is dark and the flowers are bright.



I have read such a sentence: "from the beginning of life, enter the peak; life falls, fall into the trough."

Life is like peaks and valleys, there are complacency when standing high, but also scars when they fall to the bottom.

when we are at a low ebb, we are inevitably lost, depressed, and eager for someone to help us.

at this time, the most important thing is to learn to cultivate yourself.

only through practice can we make the best of our hardships and get better and better.

cultivate your mindset

read a story:

two people look out the window at the same time.

when one sees the stars all over the sky, he feels that life is good; when one sees the muddy ground, he feels that life is very hard.

A few years later, the person who saw the stars created a good life of his own, while the other person was still in a daze.

as the saying goes, things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

people with a good state of mind have something to look forward to even if they are in a difficult situation; on the contrary, people with a bad state of mind are getting more and more confused.

in the TV series "Great Rivers", Song Yunhui, who was from a poor family when he was a child, was admitted to Anyun University with unremitting efforts.

but after graduation, he was assigned to the hardest workshop in Jinzhou Chemical Plant, doing the work of ordinary employees.

in the face of the bad situation, instead of complaining and complaining about his bad life like others, Song Yunhui devoted himself to his work.

in the end, with solid technology, Song Yunhui was reused by his superiors, promoted to a higher and higher position, and became a popular figure in the factory.

Yu Shanqing, who also graduated from college, took the opposite path from Song Yunhui.

when he met Song Yunhui, Yu Shanqing complained to him, saying that as a college student, he was very aggrieved to do such dirty work.

famous writer Spencer Johnson said: "when a person chooses a good state of mind, it means that he is about to leave the trough of life."

most of the time, we are defeated not by the trough of life, but by a bad state of mind.

during the trough of the workplace, the more you complain, the more likely you are to lose the opportunity for promotion and salary increase.

during the trough of life, the more pessimistic it is, the easier it is to extinguish the glimmer of hope.

mindset can not control the overall situation, but it can control the turn of things.

the lower the trough, the more you cultivate the mind and get a good state of mind, then life will be in a good state.

practice emotion

when people are at a low ebb, some negative emotions will inevitably come to mind, and those who are out of control tend to do impulsive things.

I saw such a piece of news before that a woman was extremely unstable because she was scolded by her family because of the great pressure of life.

in a fit of anger, she dropped a kitchen knife from the fifth floor and nearly hit the foot of the pedestrian holding the baby.

A woman who has been punished is full of remorse, but it is already too late.

writer Huffland said: "of all the adverse effects in the world, the most likely to lead to success is often excessive emotion."

people who can't control their emotions will eventually pay for their emotions.

Gu Zi, the holy ghost, was proficient in a hundred schools of learning, but he was not favored by the world at that time, so he lived in seclusion in the mountains.

when he was in the doldrums, Gui Guzi not only was not depressed, but also cultivated a calm mind, silent teaching, and trained a lot of disciples who were born out of nowhere.

it is precisely because of this that Guiguzi began to become famous in later generations, and his sentence "do not get angry in the face of adversity" has inspired countless people in adversity.

when the trough, a lot of things are not going well, in the face of a bad situation, the mood will inevitably be low.

however, the lower the trough, the more you need to manage your emotions.

it is an instinct to get angry when something happens, but to be calm is a kind of self-help in a bad situation.

Life is not always plain sailing, in the trough, the mood will be adjusted to silent mode, quietly take care of themselves, control emotions, can become a great deal.

practice ability

Lao said, "Ziyun:

I will not try, so art.


means that Confucius' disciple, Lao, said that Confucius had told him that he had learned more skills because he had not been used.

during the trough, the stronger one's ability to practice, the more likely he is to get out of the trough.

Fan Deng, a famous scholar, once shared his own experience in a program.

in 2011, Fan Deng, after graduating as a graduate student, joined the TV station as a planner and host.

at that time, the industry was in the doldrums, and the programs planned by many people on the station were not recognized, and Fan Deng was no exception.

for a time, he didn't have any programs to do, and he didn't know where his life was going, and his career was at a low ebb.

in the face of the ensuing problems of low wages, high rents and great pressure, Fan Deng deeply felt willing but powerless.

, Fan Deng made a decision: since he can't do anything, he should study hard and sink.Immerse yourself in learning and promotion.

he spent a year reading various versions of the Analects of Confucius, and his abilities in all aspects have been greatly improved in the course of practice.

slowly, Fan Deng was not only affirmed by his superiors, but also his quality of life improved.

recalling this experience, Fan Deng said:

"when people are at a low ebb, it is better to calm down and study hard. It's time for you to prepare yourself, and it's time for you to accumulate energy. "

when you are at a low ebb, it is better to work silently than to wait for death.

to cultivate our ability and constantly increase our bargaining chips is the accelerator for us to get out of the trough.

when our ability is strong enough, we can go from valley bottom to valley peak smoothly.

practice patience

in the plant kingdom, the growth process of bamboo is very special.

when it was still a bamboo bud, it grew extremely slowly, growing only 3 centimeters in four years.

from the fifth year, bamboo broke through the ground and grew at a rate of 30 centimeters a day, growing to 15 meters in just six weeks.

the boldness of bamboo is inseparable from its continuous rooting for four years.

the same is true of life.

when the trough is low, do not rush for success, patiently take root, and survive the time when no one is interested, it is possible to break out of the ground.

the writer Chen Zhong also published a lot of works when he wrote his famous work Bai Lu Yuan, but compared with the writers of the same period, his works are hardly well-known.

in the not-so-favored stage, Chen Zhong was determined to produce a big work.

therefore, in order to write a good work, Chen Zhongshi spent two years preparing, conducting field trips in many places, and collecting relevant materials.

in 1988, Chen Zhong settled his family, moved to the countryside alone from the city, and began to devote himself to his creation.

the first draft, which was originally expected to be completed in one year, was completed in eight months in the countryside.

in the following more than three years, Chen Zhongzhong constantly polished, revised and deleted the manuscript.

work was published, it was widely praised and won the fourth Mao Dun Literature Award in China.

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I like the sentence very much: "keep your patience, and surprises will come out slowly."

getting out of the trough depends not on temporary efforts, but on perseverance.

can endure loneliness and accept a long flowering period in order to usher in the moment of blooming.

there is a saying: "Heaven does not cross people, only people do it on their own."

the trough is a hard practice. In this monastery, the most important thing is to cultivate yourself.

cultivate your mentality inward and outward, deeply rooted and patiently dormant.

the way up is difficult, but every step will not be in vain.

when you get through the day of heavy mountains and rivers, it is the time when the willows are dark and the flowers are bright.


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