When one reaches middle age, one's intimacy follows one's fate.
When one reaches middle age, one's intimacy follows one's fate.
Familiarity is not only a respect for others, but also a kind of kindness.


there is a sentence in the movie "the Grandmaster":

"you should pay attention to the heat when making soup. If the heat is not ready, it will be difficult for everyone to adjust. When the heat is over, things will be scorched. "

people get along with each other, just like making soup, they should pay attention to heat.

if the relationship is too far away, the relationship will fade; if the relationship is too close, the grudge will come.

when young, people always like to add to interpersonal relationships and find ways to make friends in different circles.

it is not until middle age that we realize that an overly complex interpersonal relationship is actually a burden.

the best relationship is closeness and affinity.

A good-looking partner, you don't have to force

in the variety show "Goodbye to Love", Zhu Yaqiong and Wang Qiuyu are such a couple.

her husband, Wang Qiuyu, is a pragmatic man.

in his world, he has a job, a child and a family, but no wife.

once, when Zhu Yaqiong was upset, she knocked on her husband's door and asked if she could hold her, even if it was only for a minute.

Wang Qiuyu really only hugged his wife for a minute, and then said, "time is up. I'm going to write a screenplay. You can go."

when they got married, they didn't have a wedding, because Wang Qiuyu thought it was meaningless.

in order to celebrate getting her license, Zhu Yaqiong carefully put on makeup but was frowned and commented by Lao Wang: "so ugly."

not only that, Zhu Yaqiong, who was born in Super Girl, likes music very much, but Wang Qiuyu only wants Zhu Yaqiong to play the role of a good wife.

program, he said bluntly that Zhu Yaqiong was fooling around and that what she wrote was meaningless and would never be popular.

at the beginning of their acquaintance, passion made them ignore a lot.

what Wang Qiuyu wants is a virtuous wife at home, while Zhu Yaqiong pursues self-pursuit and romantic personality, and neither side is the one who wants each other.

if two people can't think of each other and talk about each other, then marriage will become a constraint to each other.

the road of life is long. If you meet, you will gather, and if you disagree, you will break up, and so will your feelings.

the rest of life is too short to be forcibly tied up with unsuitable people.

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as Zheng Zhan said in "eating alive", "breaking up partners is the norm of life, and we are no exception."

it is better to get together and break up at the intersection of life than to fall apart and torture each other.

instead of desperately trying to keep someone around for a lifetime, it's better to let go at the right time and pursue a life that suits you better.

A bosom friend scattered for profit need not be sad

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "A gentleman is metaphorical to righteousness and a villain to profit."

to make friends, one party is most afraid of being honest with each other, while the other is full of plans.

the friends who make friends with Eli will be selfish at the beginning of their acquaintance, and will probably abandon you in the end.

this kind of friendship, even if we go our separate ways, do not feel sorry for it.

after my colleague Lao Zhang left, he opened a restaurant with his good friend Lao Li.

two people perform their respective duties, one as a chef and the other to greet the guests.

Lao Zhang's cooking is very distinctive, the service in the shop is also considerate, and the business of the small restaurant is gradually booming.

because Lao Zhang thinks that business should pay attention to costs and expenses, and his wife is proficient in accounting, he called his wife to work as an accountant.

while Lao Li pays more attention to food, he thinks shopping is the key, so he lets his wife do the shopping.

Lao Li's wife worked conscientiously at first, but over time, her opinions gradually grew.

she felt that the Lao Zhang family stayed in the shop, unable to catch the wind or the rain.

while his wife and his wife went shopping on a camping trip, one was busy before and after.

in the end, the profits of the hotel will be shared equally.

she thought it was unfair and suggested that four or six points were required.

the Lao Zhang family felt that the other couple were really hard, so they agreed.

but Lao Li and his wife are playing tricks.

they buy 120 jin of pork, quote it as 100 jin, and take the extra 20 jin back to their homes.

Rice with a market price of 3.5 yuan per jin is written on the invoice as 5 yuan. Each purchase is bought for hundreds of jin, and the price difference of several hundred yuan goes into the pocket.

as the hotel business is getting better and better, Lao Li and his wife cooperate inside and outside, overtly and secretly receive a lot of benefits from suppliers and earn a lot of extra money.

but gradually, due to the increasing number, Lao Zhang's wife quickly found out the problem when she checked the accounts.

she tracked down and found out what was wrong with Lao Li and his wife.

but Lao Li and his wife refused to admit it, and the two families quarreled.

there is a good saying: "benefit intersects, but when profit is done, it breaks down."

if the communication between people is based on utilitarianism, it will not last long.

True friendship does not need the exchange of interests, but heart to heart, frank with each other.

if you don't get in touch for a long time, you won't be estranged; no matter how far you are, you won't get points.

time precipitates the most sincere friendship, but those friends who break up because of profit are not worthy of our nostalgia.

relatives and friends who are out of line need not be close to

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of relatives scare you the most?

A high praise replied:

"treat yourself as an outsider and treat your home as his home. Everything about you can be their conversation material and will be projected on.His own emotional color, plus his own guess. "

No matter how intimate a relationship is, there are insurmountable boundaries.

Communication without a sense of size is a taboo in interpersonal relationships.


@ Xiaochen

shared such a story.

her husband has an aunt who lives in the countryside. every time she comes to the city, she will stay with them.

the whole family is packed into a cottage of less than 60 square meters, which is very inconvenient.

but when she thought that she was a relative of the old family and the difficulties of her period, she could only restrain her displeasure.

later, the aunt's daughter married far away, and the aunt would turn to their family for help whenever she had something to do, and she and her husband tried their best to help the aunt.

every time, when the cousin of her period comes back from out of town, she asks her husband to pick her up at the high-speed railway station.

one night, Xiaochen's husband received another text message from his cousin and needed to pick up at 12:00 in the evening.

but her husband was on duty that night, and it took them four hours to get to and from the airport, and the toll and gas charges added up to a lot of money.

she asked her husband to refuse her cousin and suggested that she take a taxi home.

as a result, my cousin was so angry that she didn't get in touch with them for a long time.

Sanmao said: "No matter how intimate a relationship is, you can't miss it. You think you are familiar with yourself, and you end up in reverse isolation."

in life, you always encounter a

people who have no sense of size. Relying on relatives, it is only natural to trouble others.

do not realize that the affection that crosses the boundary can only be disgusted.

familiarity does not exceed the norm, which is not only a respect for others, but also a kind of kindness.

there is a saying in A Dream of Red Mansions: "the world is clear and learned, and human experience is an article."

We live in a network called relationships, and the complex relationships around us often bother us.

when you reach middle age, you might as well do subtraction to get rid of relationships that make you uncomfortable.

We have no obligation to wronge ourselves in order to fulfill others.

it is a happy ending to stay away from strangers.

do not make friends who are interested in profit and forget righteousness, so as not to lose both people and money.

avoid friends and relatives who don't know what to do, so you won't just add to your troubles.

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