What really drags down a person is these four kinds of "weak thinking"
What really drags down a person is these four kinds of "weak thinking"
In the days to come, please upgrade your mind and be strong in life.

Stephen King said that hell never makes you fall immediately, but engulfs you little by little.

this is the way the weak mind is. Once you get used to it, it will engulf you.

writer Zhou Guiyi said in "Cognitive difference": "A good life is a life in which I constantly get rid of the thinking of the weak and deal with my relationship with myself, with others, and with the world."

on the way to change for the better, give up the weak mind and don't let it drag down your life step by step.

Wang Miao Village thinking

Wangmiao Village in Tiandao,

in order to help the villagers, a woodworking workshop and a sand turning factory were built, and the villagers cheered up and went into the factory to work.

after working for a few days, the villagers refused to go on strike because their income was too low.

when life cannot go on, they are not trying to find another way out, but

pinning his hopes on God to change his fate, he has been waiting for more than ten years.

Ding Yuanying pointed out bluntly:

"the knot of the traditional concept lies in a word of support, relying on parents at home and friends when going out. In short, you can rely on anything, but not on your own, so you can only kneel in spirit. "

counting on others for everything and waiting for others to lend a helping hand is the most typical thinking of the weak.

any time you pin your hopes on others, your hopes will come to naught.

Yu Qiuyu wrote in "borrow me for a lifetime"

"the road of life, you have to take it step by step by yourself. What can really protect you is your own choice of life."

relying on yourself is the greatest sobriety of adults.

"dumpling queen" Zang Jianhe was born poor and dropped out of school at the age of 15 to work as a nurse in the hospital.

she had thought that she would be happier and happier depending on her husband.

seeing that the pot was coming to an end at home, she took her two daughters all the way to Thailand to find her husband, only to get the news that her husband had remarried.

in anger, Zang Jianhe distanced himself from her husband and took her daughter to Hong Kong alone.

her husband is not expected, and her relatives and friends are indifferent to her situation, so she can only support the whole family by working on her own.

she goes to the teahouse to do the dishes during the day and works as a nurse in the hospital at night.

later, she started a snack business, pushing a cart to Wanchai Ferry Pier to sell dumplings every day. With good craftsmanship, her business became bigger and bigger.

finally, relying on her own efforts, she founded the Wan Chai Ferry Pier.

rely on mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run, only their own strong, can calmly cope with the wind and rain.

there has never been a noble person in this world. Anyone's noble person is himself.

double ditch thinking

giving up the weak thinking of "accepting fate" is a key step for people to change themselves.

Life is the excuse of the weak, and luck is the humility of the strong.

in the world of the strong, even if you dance in chains, the dance will be sonorous and forceful.

CCTV once reported the story of Cai Yongbin, an information accessibility engineer.

Cai Yongbin is blind, and many people around him have advised him to learn massage: "learn to massage hard, this may be your only way out in the future."

Cai Yongbin didn't want to learn massage. Out of his love of computers, he began to teach himself programming.

because he can't see the programming book, he can only use screen-reading software to "listen to books" to learn.

can't see the keyboard, so he can only memorize the location of each key by rote to form muscle memory.

in order to remember the code, Cai Yongbin listens to it over and over again, and a piece of code often has to be heard dozens of times before it can be used freely.

in this way, Cai Yongbin became an information accessibility engineer.

later, he developed a software in which the visually impaired can listen to music, listen to news and order meals on the Internet like ordinary people with both hands.

even the software engineers of large manufacturers are full of praise for this software:

now, Cai Yongbin founded the company, became the boss, and completely changed his destiny.

in the seemingly unbreakable net of fate, there are always fish who are unwilling to be mediocre.

the weak only complain about their bad birth and fate, while the strong run with tears.

the so-called fate is half in heaven and half in man.

not accepting fate is the best way to fight back against fate.

Crab thinking

put a crab into a bucket, and the crab will climb out with its own ability.

but if you put a lot of crabs, you can't get any of them out.

because the crabs below will desperately pull the crabs above, and in the end no one can get out.

it's crab thinking that you can't see others being nice and embarrassing each other.

after much experience, you will find that it is never the big shots who embarrass you, but the ordinary people who are similar to you.

people with weak minds like to tear down the platform. On the other hand, people with strong minds know how to build bridges for others and achieve each other.

saw a very interesting picture on the Internet.

there are two eye-catching banners hanging on a building. The banner on the coffee shop downstairs reads "good at cutting hair upstairs", while the banner hanging on the barber shop upstairs reads "Building".The coffee tastes good.

when I see the banner, customers who have their hair cut upstairs will buy a cup of coffee before the haircut.

the owner of the coffee shop downstairs will also recommend customers to go upstairs for a haircut.

upstairs and downstairs, support each other to achieve win-win results.

Lin Qingxuan wrote in "sending him a bright moon":

Are you overwhelmed with the number of plus size modest wedding dresses when shopping online? Stop searching from over-priced retailers and buy now.

"We always keep a kind, tolerant and clear mind, not to mention sending a bright moon, it is possible to send many bright moons at the same time.

because the bright moon is not sent to each other, but a kind of reflection, which can reflect the light of each other. "

the really strong are willing to hold out their own bright moon.

writer Liu Yingxuan also said that life is an echo. If you give others the best, others will give you the best.

when you pave the way for others, you are actually building bridges for yourself and achieving others, and you are also achieving yourself.

people elevate people high, people belittle people low, trample on each other like crabs, it can only hurt both sides.

Cold Bird thinking

there are two kinds of people in this world.

one is a short-term thinker who has a narrow vision and short vision, is content with the present and focuses only on what is in front of him.

one is a long-term doctrine, with broad vision, foresight, and a long-term and clear plan for the future.

shortsightedness is the biggest feature of the weak mind.

there is a very famous story called Cold Bird.

Cold bird and magpie are neighbors.

after the autumn rain, magpies began to prepare their homes for the winter, flying out early in the morning, looking around, bringing back some dead branches and busy building nests for the winter.

Cold birds fly out to play all day and come back to sleep when they are tired.

the magpie reminded him, "Cold bird, don't sleep. Take advantage of the fine weather, hurry up to make a nest."

the cold bird did not listen to the advice and said to the magpie lying in the crack of the cliff, don't make any noise. The sun is so fine that it is just in time to sleep.

in a twinkling of an eye, autumn went to winter, the snow was falling heavily and the cold wind was biting to the bone.

the magpie hid in its warm nest, while the cold bird froze to death in the ice and snow.

in real life, many people are the cold birds in the story.

they are content with the status quo and do not want to endure the temporary hardships of the present for the sake of future happiness.

in fact, the more ordinary you are, the more you have to make long-term planning.

otherwise, you will fall into a vicious circle, the more ordinary, the more short-sighted, the more short-sighted, the more ordinary.

A celebrity once said in his speech:

"I keep reminding myself to fix the roof on a sunny day and not wait for the heavy rain to fix the roof."

only those who see far can go further.

in many cases, it is not the environment or ability that limits a person, but the inherent mode of thinking.

you have to believe that human potential is unlimited, and if you want to achieve breakthrough growth, you must tear down the wall of thinking.

, in the days to come, please upgrade your mind and be strong in life.