What really changes life is not reason, but habit.
What really changes life is not reason, but habit.
When you have one good habit after another, why worry that your life won't get better and better.

No matter how many reasons you listen to, you can't live your life well.

after all, no matter how much truth you hear, it belongs to someone else.

only by turning reason into action and forming a habit of action can life be really changed.

No matter how much reason you hear, you might as well take action

Wang Yangming has been determined to be a saint since he was a child. he looked around for mentors and friends to learn how to become a saint.

when he was 18 years old, he was deeply influenced by Zhu Xi's principle of "knowing things to know", so he went out of his way to make bamboo. Unfortunately, he didn't realize anything, but he made himself sick.

but he was not discouraged, but realized that what he found with the help of foreign things was not the truth.

after eating, we will know whether it is sour or sweet, or bitter or spicy; when we wear it, we will know whether the shoes fit or pinch.

in the Biography, it is said: "the husband's knowledge, thinking and doing, is all for learning. Those who do not learn but do not practice. "

means that it is impossible to really master something without optics.

No matter how many reasons you have heard, only by doing first can you find the problem, and then you can better solve the problem and move forward courageously.

Don't think too much, take action, even if a gorgeous fall is better than wandering needlessly.

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habit is a kind of motivation

in the early days of the invention of the computer keyboard, the order of twenty-six letters was very different from that of today, and some of the letters that were often used were placed in the middle.

at that time, the keyboard was a mechanical structure, and because the typist was too familiar with it, he often typed very fast, resulting in keyboard jams.

so later someone messed up the order of the 26 letters and changed the direction of the frequently used letters.

this is extremely inconvenient to use, and it greatly slows down people's typing speed.

people gradually get used to this kind of design arrangement, and such awkward and difficult keyboards are used today.

habits have a powerful power to keep you doing something you don't like for a long time.

if you do not want to read or exercise, but are eager to enrich your mind and strengthen your body.

so as long as you can hold on for 21 days, make reading and exercise a habit.

the power of habit can push you on, and habit is the best way to overcome inertia.

those excellent people are not so strong in perseverance and talent, but they have formed a lot of good habits in their childhood.

Wang Yangming said: "to change temperament, it is difficult to overcome habits."

to change a person and his temperament, the most important thing is to form good habits.

habits become a person's character, which in turn becomes a person's destiny.

habits can change your life

both An and B are determined to write a novel of 1 million words.

when my friend A went back, he began to knock on the keyboard. Who knew that it was only a month later that he wrote more than 100,000 words. Seeing that the goal of 1 million was a long way off, he decided to give up.

when my friend B went back, he wrote a thousand words a day, which was really difficult at first, but slowly he had formed a good habit. After three years, he wrote a novel and published it.

Wang Yangming said: "the discrimination is clear, the thought is careful, the question is trial, the learning is capable, and the merit is endless. This is called abstinence."

means that when we have distinguished clearly, thought carefully, asked in detail, and learned, but still have to keep working hard, this is called practice, which is a necessary prerequisite for success.

as the saying goes, "gather sand into towers, gather armpits into mickles".

although the sand is small, more sand can make a mountain into a tower; a fox has less fur under its armpit, but it accumulates more, and it can also become a fur.

habits lies in this. Although each change is very small, it can not stand day and night.

what really changes your life is not reason, but habit.

No matter how much truth you hear, it is useless not to take action.

keep the truth in mind, show it with action, stick to it, and form a habit.

when you have one good habit after another, why worry that your life won't get better and better.

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