What is the most important thing in a life that can't be repeated?
What is the most important thing in a life that can't be repeated?
Love with your heart and live with your strength.


Sanmao said:

"Today's things should be done wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and do their best. No matter what the results are, they should go to bed happily."

Life also needs this kind of thorough wisdom.

Don't be too obsessed with a result in this life.

when you look back on your life, you have loved, hurt, tried, experienced joy and sorrow, pain and joy, and have come without regret.

A life you can't start over, with all your heart

the story of Zhengzhou aunt Su Min's self-driving trip moved many people.

two years ago, Su Min was 56 years old.

in order to realize her dream of seeing the world, she used the money she had saved over the years to buy a car, brought pots and pans, and began an one-person journey.

Su Min said:

"I want to take a leave from life, not to be his wife, not to be her mother, not to eat three meals a day, not to follow firewood, rice, oil and salt. I just want to be myself and see the outside world."

in order to save money, she tents and sleeps in parking lots and gas stations, crossing empty roads, as well as lakes, seaside and snow-capped mountains.

her monthly pension of 2300 yuan is not enough for gas, so she taught herself to shoot videos and edits and became a blogger.

she saw the bigger world, made a lot of new friends and got a lot of encouragement.

now, at the age of nearly 60, she works as a blogger, publishes books, endorses, receives advertisements, and lives bluntly for herself.

Lin Qingxuan said: "to live happily in the present, wholeheartedly is perfect."

people in this life, busy, support the family, bear too much responsibility and pressure.

in this life that can not be repeated, we should learn to listen to our hearts and try our best to live happily and comfortably.

as for what other people think and think, that is other people's business.

only by following your heart and making yourself happy can you make a trip to this world.

the feelings that are out of fate, look down on

in the movie "Love like a bouquet", Shan Yinmai and Hachiani are a pair of sweet lovers.

they appreciate each other, have the same hobbies, endless words and a desire to share.

when they are in love, they get bored together all day, go to gallery together, go to the movies, and get off work hand in hand every day.

but after graduation, the obstacles and tests of reality follow.

Mai often works late. He has no time to take care of his hobbies. He has lost interest in movies and stage plays, and even the painting he once loved has been shelved.

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in the face of job troubles and realistic pressure, he also lost patience and love for his girlfriend, and even opposed Xiaojuan changing jobs in order to pursue hobbies.

the two drifted apart and the love came to an end.

on the day they broke up, they recalled the moments when they fell in love and hugged each other and cried bitterly.

there is sadness and reluctance, but no blame, no resentment and resentment.

many people feel sorry for their love. When they were so in love, they finally became strangers who could only wave from afar when they met on the street corner.

but the journey of life is so long that no one can guarantee that every relationship will last forever.

you can't ask the other person to accompany you through your life, and you don't have to be too obsessed with the final result.

Salinger wrote in the Catcher in the Rye:

"remember what should be remembered and forget what should be forgotten.

change what can be changed, accept what cannot be changed. "

in the face of missing feelings in life, what we can do is:

go all out when you have it, and never talk about debt when it's time to say goodbye.

try your best to overcome the hurdle that is difficult to cross.

I saw a couple online who set up their own logistics company from scratch.

but the recent downturn has dealt a heavy blow to the logistics industry.

the couple couldn't make it any longer, so they had to sell the truck to repay the bank loan, and all the employees of the company were disbanded.

the couple sold 12 trucks and left one.

because they still owe more than 800,000 yuan in foreign debt, they need a sports car to repay it.

in order to pay off the debt, the husband became a truck driver, while the wife took a quilt and a rush suit to accompany her husband to go out of the car and became a "car-crushing lady".

they travel all over the country, cooking and eating instant noodles by the side of the road.

it is so hot in summer that the couple rest in the highway service area in order to save money on fuel when they go to bed at night.

such a day may not be easy in the eyes of others, but the wife in the video is always smiling.

she said, "everything else will be all right if you leave it to providence."

when they passed Dali, they gave themselves a day off.

the couple specially went to the scenic spot for a day to see the beautiful scenery and taste delicious food.

they are watching the sea by the Erhai Lake to cure the hard work of the journey and the anxiety of paying off debts.

We always encounter all kinds of ups and downs in our lives.

maybe in a short time you will feel that there is no hope in life and life is very difficult.

but there is a saying: "do everything first, then do everything, and then listen to the destiny of heaven."

face the hurdle that cannot be crossed in a short time.Let's focus on the present and do our best.

Life is already very hard, as long as we try our best, please don't blindly criticize yourself.

if life doesn't get better soon, let's turn a corner, have a rest, build up strength, and move on.

there is one of my favorite lyrics in the music "The Night":

one day you will leave this world, so live a life that you will remember.

We can't fight for the day and night, but we can try to live the way we want.

Love with your heart and live with your strength.

Don't be hard on yourself, don't let yourself down, live your life for once without regrets.

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