What is more terrible than stupidity is low-level intelligence.
What is more terrible than stupidity is low-level intelligence.
The greatest stupidity of a man is to be wise.


A man named Wheeler stole two banks in one day.

however, at the time of his arrest, he shouted in shock: "how could you find me when I was wearing lemonade?"

it turns out that while talking with friends, Wheeler happened to know that writing on paper with lemon juice could be invisible.

so he took it for granted that putting lemon juice on his face could also make his face invisible and avoid the camera.

so he robbed without any camouflage.

this is the famous MacArthur case.

the story makes people laugh, at the same time, it makes people think deeply.

look around us, how many people always think highly of themselves and show their cleverness everywhere, but do not realize that they have also become clowns with lemon juice.

Li ao often says, stupid is not terrible, what is terrible is that he thinks he is smart.

the greatest stupidity of a man is to be wise.

be smart

can only be misled by wisdom

"there is a big river in the world that is particularly rough and drowns many people, which is called cleverness.


in life, there are always some people who try to get something for nothing, hoping to be clever and narrow-minded, so that they can get what they want.

do not realize that this is actually digging a hole for yourself.

before, an ironic thing happened in the office.

Xiaofeng, who has just started the job, is very clever and very popular with everyone.

however, after a long time, people found that he was very petty.

leaders are courteous in every way, cheat in their absence, rush faster than anyone when there is something good, and choose things that take responsibility more cleanly than anyone else.

once he got the news in advance that the head of the head office would come to inspect it.

then secretly downloaded an excellent plan on the Internet and slightly modified it for his own.

the leader was also very satisfied, so he asked him to show you the details of the plan.

after the meeting, Xiaofeng was proudly waiting for the reward.

I didn't know it was a notice of punishment.

extremely puzzled, he ran to the supervisor to complain, but the supervisor didn't say a word and threw out the original design directly.

Xiao Feng was suddenly fooled and embarrassed.

Zeng Guofan said: "the way of Heaven is taboo, and the way of Heaven is taboo."

the way of heaven is paid, he is smart in everything, and he will only lift a stone and smash his own feet.

look around, how many people have flipped over their cars, lost their character and ruined their prospects because of their cleverness?

and how many people count thousands and thousands, and the result is on their own.

do manual calculation, not only live tired, but also let others away, and finally cut off their own way.

the best way to deal with people is that there are no tricks.

what really makes you go long-term is kindness and honesty.

be opportunistic

will only be bound by a cocoon

heard a story with deep feelings:

A large family hired two stonemasons to repair the house.

I saw the young stonemason pick big stones and build the wall very quickly.

but the old stonemasons chose the small and regular stones, so they went very slowly.

the young stonemason saw this and laughed at each other:

you are so stupid. You can finish it quickly with a big stone like me, so you can earn your next salary!

the old stonemason shook his head unmoved.

at night, there was a strong wind and a torrential rain.

when the two came to the house early the next morning, the young stonemason was dumbfounded.

his wall collapsed. The walls built with big stones for quick success are not strong at all.

the story soon spread all over the town, and the young stonemason was not only dismissed, but also had a bad reputation, and no one wanted to hire him again.

but the good reputation of the old stonemason's meticulous work has been spread by word of mouth and scrambled to be invited.

Chen Ming said in the wonderful work:

"Don't always think about taking shortcuts. The so-called shortcuts lead to desperate situations."


those you think are the shortest way are often the farthest.

opportunism is self-defeating; haste makes waste if you are eager for quick success.

only by keeping your feet on the ground can you stand tall without fear of high winds and showers.

Liu Zhenyun said in a speech:

With emphasis on details, beach wedding dresses plus size is a must have for any lady. There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

once he asked his uncle why the box you made sold best around him.

Uncle said with a smile: because it takes three days for others to pack a box, it takes me six days.

there has never been an overnight success in this world, and behind it is the dripping of water and stone one step at a time.

those who have a good reputation in business are all based on honesty and conscience.

those who catch up with the wind stem from the silent accumulation of strength for countless days and nights;

those who can achieve the best in the industry are even more willing to make progress on the basis of foolishness.

people who are really far-sighted always walk along stupid roads.

be a man and do things in a down-to-earth manner

is king

when I read the Biography of Yang Jiang, there was a story that made me restless for a long time.

when Yang Jiang was at school, she was once arranged to take lecture notes for Mr. Zhang Taiyan.

meeting began, she found it difficult to write down her husband's anecdotes.

at that time, teachers and students were far off the stage, she could put on airs, and no one would see what she really recorded, even ghost symbols.

however, Yang Jiang gave up and honestly handed in a blank record.

for this, the students laughed at her stupidity.

she smiled and said: I am stupid.

is she really stupid?

remember a sentence in the Book of morality: if you don't know, you will go up; if you don't know, you will be sick.

means that it is wise to know that you do not know something, but it is foolish not to know but think you know.

the more powerful people are, the more they understand that there is a sky outside the sky and put themselves very low.

the true maturity is to have an empty cup mentality in everything.

therefore, Yang Jiang accepted good advice and became an aggregator on the road of literature.

if you know that you are stupid, it is the beginning of one's growth, then being willing to work foolishly is a prelude to one's success.

someone asked Ouyang Xiu, what is the secret of writing articles?

he said with a smile: three, right away, on the pillow, on the toilet.

he not only reads books every day, but also reads them before riding, before going to bed, and even when he goes to the toilet.

there is never a shortcut to success, there is only silly pay and persistence.

you can be clever for a moment, but you can't achieve a lifetime's success in the end.

in the workplace, only by keeping your feet on the ground can you keep your feet on the ground.

in business, honesty is the king;

academically, it is more stable to break through the wind and waves.

there are thousands of ways to succeed, and the shortest way is to be willing to make stupid efforts.

especially like this sentence in Caigen Tan:

"the article is humble, the Tao is humble, and a clumsy word has infinite meaning."

there are some roads, walking slowly, but faster; for some things, only by doing them in a down-to-earth manner can we produce results.

showing off cleverness can only bind yourself; being simple and clumsy is the greatest wisdom in walking the world.

, for the rest of our lives, may we all be in a stupid state of mind, make stupid efforts, keep improving and grow up day by day.