Warm man Jasper advised dumplings to eat hot discussion: in him, I saw a good family education
Warm man Jasper advised dumplings to eat hot discussion: in him, I saw a good family education
Give the most intimate care to the family and children.




Egg Mommy was deeply fancied by Jasper when she recently watched the variety show. The most impressive scene was that he had dinner with Bao Bell's daughter Jiaozi.

the dumplings don't want to eat, and Bell can't even take them. But unexpectedly, a few words from Jasper coaxed the dumplings into a big appetite.

how on earth did it?

seeing this egg mother has special feelings and knows to lead by example at an early age. It seems that parents must know this skill. When I looked at it again, my father next to me ate really delicious.

finally, the father and son had a big meal at the same time and successfully persuaded the dumplings.

Why is Egg Mom impressed by this scene? Because, in Jasper, I see the best way for parents to educate-to lead by example.




deeply impressed.

We often see that parents who love sports bring up energetic children; parents who read poetry books imbibe their children from childhood. parents who pay attention to diet will also make their children understand the importance of health.

in the final analysis, the child is following suit, parents should love themselves if they want their children to grow up healthily. Egg mother has deep experience on this point.

like before, Egg didn't like milk, and Egg Mom didn't force him to drink it, but called on the whole family to have a cup of milk every morning and evening, and over time they got used to it.

first consider how to find a . Too sweet is unhealthy and too light to drink, so mothers must open their eyes and make choices.

Holy Shepherd Organic Milk




some mothers will choose some particularly sweet milk for their children, but they do not realize that that kind of milk is not only unnutritious, but also causes dental caries, obesity and other problems.

Egg Mum tried many kinds of milk and found that Shepherd Organic Milk met my expectations very well. I tasted Holy Shepherd Organic Children's Milk , he blurted out," Wow, mom, this milk tastes good! "

different from ordinary milk, Holy Shepherd Organic Children's Milk sweet but not greasy , it doesn't have any artificial or chemical taste, and it specializes in adds probiotics for baby growth , it is nutritious and delicious ~

We adults drink Holy Shepherd , it tastes sweet and suitable for us old mothers who pay attention to health care.

I believe mothers have noticed that the holy shepherd has organic words from children's milk to adult milk products. Yes, Holy Shepherd is a brand focused on organic. What's more, it's not just a gimmick, it really achieves whole organic .

that's why it can , after all, from pasture, pasture to dairy cow organic is also rare, drinking super reassuring der!

exclusive organic pastures of holy pastures, oases in the desert

then guess where the pasture of the Holy Shepherd is? You may not believe it when you say it, but people have built an oasis directly in Wulanbu and desert in Inner Mongolia!

here is full of light, away from the noise and dust, it is really Golden Milk Belt .

because of this, holy shepherd milk is also a little more expensive, and there is a reason to be expensive, after all Milk has low yield and high quality, and the milk source is very rare . The so-called penny for a penny, this price can let the whole family drink healthy and reassuring milk, it is still worth it!

Australian Holstein cows, aristocrats among Holstein cows

look! They eat organic planting, groundwater irrigation, pollution-free alfalfa, oil sunflower and corn, listening to soothing music, artificial massage and exclusive sports venues.

the doctor will give it, too.They have regular physical check-ups and do not take medicine or antibiotics when they are ill to ensure that the every drop of milk is healthy and nutritious .

their daily KPI is to have a happy day, and then go to the sand bed and have a comfortable sleep ~ I really envy! Can the milk produced by such a cow not smell good?

double organic authentication, unique organic code

what the egg mother chooses to eat in her family's mouth is security. The whole process of holy pastoral organic can not be said casually, it has passed China and the European Union double organic authentication , what is the concept?

this means that milk not only requires the whole process from raw material, production to finished product , at the same time, there must be perfect quality control and follow-up review system , and complete production and sales records , it can be said to be quite strict!

therefore, every box of holy pasture organic milk has a unique organic code , as long as you scan, you can track the whole organic process!

the whole organic milk, of course, do not have to worry about food safety, for families with old people and children, it is quite reassuring!

especially holy pastoral alcoholic series , which the egg mother likes very much. It is especially suitable for the elderly, protein content has reached 3.6g/100ml , it also contains 120mg native high calcium , take a sip full of nutrition.

in the final analysis, our greatest wish throughout the year is for our families to be healthy and safe, while A box of holy shepherd organic milk is the most intimate care for family members and children.

quietly tell you that the Holy Shepherd has a long history and strong strength! If you believe in intelligence, you must have guessed it. Welcome to share your answers in the message area!

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