Want the baby to go back to school? Parents must not ignore this matter!
Want the baby to go back to school? Parents must not ignore this matter!
After having a baby, mothers are most concerned about the health of their children.


these two days, when Egg Mommy browsed Weibo, she saw a particularly interesting hot search:

Click in, almost all complain.

Children at home do not want to be scolded, adults also say: if you don't start school, you can't handle it.

many mothers are particularly looking forward to the start of school.

however, some parents have other hidden worries, and the impact of the epidemic continues. How can mothers do a good job of security before their children return to school?

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at the beginning of school last year, one person caught a cold in the baby's class, and then half the class was infected . It's the start of the school season again, and I'm really worried about getting hit again.

Don't say they worry about it. You know, after having a baby, mothers are most concerned about their child's health problems.

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start season = sick season in the eyes of many parents. That's true.

especially now in early spring, when flu occurs frequently, if you don't pay attention to it, the baby will go wrong and make parents nervous all the time.

in addition, parents' worries about some "older babies" who have gone to primary school have not been reduced by one point.

I remember watching a piece of news in Baomu group before-17-year-old Xiaoyu suffered from spinal cord injury caused by a bed crash, which resulted in a fifth-grade disability.

neighbor Naked mother's words after seeing this message:

" what is more frightening than a child's illness is that he can't afford it. "

she told us that last year, naked oats accidentally broke a fracture in school. This is good. not only the children suffer, but the family also suffers.

not only ask for a leave of absence, but also change the dressing for three days. Later, in order not to affect naked learning, and invited an one-on-one door-to-door tutor, before and after spent nearly tens of thousands of yuan.

and when she took the material to the insurance company to settle the claim, she found that the dividend insurance she bought could not cover this part of the medical expenses.

hearing this, many mothers have said: Hey, there are a lot of holes in insurance. I'd rather not buy it.

indeed, many parents find that the insurance recommended by others is not practical , because they spend too much money and do not give their children practical protection.

but not all insurance is a pit.

against economic risks , but also provide better medical resources for children .

in other words: not all insurance is worth buying, but you can save a lot of money if you buy it right.

actually, how to choose? Buy what? How much exactly do you buy? There is knowledge in every step. If you want to buy the right insurance, you must know more.

for this egg mother, I have done a lot of homework and consulted a lot of professionals. Let's talk to you today.

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accident insurance, medical insurance, serious illness insurance for the health risks of their children.

accident insurance protect all kinds of accidents , and provide compensation for outpatient fees, hospitalization expenses, disability and death. Among the three kinds of insurance, accident insurance is the cheapest, and priority should be given to playful children.

Medical Insurance is generally hospitalized medical insurance, reimbursement of hospitalization expenses due to disease , medical insurance should choose a higher amount of medical insurance, covering many kinds of diseases, and it is best to reimburse imported drugs and self-financed drugs other than social insurance.

serious illness Insurance more is to do Financial compensation , it is the priority type of payment, such as the unfortunate suffering from a major illness stipulated in the contract, an one-time payment of insurance.

you'd better match all three , but mothers will face a problem of overspending. What should I do?

Don't worry! After an in-depth study, the egg mother found that there is a kind of full insurance covering the triple protection of accident, medical treatment and serious illness.

Ping an Health Insurance launched I Kang Insurance for Children.

Ping an I Kangbao children can be matched with 30 days-17 years

I Kangbao children with includes operation fee, imported medicine,All expenses such as medicine at one's own expense, within the scope of insurance, can be compensated for ~

I Kangbao children are matched with

in the accident insurance section, I Kangbao children come together

for 11-17-year-olds has exclusive traffic accident protection responsibility, including aviation, bus, cycling accidents , even if children are playful and active, we can have more peace of mind.

Ping an I Kangbao children also have a very humane function- free choice , medical insurance liability is required, and medical insurance liabilities for major diseases and accidents are optional.

according to their own needs . Assuming that they have bought serious illness insurance or accident insurance for their baby, they can choose only one basic medical insurance liability. If there is a need for serious illness insurance and accident insurance, they can match it freely.

of course, I Kangbao children are also quite flexible and user-friendly in medical services and claim settlement services ~

one-year family doctor service can be consulted by video at home. If a child has a headache, he can connect to the doctor's video in one minute and deliver medicine to his home to solve the big problems of "registration" and queuing.

I Kangbao children are equipped with hospitalization green channel service . Once there is a need for hospitalization, hospitalization service can be arranged within 10 working days, which is convenient and easy to worry.

if the child unfortunately suffers from a malignant tumor, I Kangbao children are matched with Professional doctors can be arranged to provide second diagnosis and treatment advice within 5 jobs.

in the claim service that mothers pay more attention to, use one word to describe it: fast.

you only need to take photos in Ping an Health APP to upload information, and you can get to the account as soon as 60 seconds without having to travel back and forth. It's especially suitable for lazy parents ~

for such a good product, the annual price of can be as low as 216.6 yuan , a word to describe is: value!

the child grows up safely and smoothly, it's me.The wish of every parent. As the guardians of our children, we should be prepared in advance. So, hurry up to buy a copy of Ping an I Kangbao children with complete insurance it!

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parents who want to know more can click on [read the original text] to protect the health of their children ~