Wang Baoqiang returned to the village for the Spring Festival "group photo" incident rushed to the hot search: to be a man, the most taboo is too much sense of identity!
Wang Baoqiang returned to the village for the Spring Festival "group photo" incident rushed to the hot search: to be a man, the most taboo is too much sense of identity!
People who are really rich in their hearts don't care about their external identity, and they can go further.

some time ago, Wang Baoqiang returned to his hometown of Xingtai, Hebei Province for the Spring Festival.

there is a big star back in the village, which is naturally a sensational event. Many people came to watch when they heard the news, and many of them wanted to take a group photo.

when Wang Baoqiang walked out of the house, there were already many fellow villagers waiting for a group photo.

the staff around him walked in front of him for the first time, suggesting that they could not take a group photo.

and Wang Baoqiang, wearing a big down jacket and stepping on a pair of cotton slippers, hurriedly stopped the staff and said humbly, "it's all right."

then he tidied up his clothes and began to take a picture with everyone.

this move won unanimous praise from everyone.

they say Wang Baoqiang is very kind and doesn't have the air of a big star.

to tell you the truth, although stars are public figures, they also have their own privacy. This is a private trip, and it is entirely reasonable not to cooperate with the photo shoot.

moreover, he does not rely on traffic to make a living, and he does not need to "please" others.

but Wang Baoqiang almost responds to everyone's demands.

whether adults or children, holding him or standing side by side with him, he has always been very cooperative.

there is no impatience or arrogance on his face.

because there were too many villagers taking photos with Wang Baoqiang, Wang Baoqiang was put on a hot search in one fell swoop, which made him popular on the Internet, and many netizens liked Wang Baoqiang's attitude.

this is Wang Baoqiang's simple and honest modesty engraved in his bones, and it is also the reason why he is deeply loved by the public.

in fact, Wang Baoqiang has always been a very approachable person.

after making his debut for many years, he is still the foolish and simple "stupid root" shown in front of the public.

I have seen a video in which Wang Baoqiang goes to the fields to do farm work and is skilled in posture.

he was dressed in a plain polo shirt with a towel around his neck, bent over with a sickle, and fell with a knife in his hand.

netizens highly praise:

"at first glance, it's not a show. I really know how to do farm work."

he himself revealed that he came from an out-and-out peasant background and went to work in the fields before dawn when he was a child. By the time his parents arrived in the fields, he had almost finished his work.

I remember watching one of his news.

when Wang Baoqiang filmed the Blind well, he was very grateful for the support of director Feng Xiaogang.

he heard that Feng Dao had a bad stomach and liked to eat red dates Millet Congee.

he went straight to the station and returned to his hometown in Hebei, where he carried 100 jin of millet overnight and appeared at Feng Xiaogang's house with a large basket of red dates.

"this is planted by my parents themselves to make sure there is no pollution."

Red dates and millet are very easy to buy, but it is rare for him to buy them.

this sincerity runs through half of Wang Baoqiang's acting career.

even during the period when his ex-wife made a fuss with him, it did not reveal that he was not good at all, but won the support of the public.

there is also the most noteworthy Golden Broom Award.

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after Wang Baoqiang was awarded the Golden Broom Award, instead of blaming the organizing committee and swearing in moments, he personally came to receive the award, becoming the first person to show up for so many years.

he said:

"I'm really sorry to the audience.

when I was a director for the first time, I was inexperienced. Thanks to the golden broom for giving me such a chance to say sorry to the audience.

I love movies, respect movies, and respect my predecessors here. This time, I owe the audience a debt. I have to personally accept criticism from the public. "

many people said that when they saw Wang Baoqiang's sincere speech, they could not bear to scold him any more.

finally understand why the grassroots Wang Baoqiang has a foothold in the entertainment industry and has always been loved by the audience.

this reason is not because he can endure hardships, not because he is lucky, but because of his scarce quality, he can drop to the dust, remove his halo and identity, and give anyone a sense of comfort.

being an actor is just a job to him.

he did not forget his roots, did not forget that the reason why he did well was welcomed by the audience, let alone how he got here today.

No matter how good he is, when he returns to his hometown, he still regards himself as the most ordinary member of the village.

Wang Baoqiang's story tells us: to be a man, you really don't have too much sense of identity.

some people forget their surnames when they have some money.

some people, having made some achievements, look down on their companions who have suffered and tired together in the past.

but I always believe a saying: flowers do not have a thousand days of red, people do not have a hundred days of good.

people, never take yourself too seriously.

those who are self-righteous are not respected by others.

when you are smug and supercilious, you should think that when you fall from the air, there is no one to support you.

the scholar Liang Heng once told a story.

A university professor thinks he is very talented and always thinks he is a figure.

he saw that other people's books earned both fame and fortune, and he also wrote the book and sent it to the publishing house.

University professors are confident in themselves, because just their own identity and title,It takes up more than half the page.

but there are only eight words in the comments on the text: if the level is not enough, it cannot be used.

the university professor thinks that his identity can be unimpeded wherever he goes, and others should think highly of him.

however, people do not have real materials, and even if they are pressed by multiple identities, they are only paper cats and cannot catch mice.

with their identities, they often lack real materials, and they urgently need to decorate themselves with external objects so that they are not so empty.

and those who like to put on airs and like to press others with their titles must also like to be bullied and flattered.

to curry favor with those who surpass themselves, while to treat those who are inferior to them is to be penny-pinching and hideous-looking.

netizens of Zhihu

@ Lu Hanbing

said one thing.

she once visited a colleague whose position was slightly lower than her.

there is an elderly babysitter in a colleague's house who does not seem to be very quick.

when she was a guest at her colleague's house, her colleague was polite and enthusiastic, but she turned around and bossed the old nanny around, ordering her to do this and that.

the old babysitter turned like a top in panic.

an oversight in the busy process, the glass table was wet and the old babysitter forgot to wipe it with toothpaste as she asked.

she reprimanded the old nanny viciously:

"wipe me with toothpaste three times!" Until I see your shadow! "

the old nanny was so frightened that she slipped and fell on the ground.

but the colleague did not say a word of greeting, pretending not to see it, but turned to her and continued to joke.

at that moment, her heart was very bad. She felt that this colleague, who would change her face, made her heart chill.

greet each other with a smile when they see that they are better than themselves, and despise arrogance when they see that they are not as good as themselves.

A man of good character and good enough will neither stand at the top of the mountain and look down at others, nor at the foot of the mountain.

they will not think highly of others and despise themselves, still less will they overwhelm others with unexpected false names.

the value of a person is often not how loud your name and identity is, but what you do.

in Shi Shuo Xinyu, there is an allusion called "Gu Rongshi Zhi".

Gu Rong was the leader of the Jiangnan scholar family at the end of the Western Jin Dynasty. Once, he was invited to dinner.

during the dinner, he found that the servant carrying the barbecue showed a longing for meat.

the people on the table were laughing at the servant, saying that he still wanted to eat meat.

instead of laughing at him, Gu Rong stopped his chopsticks and gave his share of the meat to the servant.

the deskmate laughed even louder: "just a servant, so lowly, why did you give him the meat?"

later, Gu Rong ran into a dilemma and crossed the river to avoid danger.

there was a man who saved his life in his most dangerous time.

later, upon inquiry, I found out that the man who saved him was the servant of that year.

this story benefits me a lot.

the reason why you can really be rescued is not because of your noble status, but because you have treated others equally and kindly.

some people always like to be a bitch because of their wealth.

the people around them are afraid of them and awe of them. In fact, they are afraid of his position and identity, not the person himself.

once this halo disappears, those around you will soon disappear.

like the mouse at the top of the tower in the allusion, it thinks it is him that others are in awe of.

later, when the wildcat came, it died.

most of the time, you have to learn to let go of your identity and status.

take yourself too seriously, have too much sense of identity, your eyes, only focus on your own gains and losses and interests, so you will lose more.

some people are modest and courteous, don't think highly of themselves, and put themselves in the same position as others. even if they lose the blessing of their identity later, their own self-cultivation and charm can also attract a group of people.

there is much support for those who gain the way, but little support for those who lose it.

this is an everlasting truth.

people need a lot of relationships to support if they want to gain a foothold in this society.

I like a sentence very much: "Don't be a bitch by your wealth, don't go against your will by your own opinion, and don't break your promise by holding merit."

those showing off with teeth and claws and bluffing are all to cover up their own internal deficiencies.

people who are really rich in their hearts don't care about their external identity, and they can go further.

the book is published under authorization.