Walk with good people, get acquainted with comfortable people, get along with optimistic people
Walk with good people, get acquainted with comfortable people, get along with optimistic people
Getting close to the person who nourishes you is the best standard for making friends!






Wei Zheng, a famous minister of the Tang Dynasty, said: "the success or failure of standing depends on what you have dyed."

means that what kind of friends you make, you have the same fate.

because the wrong people will consume each other; the right people can nourish each other.

for the rest of your life, get close to the person who nourishes you, and you are more likely to have a bright future.

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walk with good people and cultivate

as the saying goes: those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

the influence of environment on a person is imperceptible and far-reaching.

when you walk with good people, you are surrounded by an upward atmosphere.

naturally, you will reflect on yourself and improve yourself with higher standards.

over time, your knowledge and cognition will change from quantitative to qualitative, with earth-shaking changes.

Yu Minhong said: "I have always been close to the good people and have been following in the footsteps of the good people."

since entering Peking University, Yu Minhong has regarded many classmates and teachers as his own role models.

because of this, he was able to come from an ordinary family and finally become an excellent teacher at Peking University.

after founding New Oriental, he chose to be with excellent people on a larger scale.

whether entrepreneurs, old or young, he is active in dealing with and learning from them.

therefore, he can achieve a better self and become a great entrepreneur.

there is a saying in the Night talk around the fire: "it is better to make friends than to make friends to improve your body and mind."

walking with excellent people is the fastest way to cultivate knowledge and self-growth.

in the long run, you can broaden your horizons, open up the pattern, and store energy for future development.

get along with optimistic people and nourish their spirits

Wang Yangming said, "constant happiness is kung fu."

because optimists do not complain, are not depressed, and are not negative.

get along with them, even if it is cloudy, the heart will be full of sunshine.

their words are always just right to make you believe in the hope that "there is another village around the corner".

even if you fall into a low ebb, you will be infected by their enthusiasm and beliefs and laugh at life with an upward attitude.

Shi Tiesheng, a famous writer, was disabled in both legs in his 20s and had to live on a wheelchair.

in the first years, he was depressed and miserable, and he was full of confusion and confusion about the road ahead.

until one day, his friend Liu Qing said to him, "Why don't you write something?" I think you are capable of writing something. "

with Liu Qing's encouragement, Shi Tiesheng tried to write down his thoughts on life.

, his novels were published one after another, and he wrote The Temple of Earth and me, which influenced countless people.

under the influence of Liu Qingzheng's energy, Shi Tiesheng also said to the world, "smile and sing the ballad of life."

an optimist is like a beam of light in the dark that illuminates your life.

their open-mindedness and calmness will soothe your unease and make you feel more at ease.

their positivity will nourish your spirit and help you move towards a wider world.

to get along with optimistic people is to sow beauty, so that happiness and self-confidence can stay in your heart forever.

have a deep acquaintance with comfortable people and nourish your heart

Poet Gu Cheng said:

"the wind is knot its leaves, the grass is knot its seeds, we stand silent, it is very beautiful."

have you ever had such a wonderful moment?

in fact, when you are with people who are comfortable with each other, you can enjoy yourself without saying a word and be warm without saying a word.

Light intersection, shallow joy, get along well with each other, be open to it, and feel at ease in silence.

in the future, the best way to nourish your heart is to get to know the people who make you comfortable.

Jin Yong once talked about his mode of getting along with Cai Lan in the preface of a book.

every time we get together, there will be a good time.

either read a good book together, chat, and exchange ideas and opinions with each other;

or travel around the world to experience different scenery and delicacies together.

there are always endless topics between them, even at banquets, whispering and enjoying themselves.

I do not know how many people admire their relationship and the wonderful friendship they are talking about.

Zhuangzi said: "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and the friendship between people with humble personality is as sweet as wine."

if you don't have a lot of friends, it's good to be comfortable. It's better to be happy at first sight than never to get tired of it.

to have a deep acquaintance with a comfortable person is to taste a good cup of tea and keep your heart in good health. The more you get behind, the more fragrant your lips and teeth will stay.

No matter how many years have passed, I will not feel strange or bored, and I will always be comfortable with each other.

socialize with kind people and maintain happiness

there is a saying in the National style: "it is as bright as light to make friends with the good, and as warm as jade to make friends with a gentleman."

kind, quiet, but with its own light; silent, but warm to the heart.

kind-hearted people can make people kind-hearted, broaden their horizons and make people compassionate.

if you interact with them, you will sow the seeds of blessings in your heart and bring surprise and good luck to yourself.

writer Lin Qingxuan once went out to eat mutton when the mutton restaurant owner suddenly greeted him.

the boss asked him, "do you remember me?"

Lin Qingxuan thought about it and said, "I'm so sorry, I can't remember."

the boss picked up an old newspaper from 20 years ago and pointed to an article on it.

it turned out that it was a report about thieves written by Lin Qingxuan.

the thief committed thousands of crimes, but he was finally caught by the master of anti-theft.

the boss told him that he was a thief at that time, and it was this sentence that suddenly enlightened him.

now he runs several mutton restaurants and is quite famous in the neighborhood.

the Master said, "living with people who are good at living, such as Zhilan entering the house, has not heard its fragrance for a long time."

kind-hearted people, kind-hearted, excellent conduct, the most trustworthy and reliable.

socialize with kind people, even if it is a kind word and a kind thought that you have never met.

can also sweeten your originally bitter life and make your life full of warmth and hope.

Tseng Kuo-fan said: "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, and one must be careful."

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, but not everyone is worth your relationship.

to choose a friend is to choose your own destiny.

for the rest of my life, walk with good people, get along with optimistic people, make friends with comfortable people, and interact with kind people.

, getting close to the person who nourishes you is the best standard for making friends!