Wake yourself up, change yourself, let yourself go (deep article)
Wake yourself up, change yourself, let yourself go (deep article)
You have to change yourself before you know how to improve yourself.


Jung said to his apprentice before he died:

"you don't even want to change other people's thoughts!"

it is easy to backfire by changing others, but by changing yourself, you can get what you want.

in fact, it is not easy to change others, and it is even more difficult to change yourself.


so how to be kind and responsible for your own life?

you should wake yourself up, understand yourself, change yourself, fulfill yourself, let go of yourself, and live your life.

wake yourself up and understand yourself

as adults, we will find our world more stressful and less nagging.

the pressure is that we need to be responsible for our own food, clothing, housing and transportation, and less nagging is that people around us will continue to think that you are mature and that we should rely on ourselves.

I used to think that I could venture into the world by myself, but one day when I really set you free at home, you couldn't even have three meals a day.

when you are hungry, you will know the cruelty of reality.

I have to say that most people have imagined a free life, only to find that when they live alone, they are lonely, bored and miserable.

I no longer have the company of my old friends. I am the only one in the empty rental house. I hold my mobile phone and watch endless videos every day, crying and laughing.

you don't know if you are lonely or numb. Anyway, you will always admit in your heart that you never thought you would live to this point.

you should need to be woken up at this time.

Whitman said: "always face the sun, the shadow will be left behind."

only you know whether you are doing well or not. The one who can really wake you up is always on his own.

We often think we know ourselves best, but we don't.

most of the time, we are just "ourselves". You do what it tells you to do right away, without thinking, without judgment, without refusing.

you know, most of the time, people deceive themselves.

like a frog at the bottom of a well, thinking that he is used to the cool and safe life at the bottom of the well, he always tells himself that the outside world is dangerous and unstoppable.

calm down, don't easily listen to the voice in your head, and understand the nature and law of the development of everything.

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one day, you will find that self-righteous people are just looking at flowers in this shallow world.

only those who truly understand themselves can find the value of existence and have unique potential.

change yourself and perfect yourself

A person can fulfill himself only by changing himself.

understand yourself, just say that you need to make a change.

and changing yourself has never been a verbal thing.

because the character of these people is that they don't have the determination to do things. After doing everything for a few days, they can't see the effect, so they suddenly quit.

No interest, no motivation, no hope, just think in a different direction.

A person thinks a thousand things at night, imagining that his days will change in the near future, and the more he thinks about it, the more excited he becomes, as if he will succeed immediately.

but when I woke up the next day, everything remained the same, and even myself was still repeating what happened yesterday.

Kugman said:

"the far-sighted will not notice, but the short-sighted can see clearly what is in front of them."

things are only hot for three minutes, but people like to worry and worry about the future all the time, thinking about how to achieve success quickly.

people, if you spend your precious time and energy on unimportant things all the time, what should you get with the important things?

only by letting go of your obsession with success and paying less attention to other unimportant things can you really settle down and do your own thing.

look for reasons, opportunities and possibilities for everything from yourself first, and you will find that over a long period of time, there are no problems that you cannot solve.

as Feuerbach said: "the difficult problems that cannot be solved by theory will be solved by practice."

if you take the initiative, practice, be independent, and be strong, the whole world will make way for you.

if you are incompetent and like to make excuses, even if the world takes the initiative to make way for you, you will not go far.

only by taking the initiative to change and improve yourself, can you fulfill yourself.

I see such a question on the Internet: what is the ultimate goal of self-discipline and serious progress every day?

A highly praised answer goes like this:

"because you have to choose a persistent life for yourself."The way, you always have to give some meaning to your life, and you always have to tell yourself that I have to do something. "

take it for granted that you have to do something to know what you want.

you have to change yourself before you know how to improve yourself.

Let yourself go and live for yourself

everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

most of the time, the reason why people can't change themselves or become themselves is because they only stare at their own shortcomings.

you know, there is no perfect person in the world, just as there are no two leaves that look exactly the same.

how can you extend your potential and give full play to your talents when you devote your precious time and energy to picking out your own faults and shortcomings?

one of the signs of maturity is to know:

can not only give full play to their strengths, but also generously tolerate their own weaknesses.

tolerate equally, inadequacies and defects, so that life will not be dimmed, but will shine.

accept your shortcomings, understand your limitations, let go of your weaknesses, and live out your strengths.

just as Holderlin said:

"people should live poetically in the world, and the power of salvation grows in dangerous places."

every kind of life should be treated well, and everyone should be tolerant enough to themselves, especially in the face of difficulties, they should give themselves a warm hug.

nothing else, just to inspire yourself to live more powerfully.

just as we have successfully returned from the magnificent and dangerous sea to the quiet and warm lakeside house.

those families who are eagerly looking forward to and thinking about you are eagerly waiting for your return. They don't expect anything from you, just to see you healthy and safe.

go back to the land where you grew up, down-to-earth, warm and comfortable, as warm and beautiful as in your dream.

when you let go of the past and live in the present, you will let go of yourself and live out of yourself.