Twelve years ago, Ma Nuo, who "would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bike", did she get what she wanted?
Twelve years ago, Ma Nuo, who "would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bike", did she get what she wanted?
Rely on people to have capital, the king can never become the patron of beggars.

"I'd rather cry on a BMW than laugh on a bike.


as many people may not know, this online buzzword came from a female guest on a dating show 12 years ago.

the female guest's name is Ma Nuo.

because this sentence is too extreme and realistic, she became synonymous with "material girl" overnight and was attacked by countless netizens.

time flies, 12 years have passed in the twinkling of an eye, Ma Nuo has changed from a 22-year-old girl to a 34-year-old young woman.

did she realize her BMW dream?

think about a question before writing this article.

is Ma Nuo really a material girl?

Ma Nuo was born in a small hutong in Beijing in 1988.

although born in Beijing, Ma Nuo is not a native of Beijing.

her parents are from Anhui, and like many couples of Beijing drifters, they came to Beijing from their hometown of Anhui to work and run a small fruit stall.

the whole family depends on this fruit stall for a living. Although life is not very rich and expensive, it is more than enough to solve the problem of food and clothing.

in order to earn more money, the parents have no time to take care of Ma Nuo.

because of lack of discipline, Mano fell in love in the third year of junior high school.

first love boyfriend is a single-parent family, the family does not have much income, usually two people go out to play, she pays the bill.

her first boyfriend cheated on her with other girls. Ma Nuo was furious and broke up.

Ma Nuo is extroverted, coupled with extremely precocious puberty, countless boys chasing her.

IT's boyfriend is old and knows how to make the little girl happy. After being with him, Ma Nuo is happy every day.

however, to her surprise, the IT boyfriend is a miser.

on his 17th birthday, friends sent gifts one after another, but IT boyfriend didn't buy anything and said affectionately:

"No gift is worth a heart that loves you."

if stinginess is tolerable, what is most unbearable for Ma Nuo is that this IT boyfriend is also cheating on her with other girls.

Mano broke up again.

from then on, she made up her mind not to spend money on men.

"since men are the same whether they are rich or not, they might as well find a rich one."

if you don't focus on your studies, your academic performance will naturally plummet.

looking at the horrible report card, Ma Nuo suddenly realized that his music was pretty good and decided to take the art exam.

civilian-run art schools are extremely expensive, at 20,000 yuan a year.

the conditions that parents can provide are very limited, and Ma Nuo can only support himself on a part-time basis.

in 2009, 21-year-old Mano graduated from University.

with her superior innate conditions, she became a graphic model.

the work of a model is far from home and is very unstable.

Ma Nuo moved out of the hutong in the suburbs and stayed with his cousin close to work.

but my cousin also has a life of her own. For a long time, she can't accept an "outsider" going in and out of her own house.

work is not going well and life is not going well, which makes Ma Nuo more eager for money.

on the recommendation of his friends, Ma Nuo passed the audition all the way and officially entered the audience's line of sight.

"I hope the director can play the first release, and then let him go down."

"if I had known you were coming, I would have asked my mother to come instead."

"you are not as small as what I have talked about!"

at the scene, Manuojin sentences frequently appeared, with such a true temperament, unexpectedly also sought after by many male guests.

and what really put Ma Nuo at the forefront of the storm was the next thing.

A male literary and art guest with a monthly income of 3000 yuan likes Ma Nuo very much, but he only has a small bike.

the male literary and art guest smiled and asked, "would you like to go for a ride on my bike?"

Ma Nuo smiled and said without thinking, "I'd rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bike."

No one thought that this sentence had completely changed her fate.

"if you are the one" because of this sentence, the audience rating soared, and that year, people all over the country remembered this "material girl".

A male guest came all the way to the show and threatened to do justice for heaven, openly attacking Ma Nuo:

"you should go to the beauty pageant, because the person sitting below is either the rich or the rich."

"Don't say you shed tears in a BMW, even if you sit in a Porsche with a runny nose."

Ma Nuo on the court looked embarrassed and couldn't say anything.

stay at lastOne sentence: "I am not what everyone thinks I am", so I quit halfway.

however, the matter did not end because of this, but became more and more intense.

in May of the same year, a post claiming that "Ma Nuo's large-scale photos came out" went viral online.

Ma Nuo was very angry after reading it and sued the disseminator of erotic photos to court on the grounds of infringing on the right of reputation.

the results of the survey came out soon. The original photo is an AV actress from the island, whose real name is Koizumi Cai.

the defendant grafted some of the photos made public by Mano using PS technology.

one wave after another, one wave after another.

in October of the same year, a piece of news about "the meanest material girl in history" came out.

this is an article from a car selling website in order to make a gimmick.

when Ma Nuo knew about it, he sued the car selling website again.

the court judged that the defendant only infringed Ma Nuo's portrait right and finally compensated for the economic loss of 3000 yuan.

netizens said happily: material girls are objective evaluation, there is no reputation infringement.

No girl wants to live with the label "material girl" for the rest of her life, and neither does Ma Nuo.

so, does she really regret it?

as the saying goes, black and red are also red.

Ma Nuo officially entered the entertainment industry with the label of "material girl".

in 2012, she partnered with Yu Wenle, Yang Mi and Xu Zheng in Chunjiao and Zhiming, in which she played a freckled woman.

the producers promoted her as a gimmick, but all her parts were cut out before the film was released.

it is said that the label of material girls is so influential that the film is afraid to take the slightest risk.

Ma Nuo was so unreconciled that he decided to give up cameo production and become the protagonist in small-budget movies or TV dramas.

for example, in the Story of belly Dad giving birth to Children, she plays a fake foreign girl who is vain;

for example, in the second season of "goblins don't go", she plays a blind date who cares about the material.

of course, these movies and TV dramas are still in the name of "material Girl Ma Nuo" when they are publicized in the early stage.

netizens never watch Ma Nuo's movies, but the Internet violence against her never stops.

in 2019, Ma Nuo, who could not bear the heavy burden of the Internet, revealed the truth of his participation in dating shows on social platforms.

but these words are rarely noticed by netizens, and Ma Nuo's image has not been reversed.

to this day, the public impression of her is still "mean material girl".

today's Ma Nuo has long left the entertainment industry.

she opened a clothing store with her friends, but the brick-and-mortar business was not that easy.

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in her spare time, she opened the road to online celebrities on the short video platform, showing off all kinds of bodies.

however, in the Internet full of little brothers and sisters, 34-year-old Ma Nuo can no longer cause ripples.

Mano is contradictory.

on the one hand, she wants to tear off the label "material girl", on the other hand, she uses it to attract public attention.

everyone has his own judgment on whether Ma Nuo worships money or not.

at any time, people should not easily bow to life.

because people are divided into groups, what kind of person you are, what kind of person you are destined to be with.

rely on people to have capital, the king can never become the patron of beggars.

No matter BMW or bicycle, only when you get on your own car, can you not cry and have the strength to fight against life.