True self-discipline conforms to human nature.
True self-discipline conforms to human nature.
Do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, live up to your time, love what you love, and do what you think.



Montgomery divided people into four levels:

the first layer is cleverness + self-discipline; the second layer is cleverness + laziness; the third layer is stupidity + laziness; the fourth layer is stupidity + self-discipline.

Why is "stupidity + self-discipline" last?

because "stupidity + self-discipline" is more destructive than "stupidity + laziness".

it will not only make people deviate from the correct track with acceleration, but also cause great consumption to people's psychological energy.

as Liu run said, "if you go in the wrong direction, the faster you run, the more wrong you will be."

the self-discipline of "anti-human nature" will only make people's losses outweigh the gain, and the more they live, the more tired they will be.

Why don't you accomplish anything when you are so self-disciplined?

there is such a clip.

Freddy took his grandson to a company to see the chairman.

the chairman politely hugged his little grandson in his chair and said to him, "if you work hard, you can be a leader in the future."

the little grandson was very happy, but Freddy woke him up:

"A man can't be what he wants to be by working hard alone."

just like basketball players, their genes can grow two meters tall, but without such genes, they can't become basketball players. "

Freddy knows very well that the little grandson and himself are of ordinary origin and do not have extensive connections.

instead of pursuing unrealistic dreams, it is better to correct your position and find a career that matches your identity and expertise.

as Charlie Munger, a famous investor, said:

"you can't do things you're not good at, so avoid them."

on the way to pursue ideals, it is not enough to work hard, but also to be self-aware.

if you are a swimming fish, don't compete with the eagle.

if you are a plant, don't compete with the cheetah.

everyone has their own suitable area, what we have to do is to work on the right track, rather than yawing and banging at the same time.

self-media person Sun Juan said it well:

"what will happen if Yu Minhong is a programmer, Zhou Xun plays basketball and Luo Xiang goes swimming?"

how hard they will live, I'm afraid they will struggle for survival every day, and there is no happiness to speak of. "

Yes, "unconventional" self-discipline will only consume energy in endless self-confrontation.

only when a person makes a choice according to the actual situation can he give full play to his due value.

otherwise, it will be in vain to work hard in the wrong direction.

Real self-discipline, never rely on hard support

some time ago, Ms. Ren, Bao Ma of Hangzhou, posted a video of herself before and after learning to dance on a social platform and went on a hot search.

Ms. Ren, now 35, has been practicing classical dance for more than four years.

before learning to dance, her limbs were stiff and she danced as if she were doing radio gymnastics;

after learning to dance, her posture is light, her movements are soft, and her temperament has undergone earth-shaking changes.

in fact, when she first started dancing, Ms. Ren's hip was very hard. She not only asked the teacher to help step on the hip, but also had to practice for two or three hours every day, which felt "more painful than giving birth."

but because Ms. Ren has been fond of classical dance since childhood, she has been taking dance classes, rain or shine.

Ms. Ren said:

"when dancing, interest is the best teacher, if you really like something, then you do it, if you are willing to do it, the process will not be very hard, and will be rewarding."

there is a concept of "flow" in psychology:

when we do things that we like, challenge and are good at very much, it's easy to forget the existence of time and produce a high sense of excitement and fulfillment.

in such a situation, you don't have to fight your inner feelings to achieve a state of concentration and selflessness.

as Susan, a famous professor at Yale University, said:

"when our wisdom is reconciled with our inner feelings, and our actions are consistent with our values, we can overcome our emotions and become better ourselves."

when you conform to your nature and do something without external pressure, self-discipline will come naturally.

because he wants it from the bottom of his heart, he is willing to overcome all difficulties;

because I agree with you from the bottom of my heart, I can turn persistence into enjoyment.

Advanced self-discipline does not depend on external drive, but on self-consciousness.

when you turn your inner motivation into the starting point of your behavior, you won't feel so bitter and tired in the process of effort.

There is no argument that preppy homecoming dresses are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

the highest self-discipline is in line with human nature

I quite agree with one sentence:

"self-discipline is not painful, but deliberate self-discipline is painful.


the premise of being able to do a thing well is to volunteer and take the initiative, not to be forced to do something.

therefore, we must use reasonable methods to form the habit of self-discipline.

what should I do? Let me give you three suggestions:

1, find the right direction

flow says: "choosing a goal and putting all your attention into it will be fun no matter what you do."

each of us has a path that suits us. Before making a decision, we might as well ask our hearts and find the right direction for our efforts.

Don't follow others, and don't fight against nature.

the real self-discipline and internal drive must be higher than the requirements of external forces.

when you respect your inner thoughts, you will be willing to put all your mental energy into it and make it the best.

2, disassemble target

well-known writer Lin Qingxuan has wanted to be a writer since he was a child.

he broke down his dream into quantifiable small goals:

since childhood, I have written 500 words a day; since middle school, I have written 1000 words a day; when I went to college, I wrote 2000 words a day; after graduation, I wrote 3000 words a day.

according to this goal, Lin Qingxuan practices impatiently every day.

at the age of 17, he published his first book, and at the age of 19, he was the lead writer of a newspaper. At a young age, he realized his dream as a writer.

it can be seen that it is very important to set small goals for yourself in order to achieve a grand ideal.

as one writer said, "only by doing the little things you can control can you regain your sense of control over life."

if you want to read 30 books a year, start by reading 2-3 books a month.

if you want to save 100000 a year, start by saving 8-9k a month.

only by dividing the long-term planning into fine goals can we break down one by one and realize the leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.

3, cultivate habits

the Power of habit says that habit allows the brain to enter a certain automatic behavior pattern, allowing a person to accomplish more things with the least amount of consumption.

for example, after coming home from work, do an hour of exercise;

read a book for an hour after dinner.

when we adhere to a certain action for a long time and develop our own habit pattern, we can naturally integrate self-discipline and life into one, ushering in growth and transformation.

likes what the writer Martin said very much:

"True self-discipline is not outward, but inward."

but true self-discipline is not forced by external pressure to do things against one's will, but to conform to nature and self-drive forward.

do not forget the original ideal and ambition, live up to your time, love what you love, and do what you think.

only in this way can we change passivity into initiative and adhere to self-discipline as a habit.

, we can all start from the heart, become addicted to self-discipline, and live brightly and sparkly every day in the future.

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