Trim yourself (depth good text)
Trim yourself (depth good text)
It is more important than anything else to live well in the present and put your restless heart at ease.

the philosopher Nietzsche happened to see the gardener constantly cutting off the extra leaves while arranging the flowers and trees.

he found that the pruned flowers and plants get more sunshine and can grow healthily and healthily.

as a result, he proposed: "We can also 'trim' ourselves like gardeners."

cut off unrestrained emotions, anger, and desires so that you can glow with vitality and exuberant growth like trees.

agrees with the saying: "the wisdom of life is to gradually clarify and filter out the unimportant impurities and retain the most important parts."

sometimes we get frustrated frequently, not because we don't have enough abilities, but because we are affected by our bad moods and habits.

people who are truly far-sighted tend to abandon the emotions and thoughts that affect energy and continue to strive and grow in a better state.

pruning yourself is to empower yourself, and it is the best way to live for the rest of your life.

pruning desire

I have heard a saying: "when people have desires, they have weaknesses. Once they are controlled, they will be very humble."

desire is a double-edged sword, which can not only make people go to the heights, but also instantly make people fall off a cliff.

Cao Qiqiao in the Story of the Golden Lock was originally a lovely woman with a cheerful personality, but she was slowly carried into the abyss by desire.

there was no shortage of suitors around her when she was young, and in order to get rich and rich, she chose to marry Jiang's rickety son.

after her husband's death, Cao Qiqiao tried to get more property by selling badly, but unfortunately, her plan failed.

she thinks: "people are unreliable, only money is reliable."

Cao Qiqiao was worried that his relatives were thinking about his property and that they would take away the money, so he made up his mind not to communicate with his relatives.

when others helped her daughter, who almost fell, Cao Qiqiao turned a cold eye, thinking that he wanted to be a door-to-door son-in-law for money.

even the sheets her daughter left at school, she had to argue with the headmaster, causing her daughter to lose all her dignity.

over the past few decades, she devoted all her energies to protecting her money and finally lived a miserable life.

Cai Chongda said in "skin":

You will look absolutely stunning in our black and red evening gown whatever the occasion. Latest arrivals in the newest different trendy styles!

"how light our lives should be, they are all held up by the dirt of this body and various desires."

in many cases, it is not the unknown difficulties that affect the state of your life, but your excessive desire.

once a person can not restrain his inner greed and constantly indulge his words and deeds, then the scourge of sorrow will soon follow.

if you indulge in fame and wealth, you will be trapped by fame and wealth. If you care too much about gains and losses, you will be anxious and miserable.

what is really worth pursuing in life is not external fame and wealth, but inner prosperity and pleasure.

shield the flashy and noisy of desire, let the bound heart liberate and free, and the road of life can be steady and steady.

trim edge

Shakespeare said: "A proud man always destroys himself in pride."

in life, if a person's words and deeds show publicity and sharpness everywhere, he will be damaged sooner or later.

Qian Zhongshu plays an important role in the history of literature, but in his early years, he offended many people because of his arrogant temper.

Qian Zhongshu graduated from Tsinghua University in 1933. Many teachers took a fancy to his talent and persuaded him to stay in school many times.

but he refused without thinking, saying that no teacher at Tsinghua University was qualified to be his teacher.

, Qian Zhongshu taught at Southwest Associated University, but left in less than a year.

since then, many strange things have happened to him, the news of the president's request for stay has not been received for a long time, and the employment letter of Tsinghua University has disappeared.

when Tsinghua University hired him to teach again, even when he got the news, he still did not receive the offer before the start of the term.

later, Qian Zhongshu learned that he had been tampered with. These people are Ye Gongchao and Chen Futian, who also teach at Tsinghua University.

because of his vilification at the beginning, the two were dissatisfied, so they tried their best to get in the way and tried their best to oppose him going back to school.

there is a saying in Jia Yi: "if a gentleman takes far away, he must be treated; if he is big, he must bear it."

it is good to have talent and ability, but the result of acting too arrogantly is often to make yourself physically and mentally tired and embarrassed.

all the tolerance, avoidance and low-key humility are all choices to weigh the pros and cons after suffering losses.

the greatest sobriety of a person is to know what to do and what not to do, and to be in awe of people and things.

being able to show others with a low profile is a person's hardest strength.

trim temper

the writer Zhang once said, "the world is full of traps, and anger will lead you to the worst."

it is easy to be anxious and impulsive when you encounter unpleasant things, but if you allow your emotions to run rampant, you will only cause trouble for yourself.


@ threeMoon fish

once told the story of her friend. One morning, the friend quarreled with her husband over a trivial matter.

then, she rode her battery bike to work, but her friend kept thinking about it on the way, and she was extremely upset.

during the quarrel, her mobile phone suddenly fell to the ground. As a result, the screen was broken and it could not be turned on.

when she arrived at the company, she was severely criticized by the leader because she made a big mistake in her work that day, and finally she had to work overtime to finish the task.

thinking about everything that happened that day, the friend lamented, "it's been a terrible day. Everything hasn't gone well."

there are not a few things like this in life, and many people find it difficult to suppress their temper afterwards and eventually get themselves into a vicious circle.

do not realize that only when you learn to face what has happened calmly can things start for the better.

Zeng Guangxian said: "if you endure the anger of the moment, you will not worry for a hundred days."

losing your temper seems to lighten the burden on your heart, but it can distract yourself and expand the situation.

A true wise man knows how to give up impulses, always keep rational and sober, and learn to make progress in every difficulty.

calm down when something happens, you can clear your mind, gain insight into the nature of the problem, and get out of the current predicament.

you know, in this world, there is no shortage of smart people, but people who are emotionally stable and kind to others.

learn to stabilize your temper and be more patient and tolerant. Only in this way will there be fewer obstacles and more smooth roads in life.

pruning annoyance

have you ever had this experience?

when you see people around you get a promotion and a raise, earning more than 10,000 a month, but with a meagre salary, a huge sense of disparity suddenly strikes.

when you encounter difficulties in your work, others deal with them methodically, but you always make great efforts and feel anxious and helpless.

when I get along with my colleagues, everyone talks and laughs, but my heart is miserable because I often can't answer the words.

these are originally the normality of life, but because they attach too much importance to themselves, they put heavy shackles on their body and mind for no reason.

there is a saying in the Buddhist language: "if you hold on to one thought, you will be trapped; once you put it down, you will be in your heart."

there are always too many anxious and confused trifles in life, which disturb your life from time to time.

but what really pains us is not the hustle and bustle of the outside world, but the heart that is hard for us to let go.

Li Xiaoyi once said in a video that she had an artifact-an annoyance box.

there are many small notes in the box, full of her worries and worries about the future.

for example, "unable to write a manuscript, bald", "unable to accompany my daughter on a business trip, heart blockage", "head lines are getting heavier and heavier, angry", "work partners do not understand, affect the progress" …...

and these boxes stuffed with notes, she never opened them after a week or more.

it turns out that these troubles either don't happen, or they don't exist.

she said in the video: "most of the time we live too hard, just think too much, think less, and we will live more easily."

most of the time, troubles are self-inflicted. If you persuade yourself, no matter how difficult things are, they will disappear.

read a sentence: "anxiety will not eliminate the sadness of tomorrow, it will only consume the strength of today."

everyone will eventually encounter all kinds of tribulations, and if they are worried all the time, it will only weaken their ability to deal with difficulties.

for the rest of my life, it is more important to live well in the present and put my restless heart at ease.

likes a sentence very much: "those who fly far away should change their new feathers, and those who are good at building them should first clear their old foundations."

Life is never about moving forward, but knowing to stop at the right time to look back and learn to prune yourself.

Pat the dust on the shoulder, clear the garbage of the mind, and let the desire, pride, anger and annoyance dissipate.

, may each of us practice ourselves like still water and witness a blooming future in ordinary dribs and drabs.

this book is published under authorization.