Treasure mother parenting guide: beware of the woman who can not only shock the bear baby, but also take her on a trip.
Treasure mother parenting guide: beware of the woman who can not only shock the bear baby, but also take her on a trip.
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if you put the baby and the distance together, many mothers feel tired and don't like it, because no one can solve all the travel problems smoothly.

in addition to worrying about safety issues such as traffic, hydro and electricity, there are also baby crying, queuing in scenic spots, physical strength of parents and other important obstacles.

do you still remember the story of the treasure mother that the egg mother collected from everyone a few days ago?

▽ mothers also had a heated discussion ▽

Bao Ma A: do you know how difficult it is to take a car with your child? No matter how many snacks she eats, she can't stop her crying mouth!

Sister Hong:

  • first stop the source and distract her with snacks and fruits and the child's favorite picture book toys.

  • second reduce interference, prepare some snacks and earplugs in advance to distribute to passengers, so that when the child cries, these can reduce interference.

Bao Ma B:

Hong Jie:

Hey, look at the degree of heated debate, look at Sister Hong's ability to open up tricks, I have to say, as powerful as Sister Hong, when it comes to dealing with babies, there is always infinite treasure power to chop the waves!


every baby mother has experienced a long way of parenting, from joy to all kinds of busyness, confusion and fatigue. But the good news is that everyone, like Sister Hong, has always maintained an optimistic and positive attitude to face the problems of parenting.

they are treasure mothers, imperfect but real and powerful, and have been using infinite treasure power to perfectly interpret the definition of treasure mother.

Children's Exploration

when a child can walk on his own, he is worried about bumping into it and holding it in his arms all the time.

when a child shows curiosity about the outside world, worrying about the danger of the unknown is always not allowed.

in fact, in the process of growing up, parents learn to let go and create conditions for their children to explore is the most appropriate way to love their children.

this is a treasure skill worth learning. It reminds us that on the road of children's exploration, we should learn to let go bravely, so that babies can get close to and feel nature according to their own nature, and grow happily in nature.

parent-child interaction

how to have a good parent-child relationshipDepartment, has always been a thing that baby mothers are constantly looking for.

because it seems to mention parent-child interaction, there are always parks, playgrounds and outings, which inevitably make parents work hard.

use everyday objects to make exquisite handmade toys for children During the drying process, you can also sew a cartoon pattern on your baby's clothes on a whim.

Child Nutrition

at every stage of the egg's growth, I had to struggle for his nutrition, especially for his dislike of vegetables.

for this reason, egg mothers often fight wits with their children, seducing them with snacks or stuffing them into his mouth when they are not prepared. Can be as smart as balls, can always put on a fancy show of rejection for three times.

later, egg mothers also learned to stir vegetables or meat into juices and mashed meat to make some cartoon shapes that children like , so that retains the original flavor of the food.The child eats happily again , which is killing two birds with one stone.

it's like being praised by treasure mothers- Novouneng Dutch version , with its light taste and full of nutrition , the baby will grow up naturally and healthily.


unlike the demand for sweetness deliberately pursued by some milk powder, Noroneng Holland version straight look for light tastes get lactose from natural milk, is closer to breast milk nutrition .

light taste can not only keep the baby from getting angry , but also lower than the ratio of half sweetness of sugar, for the baby give up sweet dependence is also very helpful.

imagine, the taste is light, and the milk powder does not add extra sucrose, granulated sugar and vanillin, the baby's natural burden is small and can also reduce the risk of dental caries.

what's more, it tastes light, but some nutrients are the same, except that it contains calcium, iron, zinc, nucleotides, vitamin A /C, D multiple Treasure Nutrition and Scientific combination of probiotics

so, naturally light and nutritious, naturally achieve the refreshing parenting state of treasure mothers. Novoon Dutch version of milk powder is sure to be the treasure of treasure mothers' choice, together to achieve a lovely baby full of energy ~

in fact, every mother is a" treasure mother ", just with different personality types and treasure skills, but there are only many hearts that want their children to grow up happily.

of course, in order to help treasure mothers get more treasure skills, the Dutch version of Novoo also creates a communication mini for everyone Tiandi- fun" Nutrilon Treasure Forest Game , help find more like-minded treasure teammates.

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