Top self-discipline for adults: reading, saving, exercise
Top self-discipline for adults: reading, saving, exercise
Exercise more, read a lot, save money hard, quietly top-notch and amaze everyone.



educator Krupskaya once said:

"those who want to achieve excellent results should cherish and spend their time very carefully."

if you want to have a better life that is different from ordinary people, you must persist in making efforts that are different from ordinary people.

and the most self-disciplined effort is tantamount to persisting in reading, saving money and exercising.

if you work hard in these three areas, you may not see any effect in the short term, but as long as you persist, you will certainly have boundless strength.

Reading can nourish your mind

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someone asked in Dong Yuhui's studio: what's the use of reading?

Dong Yuhui said: "Reading does not make you succeed immediately, but gives you a rising strength when you encounter troughs."

when you keep reading and have a wealth of experience, you will not sink when you are at a low point.

saw the self-media person a few days ago

@ to meet

is full of emotion.

after becoming a stay-at-home mother, she took care of the children on her own for five years without help.

it was an extremely dark day for her.

after being persuaded by her family to go to the hospital for an examination, she was diagnosed with depression, but took the medicine for a period of time but had no effect. When there was nothing everyone could do, she suddenly picked up the book and began to read it.

and since she started reading, everything seems to be slowly changing.

A book like a light into her life, so that she is no longer so painful, she began to smile at people, began to no longer confused.

as a result of reading for a long time, she not only changed her depressed state, but also achieved financial freedom by reading and writing. Compared with before, it looks like a different person.

she said that when you are unhappy and can't feel hope, you must read books. Books really have healing power.

it is true that reading can really calm the mind and nourish the mind.

some people say that reading can solve more than 80% of confusion.

when you are in trouble, the big reason is that there is something wrong with your way of thinking, and reading can broaden your way of thinking and broaden your horizons.

what you have experienced, your predecessors have experienced, and what you have not experienced, the book has already shown you the way forward.

maybe reading won't give you an answer right away, but it will give you strength.

as someone said, "reading a good book will make you stronger, smarter and more calm."

Reading is the best way of self-transformation and the best cure for confusion.

saving money can guarantee your future

writer Lu Yao said: "money is a good thing, it makes people no longer flustered, and makes people confident."

when people reach middle age, they stumble and stumble, while others go to school. And only money can solve this melancholy.

in this day and age, every penny you save will be a sense of security in your life.


@ Flower Angel

, once told his own story.

she has always been an overdue consumer, almost always with a monthly credit card bill of more than 10,000. When it comes to the repayment day, she is robbing the east wall to make up for it.

every time her friends gather for dinner, she is afraid to go to dinner, or even to talk about love, and her parents' medical expenses are even more difficult to pay.

later, when she didn't want to have no choice but to pay back, she began to force herself to cut back on spending and control her spending.

if you can take the subway to work, never take a taxi, buy daily necessities after use, don't store too much at one time, and even quit her favorite milk tea cake snacks.

slowly, she repaid the money and saved a small part of the money, and now she feels very at ease.

in many cases, reducing consumption is actually improving your sense of security.

for every penny you save, your future is more secure; for every penny you save, you feel more secure.

there is a saying: "start saving as soon as possible, this is the most worthwhile good habit."

to bid farewell to consumerism and reap happiness in the process of saving money is also a kind of wisdom of survival.

watched online celebrity video blogger Fang Qi shared her experience before:

from a small town to a metropolis, she was suddenly attracted by the present prosperity and became inferiority complex and anxiety.

so, when she earned the first bucket of gold, she began to spend blindly and enhance her sense of existence.

more than 10,000 bags and a feast of 1,000 yuan are just for posting moments and satisfying your vanity.

but one day, when she suddenly needed a sum of money but couldn't come up with it, she finally realized that designer bags and refined photos could not resist any risks.

Oscar Wilde once said:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. Now that I'm old, I know it's true. "

We should avoid falling into the trap of consumerism.

NuMaking money and saving money properly can not only resist risks, but also get rid of life anxiety.

try to save money and save for your future.

exercise can strengthen your body

some people say:

"exercise can replace almost any drug in terms of its function, but none of the drugs in the world can replace the effect of exercise."

Sports is an investment that will not be regretted, and when you fall in love with it, health will fall in love with you. People who fall in love with sports have better luck.

A video of Wang Linlin, a female bus driver, exercising on a bus has gone viral.

at the age of 43, she has a good-looking waistcoat and remains as slim as a girl.

previously, due to long-term sitting, she suffered from lumbar muscle strain, so she made a high-intensity exercise plan for herself: 100 belly rolls, 100 abdominal wheels a day, and running 5 kilometers.

every day, she takes more than 40 minutes to rest at the bus stop for physical exercise, and she has developed a waistcoat line in only half a year.

Leo Tolstoy said: "Life is sports, and human life is sports."

and the exercise and non-exercise of the body, are two completely different feelings.

not long ago, 72-year-old Alan Tam went on a hot search.

he said that he plays football four days a week, and plays badminton with Li Keqin for the remaining three days. If Li Keqin is not there, he goes bowling by himself.

netizens say directly that this physical strength is too strong.

the ancients said, "there are good activities and harmony among the five internal organs."

maybe, the process of exercise is very hard, but when you sweat, you will feel extremely relaxed. Over time, as you look at yourself getting better and healthier, you will become addicted to this feeling.

so exercise, the benefits of exercise are too many, as long as you stick to it, time will give the answer.

Kazuo Inamori said:

"cause and effect must be reported, but it takes time. Don't be anxious because you don't see the effect for a while. The important thing is to be tireless and persistent on weekdays. "

the lasting happiness in this world often needs to be achieved through self-restraint.

only by reading more can you see the wonderful life you have never experienced and purify your mind.

save more money so that you can have the strength to walk in the world and get enough sense of security in your heart.

only by exercising more can you have a healthy body and let yourself go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

your every persistence will shine your way to the future, and one day, it will take you to where you want to go.

exercise more, read a lot, save money hard, quietly excel and amaze everyone.