To take good care of your mindset is to make money.
To take good care of your mindset is to make money.
Life, fewer troubles, more happiness, naturally smooth and worry-free.





at the beginning of the year, some people regard it as a watershed and can't help asking themselves:

in the new year, how can I make more money, how can I give my family a better life, and how can I deal with unexpected situations in my life?

therefore, to seek stability and find ways to make money has become the most desirable thing in people's hearts.

in my opinion, if you want to make money, you should not only improve your business, but also adjust your mentality.

nine times out of ten, if you take good care of your mindset, you are also making money.

attitude towards work: steady

recently, I have heard many people complain that it is not easy to find a job and not easy to make money.

some people have been unknown for years and have not been promoted, while others have to leave temporarily due to huge fluctuations in their companies.

the development of the industry is in the doldrums, and it took her three months to produce an in-depth manuscript, but she didn't even have a chance to publish it.

if she wants to continue her career in this industry, her only chance is to switch to a new media company, starting with a rookie internship.

the huge gap between reality and dream gave her a head-on blow, and many people in the company left one after another because they could not bear the pressure or did not meet their wages.

but not Teng Xiaoxiao.

she knows in her heart that the market is bad, but her dream is still the same.

she used the quickest time to force herself to accept reality, calm down, face everything around her rationally, and then give full play to her strengths and try her best to find topics, shoot materials, and cut films.

people often say that Tiandu is a self-ferry.

she treats her work attentively, and her work will naturally give her a good return.

over time, she has not only made a significant improvement in her business, but also has a say in the whole company.

her experience makes me feel very inspiring, not only because of her dedication to her work, but also because of her mentality in the face of job changes.

Don't worry, don't complain, don't give up, and deal with the change with a "steady" state of mind.

Harvard Research School once did a study:

"15% of a person's achievement at work is determined by intelligence and experience, and the remaining 85% is determined by mentality."

that's true.

people in this life, it is inevitable to encounter ups and downs at work, experience difficulties, complaining can not solve the problem, complaining can not get any reward.

in the face of uncertainty, the only thing we can control is our own state of mind.

try to stabilize your mindset, no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how slow the pace is, as long as you are walking, you will always see progress.

people who are really capable don't care about their emotions, but only take things seriously.

attitude towards friends: kindness

as the saying goes, there are three stakes in one fence and three gangs in a hero.

in this life, our attitude towards work determines our career achievements, while our attitude towards our friends determines how wide our road to life can be.

once I had dinner with Jiajia, a former colleague. At that time, her work was not going well and there was something wrong with the company's business, so she would face the risk of being laid off next.

Jiajia is dejected all day and doesn't think about food and tea. Although he is also actively looking for a job, there has been no progress due to the recession in the industry.

unexpectedly, when she sent the message that her work was not going well and asked everyone to recommend a job to her moments, some people contacted Jia Jia one after another, saying that they were willing to push her to her own company.

when asked, it turned out that these were all the friends Jiajia had helped.

the previous classmate was coming to see a doctor, but she didn't understand the registration process, so Jiajia stuck with her mobile phone and registered for this classmate.

A friend rented a house and met an unscrupulous landlord and had no place to live for a while. Jiajia didn't say a word after learning the situation and lived in his own house with a friend.

there is also a friend in high school who had no money to rent a house when she first entered the society. Jiajia turned out her savings and lent all her money to this friend after leaving only enough money for her daily expenses.

there is a saying: "throw me a peach and return it to Qiongyao."

her kindness moved the colleagues of her friends around her and accumulated a lot of contacts for her.

they know that Jiajia is a reliable and kind person.

people change hearts, so when Jiajia encounters difficulties, they are willing to share the opportunities around them with her.

only for those friendships that have treated each other with all their hearts, and those who never give up.

in fact, in this life, there has never been a noble person who fell from the sky, only friends who are cherished by heart.

your friendly attitude towards your friends and every good deed you do for those who deserve it are quietly affecting your fate and invisibly increasing your blessings.

attitude towards family: and

I have seen a question: what kind of emotion is home for you?

someone replied:

"Home is a place for your heart to rest, a place where you can tolerate your mistakes, your excitement, your helplessness, your laughter, your tears, and a place where you don't have to wear a mask."

on reflection, this is indeed the case.

think of Liu Xiaomin played by Zhou Xun in Xiaomin's Family.

she grew up in a small city. Because her marriage broke up, she went to Beijing to work alone after the divorce.

in Beijing, she met her partner, Chen Zhuo, who wanted to spend the rest of her life together.

they could have been together, but the arrival of their son and mother set up a barrier to their relationship.

her life has been completely disrupted, and her relationship has many stumbling blocks.

but what did Liu Xiaomin do with it?

in the face of her son, whom she had not seen for several years, she gave her son great tolerance, tolerated his small emotions and accepted his rebellion.

in the face of her mother, who has a different concept of life, she tries her best to be enlightened, stay by her mother's side and be her most loyal listener.

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No matter how busy she is at work and how upset she is, what she leaves to her family is always a stable mood and a peaceful smile.

her attitude towards her relatives reflects the way she deals with problems.

looking at what she did, I understood that sentence more and more:

true maturity is not to hurt the one closest to you on the spur of the moment, but to support him in trouble and give him strength in peace.

speaking of this, I think of a story I have heard.

there was a boss whose company was facing a crisis. He couldn't hide his frustration during the meeting and couldn't help getting angry.

but not long after the meeting, his wife called to ask him if he would be home for dinner in the evening. The man took a deep breath and tried to control his emotions and answered the phone.

the tone is very gentle:

"Honey, there's something to do at the company. You and the kids can eat first. Don't wait for me."

the employees in the company all say that the relationship between him and his wife is a model.

his wife never bothered him about the big and small things at home and the relationship between the seven aunts and aunts.

it's not easy to make money outside, and he seldom bothers his wife about changes in company affairs.

later, the development of the company took a turn for the better. In his annual speech, the boss said that his wife was the most grateful person for his success.

it was his wife's love that gave him the strength to move forward.

and the trust he gave his wife also gave her the courage to fight against trivial years.

the two support each other and achieve together, and the natural wind and water rise in the days.

more than one family psychologist has come to the conclusion that

the more harmonious a person's family is, the higher his career achievement will be.

Why do you say that?

because a family is like a grasshopper on a rope, only when we have the right mentality, go hand in hand, and work hard in one place, can we make the family ship sail further.

A good family is a man's armor and a woman's backing.

Kafka has a saying in Castle:

"try to get something, in fact, as long as you are calm and calm, you can easily get it unnoticed.

and if you make too much noise, too naive, too inexperienced, cry and scratch, like a child pulling at the tablecloth, you get nothing, but you'll never get all the good things on the table. "

this is true.

A person's attitude towards things and the way he deals with problems determine how far he can go in life.

at work, I have a stable state of mind and work hard.

in friendship, be kind and tolerant to others.

in the family, there is peace of mind and mutual respect.

in this way, only in order to seek the stability of the front and rear, will your future go smoothly, and you will devote more energy to working and making money.

in life, there are less troubles, more happiness, and no worries.

, may your 2023 be able to adjust your mindset, take care of your career and family, and achieve the achievements you want.