To a certain age, low-equipped life, high-equipped soul
To a certain age, low-equipped life, high-equipped soul
Rather than curry favor with a high-end circle, it is better to live a good life.

A writer said, "A simple life and a noble soul are the highest realm of life."

when we were young, we always thought that life is the pursuit of "high-configuration" life, the pursuit of luxury cars, high-end houses, decent jobs.

gradually, smart people understand:

if you pursue the "high configuration" of the material too much, the body is tired, the mind is more tired; if you reduce the configuration properly, life can live at ease.

I have read a sentence: "to have is to be owned."

means that once we have something, from that moment on, we are also owned by it.

for example, if you own a car and you are owned by the car at the same time, you often worry that it will be rubbed or stolen, and you have to buy insurance and maintenance for it.

for example, if you own a luxury dress, you are also owned by it, which needs washing when it is dirty, ironing when it is wrinkled, and repairing when it is broken.

the more things we have, the more external things we need to worry about and focus on.

agrees with the saying: "A simple life is not an ascetic self-abuse, but a more humane, economic, environmentally friendly, relaxed and pleasant life."

We always try to have more, but seldom ask ourselves: will I be happy after having so much?

the so-called low material configuration is not to lower your quality of life, but to learn to distinguish and give up in a world full of choices and desires.

with low material life, you can control your life more forcefully.

there is a classic saying:

"when your abilities, status, and resources don't match your social ambitions, all you do is socialize ineffectively."

in life, some people add friends to everyone, thinking that they have connections.

but when you ask for something from others, you find that you are not good, and it is futile to know no matter how good you are.

when people reach a certain age, they should know how to subtract from their own circle, reduce energy consumption, and save more time for themselves and their families.

people's energy is limited. Where time is, so is achievement.

if you spend all your time clinging to the so-called "awesome circle", how can you have time to improve yourself?

A truly quality life is not built on hard socialization.

instead of cosying up to a high-end circle, it is better to live a good life.

someone once said: "the lower a person's external material requirements, the higher his internal requirements."

if one lives only in the material world, he will toil all his life and his mind will be empty.

when we no longer pursue the high configuration of the material, but maintain a quiet state of mind, it is easy to achieve the high configuration of the soul.

"you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

indifference and serenity, is a kind of indifferent and open-minded, is a kind of mature and calm, but also a high-equipped realm of the soul.

when you reach a certain age, please live a "low-equipped" life.

"low configuration" is not a lack of progress, but a degree of relaxation, do not climb do not compare, do not want too much.

clothes do not have to wear famous brands, as long as they are comfortable.

A house doesn't have to be luxurious, just be clean.

Find a flattering floor length white dresses for your upcoming events or dates. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

cars don't have to be high-end, as long as they can walk.

the circle is not necessarily high-end, it would be nice to have three or five bosom friends.

, low-equipped life and high-equipped soul make life purer and heart richer.