Three years after Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang's divorce, Tian Xin posted a family photo for the first time. Netizen: they actually got back together?
Three years after Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang's divorce, Tian Xin posted a family photo for the first time. Netizen: they actually got back together?
It is hoped that all parents can be truly responsible for their children's lives and do not let them become emotional victims.

some time ago, Li Xiaolu sent a group of photos with his daughter Tian Xin.

Tian Xin, who is already 10 years old, is graceful and graceful, and her eyebrows and temperament are completely combined with the appearance of her parents.

in this dynamic, Li Xiaolu also released Tian Xin's short video account.

looking at the video she has sent before, I can also notice that the copywriter says, "May my parents and I be happy forever!"

many signs have aroused speculation: have Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu got back together?

in the impression, Xiao Tian Xin once said proudly to the camera: "We are white."

and now she is still that strange and polite little girl.

some fans said they liked her in the comments section, and she thanked each other happily.

when people said they wanted to see the family together, she responded positively: yes.

for those who complain about Li Xiaolu's malicious messages, she will defend her mother like a little adult.

when someone asked Tian Xin why she didn't live in the princess room, she said, "although my parents are stars, I want to be a happy ordinary person."

it can be seen from Tian Xin's words and deeds that she grew up in a loving environment.

this also indirectly shows that Li Xiaolu, as a mother, is really competent.

usually, she will study with Tian Xin and explain questions patiently.

when Tian Xin takes part in the piano performance, Li Xiaolu will accompany her to practice over and over again and prepare everything carefully.

when you are free, you will go out with Tian Xin and play skateboarding together.

or do commonweal together.

at the same time, Jia Nailiang, as Tian Xin's father, will also accompany Tian Xin after work.

in addition to the birthday wishes delivered on time every year, I will also go shopping with Tian Xin and do handicrafts together.

what is more rare is that even if the marriage is no longer, they will still spend time with their daughter.

when they met, they talked and talked like friends, and there was no sense of division of the divorced family as they imagined.

I have to say, let the child's growth process is still haunted by love from parents, this atmosphere will really minimize the impact of divorce on children.

A few days ago, an entry called "the Great Reconciliation of the Century" rushed into the hot search, and everyone must have seen it.

it is hard to imagine that one day Pan Yueming and Dong Jie will be able to shake hands and make peace.

the love of this pair of golden boys and girls has been praised by countless people, and Pan Yueming shows his love everywhere after marriage, as if he were in love.

however, as soon as the situation changed, the two people broke up in discord, leaving only a piece of sigh.

for a long time after the divorce, Pan Yueming could not see his son's top. In desperation, when he reached his birthday every year, he could only post on the social platform to express his best wishes.

this year, Dingding celebrates its birthday again. This time, Pan Yueming finally stopped sending the two fixed symbols.

but filmed a video with fireworks on the top and said, "my son is so handsome!" Happy birthday. "

what is even more surprising is that Pan Yueming openly @ Dong Jie at the back of the copywriter.

Dong Jie not only retweeted this message, but also turned him off.

can be called a great scene that has been seen for a long time, which stunned onlookers, not only marveling at the ice-breaking relationship between the two, but also congratulating Pan Yueming on finally seeing his son 10 years later.

at the beginning of the affair, the woman's reputation directly collapsed.

coupled with the refusal to let the child meet his father, it has also been criticized so far.

but Pan Yueming never said anything bad about her, and the daily details of the two people once recorded on his Weibo have not been deleted to this day.

someone once asked him why, and his answer was:

"I hope to know in the future that he came to this world because of love."

needless to say, the father loves and misses his son, and as a mother, Dong Jie, although she has been taking good care of her son, can still see the most sensitive emotions in some details of her life.

deep in his hidden heart, he will miss his father, too.

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in the program, he quietly stroked at the camera, and his partner asked him what he had written.

he said, "I write about Dad."

when he went to Dalian with his mother, he said it was like Beijing.

then, he whispered:

"when I think of Beijing, I begin to think."

although he didn't finish, everyone knew that it was his father who could not speak to him.

the "flames of war" triggered by the divorce of parents eventually involved innocent children.

is the best interpretation of the present happiness.

think of a piece of news I saw during the Spring Festival.

the ex-husband specially picked up the children for the holiday, and the two sons and a daughter got on the bus happily and wanted to go with their father.

however, the father opened the car door directly and told his daughter not to follow him back.

then, the daughter cried sadly. She didn't understand why her father only took his brother, but not.I want her.

parents should at least understand that, in any case, they should not destroy their children's vision of their families and loved ones.

trying to maintain the appearance of harmony in a relationship is undoubtedly the best sense of security for children.

even if you divorce, it only means the end of the relationship between husband and wife, but it should not sever the family relationship with the children.

that year, a long article by Song Dandan exploded on the Internet.

it turns out that her ex-husband Yingda never saw her son Gbatu after his divorce.

even when the son wanted his father's company, he refused.

however, he turned around and took his youngest son, showing off his "good father" in the interview.

not only that, but he responded confidently:

"if you want to start a new life, you must turn the original page thoroughly, including not seeing the child."

in short, the past has to be abandoned, including its own children.

parents still have the freedom to choose, a "start a new life" will be able to abandon everything with peace of mind.

but as children, why should they pay for their parents' choices and have to stand still and watch their parents' backs drifting away?

when faced with the problem of divorce, people will worry about affecting their children first.

in fact, the real harm to children is not the parents' divorce, but the parents' attitude and way of dealing with each other after divorce.

Lin Zhiying's parents separated when she was young. since then, Lin's mother tried her best to spend time with him.

I thought this would make up for the child, but the tearing between her and Lin Fu hurt the child again and again.

Lin Zhiying said in the program interview:

"I will always be the one in the middle. When he is with his father, he will say something about his mother. When he is with his mother, he will complain to us. He really can't stand it. "

Jiang Sida, the debater of "Qifa Shuo" also mentioned:

"when I'm at home, my mom scolds my dad, and when I go out to play, my dad scolds my mom. You don't know which one is true and which one is bloody."

the feud between adults is like a sharp spear, leaving deep scars in the hearts of children.

even after a few decades, as long as I think of those memories, it is still impossible to cross easily.

so, if you really do it for the good of your children, you don't need to support a shaky home.

but parents still have the freedom to choose life, but at the same time, they should also give their children enough love.

, I hope that all parents can be truly responsible for their children's lives and do not let them become emotional victims.


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