Three years after Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang separated, Tian Xin's first video was brushed on the screen.
Three years after Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang separated, Tian Xin's first video was brushed on the screen.
May we all be mothers who love their children and themselves.


A few days ago, Li Xiaolu posted a New year's greeting video, announcing Tian Xin's account.

in the video, Tian Xin, who is already a big girl, is only half a head shorter than her mother Li Xiaolu, and her eyebrows are like both her father and her mother.

under the jubilant video, some netizens found that Tian Xin's account background is a family photo.

some people can't help sighing: "that's what she wants the most."

Jia Nailiang was also mentioned in the mother-daughter co-production video released by Tianxin a few months ago.

"May my parents and I be happy forever."

when husband and wife divorce, the two are drifting apart, and only the children will treat their parents as a whole family.

thought everything was the same as before, as if we had never been separated.

this reminds me of a video I watched the other day, in which the girl seldom had a chance to have dinner with her parents for the Spring Festival after her parents divorced.

but on that day, she, dressed in exquisite makeup, ushered in her father's breach of appointment.

she didn't want to upset her mother, so she secretly broke her heart.

some people say that children from divorced families are most afraid of the Spring Festival.

they hope to emphasize that family affection still exists through reunion, but the reality is often not satisfactory.

both parents have a new life, but only they stay where they are.

"after my parents divorced, I became a drag bottle."

for parents, divorce is only a stage, and for children, it is a long way.

some people live with their mother after their parents' divorce. The mother has to support several children by herself, leaving early and coming home late.

my parents divorced and my mother was busy at work. I had three meatloaf at New year's Eve dinner. I ate alone. I was alone with my little lamp on. I cried while eating. I don't know since when I hated festivals. It's not as good as normal days. At least I won't feel lonely.

during the holidays, others think of excitement, and she has only a strong sense of loneliness.

they will more or less look forward to the opportunity to have a meal with their families and enjoy the happiness they used to have.

but when parents start new families, the problem they face is no longer "reunion", but "performance".

show your happy side and realize the harmony of the two families.

Xi Rui, a contestant in the variety show, had his parents divorced at the age of six. From then on, he had to face a choice.

whose house are you going to for the Spring Festival?

although his parents say they don't care, he will count as a good day, with half of each family and constant rotation for 17 years.

in his eyes, no matter who he chooses, he will feel guilty.

after parents' divorce, children must divide their love into two equal parts in order to prove that they love their parents as much.

some netizens said that they feel that they are walking on a tightrope and have spent more than a decade balancing their relationship. As long as they say the wrong thing, their parents will be unhappy.

finally, she found: "No home is my home."

their own parents become other people's parents, and they just become the lubricant for two families.

even if your family gives something, you should be careful. You only feel as if you are a shady bastard.

everywhere is like home, nowhere is not home.

what is even more sad is that parents pass the buck to each other and finally let their children bear the consequences of their divorce.

some netizens envy those who are bothered by their parents, because at least it shows that these children are needed by their parents.

when they asked their parents for living expenses, their parents still regretted the marriage and rejected her existence: "I would not have given birth to you if I had known."

they are like the positive and negative poles of magnets, pushing children away when they are not needed.

finally turned the child into a homeless tramp.

mothers after divorce are most afraid of their children's tears

as a mother, I was very sad when I learned their stories.

after becoming a mother, you will find that children are the guides of their parents, and their every move can affect all the joys and sorrows of their parents.

seeing the video of the girl crying, the uncle will think how sad the child's mother should be.

if the daughter is sad, the mother will also be sad. No matter how hard she tries, the child still wants to have a family reunion.

the mother divorced when her daughter was more than one year old, respected the idea that her child wanted to be close to her father, and sent her child to her ex-husband's house for the Spring Festival every year.

this year, her ex-husband has a new family.

seeing the girl in the video, she immediately thought of her child.

my daughter, grievances and grievances are suffocated in my heart, and I don't know what uncomfortable words she will say to me when she comes back from the New year.

she was advised not to let her child go to her ex-husband's house to be wronged.

what she wants is not to deprive children of the right to feel love.

after having children, people around them always emphasize that children need both parents in order to grow up healthily.

they need the guidance of their father and the company of their mother.

the children are not on their own, and many people will try their best to maintain the original environment and let the children see each other regularly.

they want their children to be healthy and happy.Grow up.

A mother always maintains the image of her ex-husband in front of her children and never speaks ill of him.

the little girl uses the money to sell her hair to prepare gifts for her father.

as the Spring Festival approached, my ex-husband came back specially just to pick up two sons who were supposed to be raised by him.

when the little girl got on the bus and wanted to follow her home, her father poured cold water on her. "Don't go back yet, will you?"

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the child always wants a father, and she doesn't know how to resolve this grievance.

their company does not make up for the child's desire for the other side.

mothers can only do more to gain the trust of their children.

the mother in the documentary "the second time in Life" did not get custody of her youngest son after her divorce.

in order to have more opportunities to get along with her youngest son, she goes to her ex-husband's house every day to pick up the children and help them with their homework.

finally, he secretly left before his ex-husband left work.

she is like a snail girl, taking care of the child.

mothers try to give their children a better life, but they are still easily fettered by their children's emotions.

in a broken relationship, the more a child yearns for a father, the more likely it is for his mother to feel frustrated.

out of love, they are more concerned about their children's mood.

afraid that the child likes each other more, that the child will not come back, and that the child does not love her.

reshuffle to adapt to life, give children enough love

when faced with this problem, many people will think of not getting divorced for their children or remarrying for their children.

it is said that it is for the children, but for the children, is this the best choice?

what they need most is not the grudging survival of the relationship between parents, but the care and love of their families.

can feel self-worth around their parents to prove that they are worthy of being loved and being valued.

after a mother divorced, she did not force her children to follow her for the Spring Festival.

the child went to his ex-husband's house, and his father had a new relationship, eating and drinking by himself.

when the child comes home, he can honestly say that he eats, drinks and plays at his father's house every day, and almost doesn't want to go home.

because she was too happy, she gained four jin and was laughed at by her family.

parents and children are actually equal.

after the divorce, we are not other people's wives, but we are still the mothers of our children.

Love for children should not be out of guilt.

Sun Yi was asked how to get along with her ex-husband's family after the divorce.

"I should call Mom Mom, and then his relatives I will also call Auntie and Auntie. First of all, we don't have a complete (broken) relationship, and we have children. I just move my mouth to make everyone comfortable. Then why don't you do it?"

divorce is always a choice in life, and what we need is to prevent our children from becoming victims of marriage as much as possible.

it's not a complete end, it just means a new interpretation of our relationship with each other.

A netizen said when her mother was about to end her second marriage:

Dear mother, this time do not grievance for me and my brother, because you are not only my mother, but also yourself.

apart from being a mother, my mother is herself first.

if parents can give enough care to their children, no matter whether the marriage exists or not, no matter who the child chooses to follow, this relationship will not deteriorate.

if we live in a loving environment, our children will always be free, happy and healthy.

, may we all be mothers who love their children and themselves.

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