Three years after Kobe Bryant's death, his wife exposed a high-profile kiss photo: "sure enough, I can't pretend anymore!"
Three years after Kobe Bryant's death, his wife exposed a high-profile kiss photo: "sure enough, I can't pretend anymore!"
Everyone has the right to pursue love, and we should bless her.

the leaked photos of Kobe Bryant's plane crash finally came to the ground.

Let's review this case first.

on January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant's helicopter had an accident.

all the people on the same plane, including Bryant's second daughter Gigi, were killed.

Kobe Bryant's widow Vanessa has been hit hard.

she explicitly requested that everything at the scene of the accident be kept strictly confidential.

however, the worst thing happened.

before long, a police officer involved in the search and rescue revealed the scene to the bar bartender.

even showed her photos of the remains at the scene.

according to the survey, a staff member took 25-100 photos.

soon, photos went viral on the Internet.

Public opinion is mingled with rumors and surges in.

is aimed at the families of the victims.

I couldn't stand it. In September 2020, Vanessa and other families of the victims filed a lawsuit.

it took two years for a verdict to be made.

Vanessa received a compensation of $16 million, while the families of other victims received a compensation of $15 million.

after winning the case, Vanessa donated all the compensation to the Sports Foundation.

but this is only the first step, and there are other lawsuits related to the case waiting for her to handle.

she vowed to seek justice for her husband and daughter.

until February 28, according to US media reports, Vanessa agreed to settle.

Vanessa received a compensation of $28.85 million (about 190 million yuan).

at this point, the case came to an end.

Vanessa kept Bryant's last dignity and dignity.

but in spite of this, she is still trapped in doubt.

it is said that time is the best medicine, but for her, some injuries can no longer be cured.

Vanessa was pushed to the center of public opinion after Kobe Bryant's death.

she is young and has a huge legacy left by Kobe Bryant.

according to US media reports, less than five months after Bryant's death, dozens of athletes broke into Bryant's home.

they have the same goal: to pursue Vanessa.

this also includes some of Bryant's former teammates.

definitely not.

as we all know, Vanessa is grieving over the death of her husband, and these guys are just sharp-eyed "jackals".

in recent years, Vanessa's "new love" has been mentioned frequently.

the rumored boyfriend was Bryant's agent Pelinka.

however, after the scandal came to light, Pelinka seemed to respond.

"I stayed overnight because I was advising on the photo leak case at that time."

Vanessa didn't respond, but posted a photo of Kobe holding hands with Bryant on ins.

but public opinion never let her go.

once, a "intimate photo" went viral on the Internet.

in the photo, the light is dim and a man is kissing Vanessa on the cheek.

the news spread that she could not escape being attacked.

on another occasion, the NBA Basketball Hall of Fame held an award ceremony and Kobe Bryant was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame.

that day, Vanessa dressed in purple to thank Kobe Bryant.

this kiss is a tribute to Kobe Bryant, remembrance and comfort to his widow.

but some netizens accused her of not loving Kobe at all and scolded her for misbehaving.

thinks she should be a widow all her life.

some Kobe Bryant fans can't help but wonder:

"has Vanessa let it go? It seems that fans miss Kobe more than she does. "

under heavy pressure, Vanessa's weight soared to 230 jin.

this has become the conversation material of a lot of netizens again.

Vanessa has never answered these questions.

but in fact, as Bryant's wife, she is the one who is the most difficult to get out of grief.

outsiders only saw her smiling, but ignored the darkest moments she had experienced.

on April 19, 2020, she posted a photo of her kissing Kobe Bryant online to mark her 19th wedding anniversary.

she wrote:

"my king, my darling, my best friend, happy 19th wedding anniversary, baby.

I miss it so much. I hope you hold me in your arms here. I love you. "

on May 1, 2020, the second daughter Gigi14's birthday, she wrote:

"you will always be part of my soul. I miss you so much every day.

I hope you can be by my side when I wake up.

I miss your smirk and your hug. "

on August 23, 2020, on Bryant's 42nd birthday, she posted a long article:

"I miss you and Jaina so much that my heart is completely broken.

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for the sake of the children, I try to keep smiling every day, whileThey are stronger than me.

I wish I could wake up from this nightmare and surprise the children to welcome you home. "

missing is silent and weightless, like the fallen leaves of an autumn mountain.

but Feng knows that he has been here.

in 2001, Kobe Bryant, a new star on the court, married Vanessa who fell in love at first sight.

this marriage is not blessed.

Kobe Bryant's parents strongly object,

but he was determined to marry her.

only 12 people came to the wedding.

because of this firmness, Vanessa was able to hold Bryant's hand bravely.

Kobe Bryant beat all sides on the court, but he was full of tenderness in the face of Vanessa.

he had worked hard as a necessary quality of adulthood, but after spending time with Vanessa, he indulged her to sleep until the afternoon.

Vanessa also responded enthusiastically to Kobe Bryant's love.

she will prepare Kobe Bryant's favorite dessert after the game.

will also cheer Kobe Bryant on the court when he needs to cheer.

A pair of people, four children, all happiness is gathered.

who knows, the unexpected accident caught the family into endless grief.

Kobe Bryant is gone, and a generation of legends is over.

the man who broke into the youth of countless people will be remembered forever.

and Vanessa, will take the children, with Bryant's wish, live well.

she set up the Black Mamba Fund in the name of Kobe Bryant to help other families in distress.

she also released Kobe Bryant's legacy "Wiznard Series: season 1" and said:

"my husband will be proud to see that his work can continue to influence others. Thank you for supporting his legend. "

the mountains and rivers are far and wide, there are fireworks in the world, how many feelings in this world can withstand the wind and rain.

and how many people can resist secular rumors and stay together for a lifetime.

Li Yinhe once said: "people can love again and again, it's only a matter of time."

Yes, the dead are gone, but the living are like this.

before, a reporter asked Vanessa whether she would start a new relationship in the future.

she said: "maybe, but Kobe will never be forgotten, his position is irreplaceable."

she had accompanied him and experienced troughs and peaks.

everyone has the right to pursue love, and we should bless her.

what Bryant wants to see is also a glowing Vanessa.

May Vanessa and her daughters live a good life, believe in love and believe in hope.

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