Three taboos that cannot be committed at work
Three taboos that cannot be committed at work
Avoid what you shouldn't do, and do what you can.


after watching an interview, the host Zhu Jun asked Liu Ruoying:

"Why do you always give people a feeling of being gentle and calm, not impatient? aren't you angry when you encounter problems in your life?"

Liu Ruoying said, "that's because I know that no job is unaggrieved."

this is true. In this world, there is no industry that is not hard, and there is no place where personnel is not complex, and everyone is more or less under their own pressure and difficulties.

it is only when we go the wrong way that we realize our shortcomings.

after suffering some losses, we gradually see through the weakness of human nature.

after a severe beating, we realized the cruelty of the adult world.

there is still a long way to go in life, and work will not always go smoothly, but keep in mind that these three taboos can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Don't offend people because of your work

the workplace is a vanity fair, because it's not worth it to offend people.

very often, we inadvertently offend people, not because of entanglements of interests, but because we mistook our colleagues for our own people and spoke too directly.

you know, there are no permanent friends in the workplace, just like all things and people are just a cover.

Ronaldinho has a straightforward personality, often points out mistakes made by colleagues at work, and sometimes takes the initiative to share some of his own experience and experience.

in theory, loving sharing should be very popular. But Xiao Luo obviously felt that everyone stayed away from her for fear that there would be any overlap at work, and that she would not be invited for private activities.

not only that, in the mid-year promotion assessment, Xiao Luo also lost the election because the number of votes was too low, and it was her colleagues who were not as competent as her colleagues who were successfully promoted.

later, I accidentally learned in the mouth of the leader that her way of expression was too direct, which often embarrassed her colleagues and made everyone dissatisfied.

it was only then that she realized that because of the lack of expression, her goodwill had become a sharp weapon to hurt others and hindered her own development.

to give advice to colleagues in the workplace, you need to have high EQ communication skills, can be convincingly accepted, rather than a brain output.

everything is not black and white, quick words are often easy to offend people, making you into interpersonal crisis.

if you offend people on the job, you are likely to suffer from it, and you will be the one who will suffer in the end.

Don't be a "complainer"

once heard such a story.

there is a cow lying in the pen, panting and complaining to the dog next to him:

"the master is so ruthless. I'm really tired. I really hope I can have a good day's rest tomorrow!"

the dog comforted him and left, and on the way he met a cat. The dog said, "I just went to see the cow. He was so tired. I heard that his master gave him too much work."

the cat expressed sympathy and said to the sheep beside him, "the cow is so pitiful. He complains that the work given to him by his master is too hard. He wants to take a day off and stop working tomorrow."

the sheep said to the chicken, "I heard that the cow doesn't want to work. He complains that his work is too much and too heavy." Alas, I don't know if the other owners are nicer to his cattle. "

the chicken said to the pig, "the cow doesn't want his master to work. He wants to go to another master's house." As you say, the owner is not sorry for the cow at all, let it do so much heavy and dirty work, and beat it violently with a whip. "

before dinner, the housewife fed the pig, and the pig secretly said to her:

"I have something to tell you. There is something wrong with Niu's mind recently. You have to educate it well.

he doesn't want to work for his master any more. He thinks the work given to him by his master is too heavy, dirty and tired. It also said that it would leave its owner and go to someone else to have a look. "

after hearing this, the housewife immediately conveyed to the master: "the cow wants to betray you, he wants to change the owner, what are you going to do with it?"

when the master heard this, he "killed" the diligent cow.

habitual complaint is the most lethal bomb in the daily workplace.

sometimes one or two unintentional complaints will be infinitely magnified into dissatisfaction with the job and betrayal of the leader, and people with bad intentions will even use them to attack you.

writer Sanmao once said:


complaining about life once in a while may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion, but it is not wise to complain habitually without seeking change.


because a complaint may not only affect the morale of the team, but also easily destroy yourself.

everyone's life is unhappy, complaining that life is better than changing life, it is better to adjust your mindset if you can't change it.

once you get used to complaining, it's easy to be dragged by negative emotions. Try to manage your emotions, don't complain, try to accept and adapt to it, and find ways to solve it, this is the right attitude in life.

Don't "student thinking"

some time ago, I saw a point of view in a book, and I was deeply impressed: the most offensive thing in the workplace is to be a hand-stretching party without knowing it.

their "student thinking" is very dependent for a long time, just like a giant baby in the workplace. They feel that someone should be ready for everything and tell him how to do it step by step.

A blogger once complained online about one of her interns.

at that time, it was a rush at the end of the year, and the whole department was in a hurry to catch up with the performance. I wanted to ask the intern to help with some piecemeal work, but I didn't expect to help.Messy.

making a table is a mess, either the data or the format is wrong, and you have to do it again after being the boss.

interns don't know how to use simple and quick formulas like Excel and Word, and they don't know Baidu search. They want their superiors to teach them one by one.

when he was teaching, he just listened without taking notes, saying that he could remember, but he still couldn't do it.

even if I don't understand, I am still unwilling to accept other people's opinions and methods. After a few words, I began to put it to pieces.

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for a long time, he is doomed to be a marginal figure.

Albert Hubbard said:

if you are the boss, you will certainly hope that employees, like themselves, will regard the company as their own career, work harder, work harder, and be more proactive.

the workplace is not a school, leaders are not teachers, and colleagues are not classmates. The boss pays you to work to generate revenue for the company, not just to teach you how to do things.

pay more attention to everything, be proactive, ask if you don't understand, don't actively learn, don't wait for others to teach you everything.

otherwise you are cutting off your career growth path.

some people say: the pain of work is not the pain itself, but your lack of ability and structure.

in today's era, if we are content with the status quo and stagnant, we will be engulfed by the tide.

and smart workers are constantly absorbing new knowledge and striving to improve and grow.

when you are in trouble, take a look at the following three workplace tips that will make you shine in the workplace:

become a reliable person

how to become a person recognized and appreciated by leaders? In the final analysis, be a reliable new employee.

the so-called reliable, that is, there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an echo from one thing to another.

meeting this kind of person will make people feel better.

whatever you do has a beginning and an end, and what you do will be explained in advance, with a strong sense of time and planning.

even if it is a very small matter, we should promptly explain the causes and consequences to the leader, and give positive feedback when we encounter problems.

in real life, many people mistakenly think that it is annoying to report everything to the public. But in fact, it is more appropriate for you to take the initiative to let the leader know what you are doing than the leader chasing you for progress.

reliable people are reassuring, which can not only avoid unnecessary trouble, but also help you walk more smoothly in the workplace.

constantly refine yourself

in the TV series "settling down", there is such a plot:

the room is like a brocade plan to decorate the passageway room and want Zhu Shuanlian to go to the site to supervise the work.

but Zhu Shuanshen was not happy and said, "I am also assigned to do this job. I don't understand the decoration."

Fang Yijin then asked her, "you've been handing out flyers for two days. Are you interested in customers?" Do you want to call someone else? "

Zhu glittered with an aggrieved face, shook his head and said, "you just asked me to hand out flyers, not to ask for a phone number!"

the room looks like brocade and angry: "are you an abacus?" Dial and move! "

as a matter of fact, when they encounter these little things at work, many people will avoid them like Zhu Shuanshen, feeling that they don't care about themselves and don't want to bother.

but on the other hand, they complain that the company has no room for development and the leader does not give it a chance.

but if you don't show your own ability and value, how can the leader entrust an important task?

the competition is so fierce that if you want to get the opportunity, you have to plan ahead and constantly refine yourself.

Buffett's partner Charlie Munger once said:

I keep seeing that some people are getting better and better in life. They are not the smartest or even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little smarter than that morning.

the fact that people in the workplace are not sophisticated or progressive means that warm-boiled frogs will be eliminated sooner or later.

practice insensitivity in the workplace

have you noticed that from the same starting point, some people begin to go uphill after working for a few years, becoming supervisors and even partners.

and some people, who clearly have good academic qualifications and are smart, do not go well on their career path and play very good cards.

when you encounter unpleasant people and things, the first reaction is to quit, and the result goes on and on.

in the high-level workplace, the test is not only ability, but also emotion.

if you are too sensitive and often get caught up in internal friction, it is easy for you to be trapped and difficult to achieve great things.

the workplace is also an arena, and a strong heart is as important as the results of work.

so, don't be afraid of difficulties and setbacks, all the troubles are to make you walk more smoothly behind you.

when you successfully practice insensitivity in the workplace, blunt everything, it is tantamount to adding a golden bell cover to yourself, fearless and go ahead bravely.

finally, I would like to give you a recent favorite sentence to encourage each other:

those roads, those clumsy and slow growth, will make life independent and rich;

those who clench their teeth and practice every day, those scars in the body and heart will becomeThe strength we rely on to fight.

the joys and sorrows of work do not lie in what obstacles you encounter, but in what state of mind you face.

avoid what you should not do, and do what you can. I also hope that the above suggestions can help you create a customs clearance key for the workplace and move forward without hindrance.