Those who smile and bow their heads are all smart people.
Those who smile and bow their heads are all smart people.
May we not only stand up, but also put down our posture, make the best of ourselves and meet the most beautiful things.

someone asked Zuo Zongtang, "how far is the distance between heaven and earth?"

Zuo Zongtang said, "three feet."

the man said, "everyone is more than three feet tall. According to you, the sky has not been pierced."

Zuo Zongtang replied, "so learn to bow your head."

bowing is not weakness, but a kind of wisdom, a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of foresight.

as the saying goes, "the low earth becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king."

it is a great wisdom to bow your head at the right time, and people who know how to bow their heads with a smile can have more.

in the face of gains and losses, bow is to have more

people who are really smart know how to bow their heads at the right time and not be seduced by interests.

the king of Qin asked Wang Jian to lead troops to attack Chu and be nice to him. If he captured the city, he would give him the fame, wealth and status he wanted.

Wang Jian pretended to be very reluctant, saying that he only wanted some money, the house.

his colleagues laughed at his stupidity. He explained, "the King of Qin is paranoid. Now he has given me all the best teams for fear that he will think too much."

by then, I won't even have my life, so I might as well be a person who only loves money, which may allay his worries. "

sometimes, bowing your head is a rule of survival. Only when you can bend and stretch, you can advance and retreat freely and get more opportunities.

"moaning" says: "Qi is bogey, heart is full, only dew is taboo."

when the moon is full, it loses; when the water is full, it overflows. To bow your head is to save yourself.

maybe bowing your head will harm your interests, it is a painful choice, but it is also a wise choice, because if a fisherman gains, it is a further tragedy.

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when you encounter a stick sweeping across you in the street, we instinctively choose to bow or bend over, otherwise you are the one who gets hurt.

bowing your head at the right time is the wisest choice.

in the face of right and wrong, bow is for greater happiness

Life is always faced with all kinds of right and wrong, if everything has to be right or wrong, it may be a waste of your own time.

Mr. Ji Xianlin dined with his friends in a restaurant.

at the next table, a mother and a child were having a meal. During this period, the mother went to the bathroom. Her child tried to grab the food on the table and accidentally fell down and cried loudly.

Ji Xianlin saw this, hurriedly picked up the child to appease, then the child's mother happened to come out, indiscriminately, scolded:

"how can you bully a child? if anything happens to my child, I am not done with you."

Ji Xianlin didn't respond to a word and got up and went back to his seat.

the friend was puzzled and asked, "Why don't you argue and let her talk nonsense?"

Ji Xianlin said with a smile: "what's the point of arguing with someone who scolds you and ends up arguing endlessly?"

indeed, not everything has to be talked about right or wrong.

sometimes argue with an impolite person that you can win, you can also win a fight, but win a small thing, but lose time and mood, it is not worth it.

Life is a big game of chess. If you make a detour here, you will have less time to spend elsewhere.

in the face of right and wrong, do not argue, do not compete, know how to bow, is a kind of wisdom and open-minded.

people who can smile and bow their heads in front of right and wrong can live more freely and happily.

in the face of adversity, bow is to move forward better

Xu Beihong once said: "one cannot be without pride, but not without arrogance."

people should be proud, but learning to bend over is not only a kind of demeanor, but also a kind of foresight.

Zhang Guoguo once went to a small mountain village to shoot a night show.

the noise of the shooting disturbed the local villagers, and they came in a team to surround the crew, and no more filming was allowed.

at that time, the contradiction had intensified, the atmosphere was very tense, and the shooting had been delayed. in a hurry, Zhang Guo ran out and knelt in front of the residents and begged:

"Sorry to bother you, but our shooting will be finished soon. I hope you will understand and let's finish the scene."

at this time, the residents softened one after another, thinking that they had never received such a gift, and dispersed one after another.

it was he who knew how to bend in time, so that the shooting process of "Kangxi's personal visit" was not delayed, and he became famous overnight because of his acting skills as "Emperor Kangxi".

A truly brave man, who does not panic when things happen, can stand up and bend over, because he is so ambitious that he will not be affected by the small things at hand.

"Cai Gentan" said: "the world is blessed, but human feelings begin to grow."

it is a blessing to suffer losses. Sometimes if you take the initiative to suffer losses, you can often solve thorny things.

in the face of adversity, it is wise to bow your head at the right time, aim high and cultivate yourself silently.

Zuo Zongtang once said:

"if you work with others, you must learn to suffer losses. Make concessions for the rest of your life without losing a paragraph. "

Zuo Zongtang had a hot temper in his later years, and he was reasonable and unforgiving, which offended many people, and his official career was blocked as a result.

it was only later that he realized that he had to learn to suffer from getting along with others. In matters that do not involve principles, giving way is actually a beautiful gesture.

indeed, learn to bow your head and Pepsi can do it. Only when you suffer some losses at the right time can you get more return.

May we not only stand up, but also put down our posture, make the best of ourselves and meet the most beautiful things.