Those who do not take advantage of "advantage" in these three places are smart people.
Those who do not take advantage of "advantage" in these three places are smart people.
For the rest of your life, may you keep the bottom line, not take advantage of others, and live this life openly and openly.

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the feelings between people are mutual.

give me a hand when I am in trouble, and I will lift you up when you are down.

but there are always people who regard the kindness of others as what they deserve, and regard greed for petty gain as how to make a living.

in fact, all the encroachment has secretly marked the price.

taking advantage seems to cost nothing, but in fact it pays for your own character.

if it goes on like this, it will lose its popularity and popularity, and the road of life will become narrower and narrower.

truly smart people will never take advantage of these three places.

do not take advantage of friends

in his letter to home, Zeng Guofan proposed that nine kinds of people should not be associated with each other, among which "those who take advantage of convenience" are among them.

what really makes friendship collapse is never unequal pay, but selfish behavior that one party takes and occupies.

those who take wantonly in the name of friends will not only alienate friendship, but also lose their dignity.

only by not taking small profits can we reap precious friendship.

writer Li Qinghuan told the story of her and a friend.

when Li Qinghuan first worked in Beijing, he was financially strapped and led an undignified life.

once, she happened to meet a friend on a business trip to Beijing. In order not to snub her friend, she gritted her teeth and invited her friend to a big meal.

A friend said, "it's not easy for you to be in Beijing. I'm sorry to make you treat." Come on, I won't be welcome next time. "

Li Qinghuan was deeply warmed by his friend's words and deeds.

later, the same friend asked her to write a publicity manuscript, and transferred the fee in advance.

Li Qinghuan thought it was an easy effort, so he confiscated the money.

unexpectedly, my friend directly called and said, "I respect the fruits of your work and should pay. If you don't accept it, I'll find someone else."

I don't know how many times Li Qinghuan has been a free writer for his friends over the years. Only this friend offered to pay.

Li Qinghuan was very moved and appreciated this friend's character.

she decided that the other person was a friend worth dating for a lifetime.

like a sentence very much: "good friendship must be to cherish each other, not to take advantage of each other in the name of friendship."

many friendships are gradually estranged because one party is greedy for petty gain.

unexpectedly, he won a temporary profit, but cooled his friend's heart.

if you are too selfish, you will only narrow the road and lose your friends. Only by suffering losses properly can you make people close and gain bosom friends.

do not take credit from colleagues

in the workplace, it is not your own blessing, don't worry about it; it's not your own achievement, and don't be greedy.

even if you win a promotion and a raise by taking credit, it will also ruin your reputation and ruin your way back.

many people think that getting something for nothing is a skill.

do not realize that if you sit back and enjoy it for a long time, no one will want to cooperate with it.

netizens of Zhihu

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@ Coconut

, I talked about my own experience.

Coconut works as a graphic designer. When she first entered the workplace, she had a good relationship with a colleague in the department.

because she has just graduated and is not familiar with many aspects, every time she finishes the design, she will first send the drawings to her colleagues for review.

not only that, every time her colleagues do their own work, they will ask coconut to do some details and exercise her ability under the name of exercise.

Coconut saw through the malice of her colleagues, but she did not want to destroy the relationship, so she chose to be silent.

but colleagues become more and more excessive.

one day the coconut stayed up late and carefully made a design for colleagues to check as usual.

colleagues are also impolite and directly take it to their superiors to ask for credit.

now, the coconut is completely angry.

with her determination to leave, she announced in public the fact that her colleagues had robbed her of her own credit, and let everyone see clearly who her colleagues were.

since then, not only the coconut has stopped interacting with his colleague, but also other people have much less cooperation with that colleague.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"those colleagues who take credit only see the obvious interests, but do not see the consequences beyond them."

take the achievements of others as your own, gain only the tip of the iceberg, but lose the whole iceberg.

this kind of person only sees his own gains and losses and ignores the efforts of others.

in fact, there is a scale in everyone's heart, and getting something for nothing will only shift the scale in a negative direction.

only by letting go of sitting back and enjoying what you have achieved can you become more reliable.

learn to promote self-altruism and others, the career will be asked to climb another high-rise.

do not deceive relatives' softness

as the old saying goes, "good relatives are your dignitaries."

but in the view of some people, if they think that their relatives are their own family, they should provide help free of charge.

this mindset not only arouses resentment from others, but also risks losing relatives.

my friend Wang Rui works in Xiamen, and her cousin happens to be studying at Xiamen University, and then prepares for the postgraduate entrance examination immediately after graduation.

she unfortunately failed the list for the first time.So I want to fight again, but the rent in Xiamen is very heavy for my cousin.

so my cousin offered to come to her house and stay temporarily.

Wang Rui readily agreed.

but who knows, when my cousin came, she not only lived for free, but also used Wang Rui's daily necessities directly.

several times, Wang Rui's delivery arrived, and her cousin opened it without permission, and her cousin used her cosmetics without asking.

because of affection, Wang Rui has not been able to express her dissatisfaction bluntly.

later, Wang Rui's mother came to Xiamen to see a doctor, and the doctor proposed the need for frequent review and long-term treatment.

so Wang Rui discussed with her cousin to make room for her mother to recuperate.

my cousin looked reluctant when she heard the news. When he left, he made a mess of the room in retaliation.

after returning to her hometown, my cousin was still bitter because Wang Rui didn't let her stay forever, gossiping about Wang Rui everywhere.

I have heard a saying: "relatives are not optional, but they should be grateful for their help."

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Grandma Liu interpreted the correct way of communication between relatives for us.

when Grandma Liu's livelihood was difficult, she came to Jia's mansion and asked her relative Wang Xifeng for 22 yuan of silver.

this has nourished Grandma Liu's life.

then, after a bumper harvest in the next year, she immediately returned the gift with a truckload of melons and fruits.

later, the Jia mansion fell, and Wang Xifeng was seriously ill, and only Grandma Liu sincerely came from the countryside to see her.

seeing that Grandma Liu was sincere and simple, Wang Xifeng entrusted her daughter Qiao Sister to her on her deathbed, continuing the relationship between the two families.

in many cases, the way you treat your relatives determines the way they repay you.

those who always want to take advantage of their relatives will only ossify their relationship in the end.

only by doing our duty can we not chill our relatives; only by reciprocating courtesy can we win the respect of our relatives.

not deceiving relatives and friends is not only leaving room for each other, but also allowing family affection to continue.

likes a sentence very much:

"1% of the people in the world take advantage of small losses, while 99% of people take advantage of small gains, and most successful people come from those 1%."

A person who is greedy for petty profits is essentially short-sighted, and he cannot see the price that fate marks for this small profit.

people who are really good have long known how to reject illegitimate benefits.

only by not taking advantage of friends can we ensure the longevity of friendship.

only by not robbing colleagues of their efforts can we gain opportunities for cooperation.

only by not deceiving relatives who are soft-hearted can we continue the affection of generations.

May you hold the bottom line, do not take advantage of others, and live this life openly and openly for the rest of your life.

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