This kind of milk powder is easy to "deteriorate", and the loss of nutrition is only due to doing this step more?
This kind of milk powder is easy to "deteriorate", and the loss of nutrition is only due to doing this step more?
There is such a big difference between milk powder! Do you know?

for a long time, many fans have left messages for asking for help:

how does the baby get angry when drinking milk powder?

choose milk powder to get a headache, or don't know how to buy it?

there are too many brands of milk powder and the composition table is complex, so I don't know which is better?

milk powder is one of the important rations during the baby's growth, which can effectively provide the protein and other nutrients that the baby needs and help the baby grow up healthily.

but there are so many different kinds of milk powder that no wonder mothers are confused.

Today Egg Mommy is coming to tell you about the differences in milk powder processing processes.

I believe that mothers have examined many aspects in the choice of milk powder, such as whether milk powder has a good milk source, whether the nutrients rich in it can meet the baby's needs, and so on.

but Baimi is always a slippery slope, and most mothers still ignore the processing technology of milk powder, which is also the key to the degree of natural nutrition retention of milk powder!

two processing techniques of milk powder

the processing technology of milk powder is important because even if the milk powder contains the same nutrients, as long as their processing technology is different, there are differences in the natural nutrients that can be retained.

there are actually two processing techniques for milk powder, twice and once.

  • Secondary pulverization:

the milk powder made from different places is concentrated in one place (that is, the so-called large bag of milk powder), and then dissolved into milk and added to various nutrients, and finally dried again to make milk powder.

    once powder:

add various nutrients to fresh milk and then dry it directly to make milk powder.

the reason to choose powdered milk at once!

one-time powder process is fresh milk from dairy cows, which is rich in a variety of natural nutrients.

obviously, the milk powder produced by secondary powder is at least once more than that produced by once powder.

in the process of milling, heating and drying the milk will also cause some physical and chemical reactions of the nutrients, resulting in the loss of natural nutrients, or even difficult to absorb.

coupled with the fact that large packets of powder need to go through more transportation and longer storage, the risk of contamination is greatly increased. Therefore, in comparison, the milk powder obtained by once powder will be more fresh, and the natural nutrients will be better preserved.

the following table can more intuitively compare the difference between secondary and primary flour:

Secondary flour is like fried eggs, the egg will be harder, tasteless and difficult to absorb and digest. It is also like heating leftovers, heating again and again will lead to the loss of nutrients.

and a powder is a delicacy fresh out of the pot, which can better retain the natural taste of the food.

the natural nutrients of once powdered milk powder should be preserved more intact and have higher nutritional value than secondary powdered milk powder, which is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of babies.

what kind of milk powder is powdered at once?

so what kind of milk powder is made by one-off powder process? How to judge your choice for your baby?The milk powder bought is powdered milk powder at one time.

mothers don't have to worry or worry, the way to judge whether milk powder is powdered at once is actually very simple!

is to look at the ingredients list! only skim milk or skim milk, milk powder that does not contain skim milk powder or skim milk powder is powdered milk powder.

the following is a list of ingredients for the four mainstream imported milk powders in the market:

A brand milk powder

B brand milk powder

C brand milk powder xa0

D brand milk powder

Maisujiaer refuses skim milk powder and insists on using fresh milk to make powder at one time. do everything possible to retain more natural nutrients in milk powder.

how can it be powdered at once?

the secret of making fans at once is that Misujiaer owns her own Dutch ranch.

fresh milk is transported directly to its own factory through a 4-degree cold chain . The transportation process is only within 70km and 1.5hours, ensuring the quality of each drop of fresh milk to the maximum extent, completing the feeding of fresh milk and turning it into powder at one time.

, Misujiaer continues to seek breakthroughs in technology.

accurate time and temperature control in the production process to ensure that the fresh milk is canned once, and the natural nutrients in the fresh milk are locked to the maximum extent.

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