Thirty-five years ago, she was stabbed nine times for righteousness and maimed. After marrying love, she now lives like this.
Thirty-five years ago, she was stabbed nine times for righteousness and maimed. After marrying love, she now lives like this.
The heart is sweet, life is not bitter, if love is there, being together is happiness.


this is the story of two "Chinese good people".

is also the story of a veteran who falls in love with an injured heroine.

35 years ago, she acted bravely for righteousness and grabbed the murder weapon, leaving 9 knife wounds all over her body.

35 years ago, he fell in love at first sight, fell in love with each other and swore to protect this brave and kind girl with all he had.

A promise spans half a lifetime.

ordinary two people are extraordinarily brave in the face of fate.

for decades, they supported each other in the long night and hugged each other tightly in the years of suffering.

in 2017, they boarded the podium of "moving China".

on the stage, two old people over 50 years old looked at each other affectionately. It was a relief that "life is very hard, and you are enough."

off the stage, the audience outside the story has long been moved with red eyes.

first ask you a few questions:

if you see someone committing a murder, will you come forward to stop it or risk your life to slip away?

if the other party is tall and armed with a murder weapon, and you are just a girl who is defenseless, dare you come forward alone?

if the price of being brave in righteousness is physical disability, and you can never stand up again, what will you do?

this is not hypothetical, this is the test question given to Xie Fang by fate.

when everything was in front of Xie Fang, she hardly hesitated and blurted out that sentence--

"somebody, catch the thief!"

in the early morning of February 7, 1988, Xie Fang, a waiter at a restaurant in Jingwanzi, Changsha, was woken up by a sound of "snorting".

Xie Fang, who was very sleepy, tried to open her eyelids. it was still dark outside the window and the hotel was not open yet.

in the middle of the night, rummaging around. There is only one explanation: it's a thief.

are you afraid? How can I not be afraid. For a moment, Xie Fang burst into a cold sweat.

A young girl in her early 20s is too small with her strength; she works so hard that she doesn't even have the right tools around her.

it doesn't matter if the other party is looking for money, but the thought that there are still bosses and landlords who may be startled at any time;

Xie Fang didn't know where she got the courage, shouting "catch the thief" while stalling the thief.

the thief was startled by the sudden change, and showed his pointed head disdainfully when he saw that the other party was only a young girl.

not enough to dodge, Xie Fang can only block the dagger with the palm of her hand.

she heard clearly the sound of her fingers pierced by a sharp weapon.

then, the neck, chest, arms and knees were slashed and knives were cut to death.

until the neighbors who heard the news made concerted efforts to subdue the thief, Xie Fang relieved to let go of her hand.

it's just that Xie Fang's whole portrait was soaked in blood with nine dollars in his body.

this year, she was only 22.

after the all-out rescue of the medical staff, the good news is that Xie Fang got out of danger and became a "heroine" praised by everyone.

the bad news is that because of excessive blood loss and physical weakness, you are likely to face unpredictable sequelae.

the girl who never frowned before life and death was silent for the first time.

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death is terrible, but the cruel reality and cruel later life are even more desperate.

until the appearance of Xie Haihua lit up a light in Xie Fang's life.

the year Xie Fang was injured, a young man named Xie Haihua from a neighboring village was demobilized and returned home.

hearing about Xie Fang's deeds everywhere in the village, Xie Haihua, who had been a soldier for three years, was deeply touched.

he decided to meet the heroine.

that day was just the most ordinary day in one's life.

that day, it was also the first time that Xie Haihua knew what was palpitating.

from what he said, "I heard that you are the heroine who acts bravely for righteousness?" At that moment, the red line of fate brought the two people together.

at first, it was admiration.

my eyes are full of admiration.

but when Xie Haihua saw Xie Fang, who was lying in bed and recovering from injuries, her small body was covered with scars, admiration turned into heartache.

outsiders are praising heroic deeds, and only Xie Haihua feels sorry for this strong and brave girl from the bottom of his heart.

from that day on, Xie Haihua ran to Xie Fang's house every day.

chat with her, cook for her, and try every means to make Xie Fang happy.

at that time, Xie Fang was very weak, so Xie Haihua took out all her money to buy her food.

but even so, Xie Haihua himself is reluctant to eat and drink, and he will never wronge Xie Fang.

A young man with a bright future, a disabled person paralyzed in bed.

when two people are together, how much gossip they have to face may be a drag on each other.

even though Xie Fang had him in her heart, she ruthlessly refused Xie Haihua.

Xie Haihua was not discouraged. He said to Xie Fang, "I'll take care of it."

when his family disagreed, he went to do ideological work.

not once, then twice.

Xie Haihua's firm attitude showed his family his determination to "don't marry a non-secretary" and thoroughly opened Xie Fang's heart.

October 1988Xie Haihua and Xie Fang are committed to love for life.

later, when talking about their first meeting, Xie Haihua described it as follows:

"when the spring blossoms that year, I went to see her with emotion and respect. Her strength and bravery moved me, and I was determined to take care of this brave and kind woman for the rest of my life."

the two people who had just been immersed in yearning for a better life were soon poured cold water on them.

doctors say that given Xie Fang's physical condition, giving birth to the child means suffering unimaginable and may even be life-threatening.

Xie Fang looked at her lover's face and could not say the word "no".

that's their child! She has been so sorry to Xie Haihua that she will have the baby anyway.

as expected.

after the baby was born, Xie Fang's health got worse and worse day by day.

at first, the sequelae caused Xie Fang to atrophy the ligaments and muscles of her limbs. Soon after, Xie Fang was paralyzed in bed and unable to take care of herself.

there are crying children on one side and lovers suffering from illness on the other.

Xie Haihua cheered his wife up during the day, and at night he quietly shed tears in the quilt.

Xie Fang is bedridden. He washes clothes and cooks, boils medicine and feeds milk, carries shit and pees alone.

it takes 20 minutes to dress his wife at first, and then five minutes of training.

in order to make his wife respectable, he combs his hair and wipes Xie Fang every day. Xie Fang has never had bedsores since he was bedridden.

it has never been convenient for his wife to defecate and defecate in bed. For decades, Xie Haihua carried Xie Fang to the bathroom every day.

Xie Fang's joints are so swollen that she can't hold the chopsticks or the spoon.

Xie Haihua then brought three meals a day to the bedside, and after his wife finished eating, he would hastily take a bite.

in order to ensure the source of income, Xie Haihua has to take care of his family's two or three mu of land.

after taking care of his wife and children after breakfast, he has to plow the fields, transplant rice seedlings and harvest rice, like a top, and it's lunchtime when it's done.

day after day, year after year.

when the child was older, Hsieh Hai-Hua asked his mother-in-law to take care of her and took Xie Fang around for medical treatment.

Xie Fang could not walk, so Xie Haihua carried her on the mountain road.

tens of jin of weight, a back will last a lifetime.

when he was tired, Xie Haihua sat anywhere and took a short rest on his feet, leaving his wife to sit cleanly on the stool she carried with her.

in order to cure his illness, Xie Haihua sold his rice, spent all his family's savings, brazenly borrowed money from relatives and borrowed money from credit unions.

several times, Xie Fang could not bear to drag her husband down, advised him to say "no cure", "divorce", and even thought of committing suicide.

but every time, Xie Haihua holds his wife's hand and says to her:

"No matter how hard it is, I will accompany you."

in the eyes of outsiders, Xie Fang is very lucky to be such a good man.

but in Xie Haihua's opinion, he still has too much to go.

the man who stood up in the sky burst into tears at the thought that he could not save his wife from suffering or illness.

the story of Xie Fang and Xie Haihua moved countless people.

later, with the help of relevant departments, the couple moved into a nursing home for the elderly.

in theory, you don't have to worry about food and clothing, food, clothing, accommodation and transportation are taken care of, and you just have to enjoy yourself.

but in the hearts of this simple old couple: eat and live for free, no!

they were grateful for the help from all walks of life and decided to do what they could.

Xie Haihua worked as a doorman in a nursing home, standing guard, inspecting and registering on duty, but he worked very hard in the boring work.

in addition to his job, Xie Haihua also uses the skills he learned in the army to cut hair for the elderly and nearby residents free of charge.

gardening, chores, plumbing, electricians. Where there is need, there is him.

although Xie Fang is suffering from illness, she does not forget to contribute to society.

if you have a part, you will do something, and if you have a part of heat, you will give out a part of light.

can't do hard work, so it's all right to look after and chat.

she regards the elderly in the nursing home as her relatives, and she has endless words and family habits every day.

Xie Fang also signed a voluntary donation of cornea early, hoping that after a hundred years, she would be able to continue her life and keep her great love.

these seemingly trivial things are the inheritance of the spirit of courage in righteousness, the promotion of the moral character of filial piety and the love of relatives, and another continuation of bravery and enthusiasm for this couple who are in extremely difficult circumstances.

many years have elapsed.

someone asked Xie Fang, "have you ever regretted acting bravely in righteousness?"

Xie Fang said:

"No regrets, the moral sense of acting bravely in righteousness is rooted in my heart, and I will make the same choice again, only suffering Haihua."

Xie Haihua has been asked the same question.

"if we had 30 years left in life, we would still love each other like this."

A marriage letter is guarded all one's life.

in others, it is an oath, in Xie Haihua, it is action.

for Xie Fang, 1988 was the beginning of misfortune and the beginning of happiness.

for Xie HaihuaFrom the spring when he fell in love at first sight, he decided to regard Xie Fang as his own life.

as many times in the past, one is busy, and the other is full of eyes to follow the movement.

that day, the breeze was not dry and the sun was just right.

the picture of affectionate companionship and conversation between the two is just like the award words that moved China:

if the heart is sweet, life is not bitter. If love is there, being together is happiness.

there is a book Ai Qing,