They remarried so violently that they directly shocked the entertainment circle.
They remarried so violently that they directly shocked the entertainment circle.
May you and I embrace happiness with the ta around us and always have ordinary and passionate love.

unexpectedly, my uncle broke the defense because of them recently.

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# woman's critically ill ex-husband brought hospital supplies to register for remarriage #

attracted many netizens to watch.

the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau ushered in a happy event.

Mr. Cheng and Ms. Zhu, who have been divorced for three years, decided to remarry!

the momentum of the dispute has passed, and the two are as good as before, but they have no plans to remarry.

how things change. One day, Ms. Zhu suddenly fell ill and was given a death notice.

the sudden bad news did not tear them apart. On the contrary, Mr. Cheng strengthened his determination to accompany her to fight the disease.

then there is an opening scene.

Mr. Cheng said: other people registered to have flowers and wine with laughter, but we cried and rushed to the rescue.

previously, the two had prepared for the worst-leukemia.

although it is also a stubborn disease, the risk is much lower than that of leukemia.

after hospitalization, the condition also stabilized.

Open the comment area, netizens send blessings one after another:

the journey of marriage can not always be calm, there will always be twists and turns.

some people go their separate ways, while others never give up.

but often through a lot of hardships, it will make people cherish more.

the longevity of feelings never depends on vows of love or sweet words, but on touching and keeping together in the same boat through ups and downs.

in modern society, flash marriage and divorce has become the norm, and remarriage has become common.

however, for most people, remarriage is still a courageous decision.

I have seen a message that has been followed by the whole network.

87-year-old Xiao Jianwu and 85-year-old Xu Yanjun remarried.

that year, the two met because of a dance.

however, none of them can dance, so they just stay together and chat.

after the dance, the two wrote to each other from time to time, and their hearts got closer and closer.

it took six years for them to really get together.

before long, the two held a wedding and began a happy little day.

because of Xiao Jianwu's work, husband and wife always get together less and leave more.

Xu Yanjun is almost alone in supporting the family, earning money to support the family, taking care of children, and honoring his parents-in-law.... There is not a word of complaint when you are busy.

but gradually, their lives are full of contradictions, stubborn personalities and quarrels.

in the end, we are on the road of divorce.

after a few years, Xu Yanjun was the first to have a problem with his health. He was a little confused and often forgot who he was.

went to the hospital for examination, only to know that she had Alzheimer's disease.

on one occasion, Xu Yanjun suddenly fainted to the ground, and the situation was so urgent that Xiao Jianwu felt frightened even when he thought about it.

from then on, Xiao Jianwu always stayed by her side and took care of her.

but it also made him realize that time was running out for the two of them.

so they decided to remarry.

in the last part of my life, I took each other's hand again.

their feelings are envied and moved.

Disease is a mirror that shows all the good and evil, beauty and ugliness of human nature.

good couples have always been friends with each other.

when there is no disease or disaster, they let go and do not interfere with each other, and they are all right.

however, in the face of tribulations, they do not have great disasters to fly on their own, and will always be the strongest backing for each other.

you can't understand the importance of a partner until you have experienced the dark moments of life.

the most important thing in life is to know each other. In this world, there is nothing more precious than sharing adversity.

only by being based on love and relying on the heart, can you be sure that the people around you deserve to spend your whole life with you.

after all, every marriage ends with the entrustment of life to life.

it is often said that no matter how deep a relationship is, it cannot stand the test of human nature.

but those who really love you will never back down in the face of wind and rain.

do you remember Yan Weiwen?

on the stage, he is always in high spirits with his loud singing and upright posture.

but in life, the love between him and his wife is more touching.

when we first met, Yan Weiwen was 15 and Liu Weixing was 14.

in getting along day and night, they secretly fell in love with each other. Before long, they got married and had a happy family of three.

it is clear that everything is moving in a good direction.

but fate is always joking. His wife Liu Xing detected breast cancer.

when she was not yet 30 years old, she could not bear the sudden blow and cried desperately.

Yan Weiwen endured grief, comforted his wife, took care of her before and after running, and was busy contacting her in hospital.

during that time, dark clouds hung over two people.

finally got in touch with the operation, but the wife refused to have the operation. She wanted to watch her husband compete and share the joy of winning the prize with him.

"in my heart, nothing is more important than you", and Yan Weiwen can't change his wife's mind.

on the day of the competition, Yan Weiwen took part in the competition with his wife's blessing, holding the trophy in hand, but the smile on his face was bitter.

since then, Yan Weiwen accompanied his wife on a long journey to fight cancer.

every day, he accompanies his wife in chemotherapy and personal care.

in order to give more nutrition to his wife, she changed his tricks to cook for her, just to coax her to eat two more bites.

during this period, the wife was devastated by the great pain, and once had a strong resistance to the needle and the hospital, and it was hard to see it.

in order to appease his wife, he suggested treatment at home and asked the doctor to prescribe some nutrient solution for himself.

in this way, every time his wife is on an intravenous drip, Yan Weiwen also sits aside to play.

A dozen is three months, and this fight against cancer is 32 years.

whenever he talks about this experience, he always blames himself for not taking good care of his wife, which is why he suffered so much.

fearing that his wife is alone at home, Yan Weiwen takes her with him wherever he goes.

faithful, hand in hand to the old, their love through the wind and rain of life and death, but it is still so sweet flowers.

I think this is the most beautiful appearance of love.

having seen too many failed marriages over the years, it is inevitable to be a little pessimistic.

but there are always some people who will break this pessimism and feel the taste of happiness again.

who has not experienced a few hurdles, but let your heart, but also let you feel at ease, is the answer that ta people deliver to marriage.

the best marriage is not a moment of romance, but full of righteousness.

is a pair of hands stretched out in times of crisis, a shoulder that does not leave in times of despair, and a warm hug in times of pain.

and this is our ultimate yearning for love, marriage and family.

I have seen a hot topic on Zhihu:

"how many steps does it take for two people to love each other for a lifetime?"

one of the answers is impressive: just two steps. Choose one person and walk on unswervingly.

Ding Yizhou and Lai Min were originally one of thousands of ordinary couples.

when Lai Min was 23 years old, she was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, or penguin disease.

"instead of waiting at home to die, go out and have a look." This is Lai Min's desire for distance.

since the illness cannot be cured, Ding Yizhou wants to give Lai Min the greatest happiness in his limited life.

so Ding Yizhou quit his job and took her to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

they began to travel around and came out with the word "heart" on the map.

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eight years later, their lives have continued, and they have changed too much.

the only constant is that you are still trying to live and love.

with ordinary and extraordinary behavior, fulfilling the promise of "I love you, is the guardian of my life".

A man was trapped in a car accident in Hegang, Heilongjiang Province.

the situation is so critical that you can't move at all.

while firefighters were rescuing, the man received a phone call from his wife and begged the firefighters to be quiet:

"Don't talk yet. My wife called me. She's pregnant."

later, the wife found out when a friend accidentally slipped the tongue.

watching his wife shed tears with heartache, the man happily comforted her:

"now the world is so big that it is not as big as your belly! More important than my life! "

the love of ordinary people can also be vigorous.

can withstand wind and rain and keep ordinary.

each of them handed in a full mark on the question "Love".

there is no natural fit in this world.

all long-term marriages are just two people who give to each other and have the determination to be together.

like what Fu Seoul said very much:

"the most precious thing about marriage is that no matter how long it takes, we still choose each other among many choices."

because it is not easy to meet a loved one, I will not let go easily.

there are always people who yearn for a perfect marriage, but forget that happiness is not an exchange, nor is it far away, but a readily available experience of the moment.

in simple trivialities, continuous running-in and mutual understanding can activate the happiness of marriage.

in the long stream, accompany each other and walk hand in hand in order to survive the long years and the passage of time.

this kind of marriage will last long.

, may you and I embrace happiness with the ta around us and always have ordinary and passionate love.